I'm not attracted to my wife.. I have It with her Once a week to make her happy.

Good morning Joro. No curses or insult. Just want to share my mind. But it's not easy maintaining a healthy sexual relationship with your wife. Especially After she has had children.

Joro my wife has unbearable stretch marks on her thighs and she's no longer a size 10. She is struggling to be a size 14.

I know she it's not her fault , I know she blessed me with beautiful children. But it takes a lot of love for me to stay with her. I forgot about the acne on her face. It's become so bad because of hormones.

Sometimes when I wake up beside her I'm not happy. So the truth is Joro I'm not attracted to my wife but I love her. Because I love her I can have **x with her to make her happy 1 time a week but I don't enjoy the s** talkless of 15 times a week. 

It's by the Grace of God I haven't cheated. Because if you have money now any girl will open leg for you. That's the raw fact. Most wives don't look fine anymore. 

God punish my husband and all other husbands doing this and causing woman pains.

Joro What I'm reading today. Have been going through it for a while. After childbirth I hated my twins because I blamed them for my husband not loving me anymore.

He stopped touching me and taking me out. Joro I had stretch marks all over my belly. If I'm naked he will tell me to wear clothes, he put a pillow between us on the bed.

I'm still going it now. Joro My husband will buy me outfit he knows is not my size to shame me. It's not my fault I added weight because of childbirth God punish all husbands doing this.

God will see me through.

My Boyfriend eats a$sh**I* for Hours

There is nothing you will not find on IG when it comes to relationship stories and fetishes. This lady shared something strange about her boyfriend's interest when it comes to between the sheet actions.

Pls Read;
"My boyfriend gives too much oral s..x„I like oral s..x „but dis is getting out of hand„each time I go to see him„my boyfriend gives me head all thru d night„I would beg him to stop but he won'.

"I love him so much but I can't deal wit d oral anymore„I don't want to lose my relationship Nd I don't think I can deal wit dis in marriage.

"All he does is eat my ass, he can lick my asshole for hours. I mean it's sweet cos I cum over and over again but I am starting to get worried.

"He likes to eat it when I am back from the gym or back from work after a long day, he will beg me not to shower first so he can eat my ass, he says the sweaty smell turns him on.

"Guys is this normal? I am starting to get worried...

What are we not going to hear in this world?  Las Las everybody on this world is different... What seems strange to you can seem so cool to another person, so just enjoy your yansh eating and I hope it last.

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The Vikings confraternity AKA Aro mate in Nigeria was founded on the Ideals of Icelandic Vikings group. It was founded at the University of Port Harcourt. Vikings are known for using skull and bones as their logo or symbol as with other fraternities in Nigeria claiming to be sailors.

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The Norsemen club like they call themselves when they finally graduate from the university pride themselves in service to humanity but those ideals have since been forgotten.

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They say the ship must sail but I do hope they aren't berthing for destruction as the Nigerian police have since intensified efforts to curb cult related violence especially in the South.

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Nigerian Vikings, Cultists Clash At Cheras In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Nigerian's Vikings and clashes leave many injured at Cheras in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The real descendants of Vikings (Norway and Iceland) are very peaceful people. In fact these are the most peaceful places to live in the world. When Malaysian government begin to crack down on Nigerians there, we start to blame their Government.

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You had the chance to get outta this country, you'll still carry your stupid cultism outside.
Some people are just cursed with stupidity.

Watch the video here

How come such people don't feel their own smell; How do I help my girlfriend

A lady brought a foul smell ozzing from her friend's in between to the internet and I do not feel its nice, she couldn't tell her in  person instead she brought her issue  to the Internet? What kind of friend is that?


Joro, good day, pls don't disclose my ID, I'm a female, my girlfriend has been staying with me for a while now. She is so nice, and a dear friend.

I realized her p@@Sy smells so so bad. Like when she sits with her legs open, I can't stand it. Pls how do I tell her without making her feel embarrassed."

If you could bring this to the Internet who  knows how many other of your friends  you have told it's sad some  people feel say them get friends

My Bestie Doesn't Want Me As Her Maid of Honour; We are both not engaged, we're just proactive .

How are you doing today? So I and my besty were discussing about our weddings and the issue of maid of honour came up. My besty started with " I don't even know who will be my chief bride's maid".

This was my reaction "mogbe". According to her, she can't use me because I am too taller and bigger than her, (Chai d tin enter) and that it's her day so she needs to shine.

I swear I have never thought of anyone as my chief bridesmaid other than her. I mean, i am biggy biggy for where she dey but that wouldn't stop me from using my ride or die on my big day.

I ready to even lose weight and wear sandal join for her own day . In the past b4 we became besties, she also made a comment about who she wanted for her train and it alluded that she didn't want me because of similar reasons but we settled sha.

Although, I want her to be my maid of honor regardless cus I want my besty to be beside me on that day (life's too short, i want to make happy memories) but I am rethinking that . Please, I want people's opinion on this. Am I overreacting?

I know she loves me dearly so that's not even an issue. It's all love tho, I will still be happy to dance and hail her from back on her big day... And, ohh!! We are both not engaged A, we're just proactive .