José Mourinho Sacked By Manchester United After Worst Start In 28 Years

Photograph: Nick Potts/PA
José Mourinho has been sacked as Manchester United manager following Sunday’s defeat at Liverpool, ending a tenure that began in May 2016. United finally lost patience with a head coach who was not adhering to the club’s core attacking values and who had overseen their worst start to a campaign for 28 years.

Mourinho was also relieved of his duties due to a transfer spend of around £400m on 11 players that, it is understood, the club insist were all the Portuguese’s choice. In addition to the disquiet regarding the side’s stultifying style, there was further disappointment at Mourinho’s development and improvement of United’s younger players. The club also took into account the growing unhappiness from fans at the direction of the club under Mouinho.

United will now appoint a caretaker until the end of the season but this will not be Michael Carrick, Nicky Butt, or anyone from within the club. Instead, following a thorough and extensive process will have Mourinho’s permanent successor in place for next season.

A poor start to the Premier League season has seen United slip 19 points behind the leaders, Liverpool, and fall off the pace in the hunt for a top-four place. They have won only once in six league matches, drawing during that sequence with struggling Southampton and Crystal Palace.

The club issued a statement on Tuesday morning which read: “Manchester United announces that manager Jose Mourinho has left the club with immediate effect.

“The club would like to thank Jose for his work during his time at Manchester United and to wish him success in the future. A new caretaker manager will be appointed until the end of the current season, while the club conducts a thorough recruitment process for a new, full-time manager.”

In two full seasons at Old Trafford, Mourinho won the Europa League and League Cup (2016-17) before finishing second in the Premier League last season and reaching the FA Cup final. In that period since replacing Louis van Gaal, United’s spending stands at £364.3m on eight buys.

Unemployment Data: NBS DG, Yemi Kale Disowns Buhari And Garba Shehu

Dr Yemi Kale the Statistician General of the federation and CEO National Bureau of Statistics has denied ever telling Buhari or any one that unemployment computations do not take into account all sectors, age groups & both rural & urban areas.

Responding to Garba Shehu on twitter he wrote:

"Assuming what U claim was said was actually said then I make it very clear that Neither the statistician general nor NBS ever made any such admission at anytime to anybody and the unemployment computations does take into account all sectors, age groups &both rural & urban areas."

Nigerians have raised alarm over the attempts by Buhari to armtwist the NBS to alter employment data. The outrage followed Garba Shehu claim that Buhari has directed Yemi Kale to adjust the figures without data collection.

Buhari had promised Nigerians 3 million jobs every year before his election as president but had so far lost over 14 million jobs according to the NBS leaving the economy in shambles an assertion Buhari himself admitted to when he met with state governors this week. On the other hand Atiku the Presidential candidate of the PDP has achored his campaign on job creation and revitalizing economy using the slogan Get Nigeria Working Again.

How Driving Lesson Became something else (Episode 2)

Janet’s driving lessons became a lot more interesting afterwards and she did so well that I made her do the driving on our way back to Chief Obi’s house from the training ground. We chatted a lot and got so acquainted within a very short while. Janet’s intelligence became a huge turn on for me. Even though she held the steering wheel tightly and focused on the road like one would do in an examination hall, she almost bumped into other cars a few times.

I dissed her with her serious looking face and we were lost in our banter when an incoming Land Rover flashed its headlights at us. “Oh! We stayed too long. Dad is on his way out already”, Janet said as she slammed the break all of a sudden. I quickly warned her to be more careful next time. I helped her get off the road and by the time we were done parking, Chief Obi was already out of his Land Rover and heading toward us with a big smile on his face. “Tunde. Thank you. I can see we’re driving already”, Chief said while patting Janet on the cheek. “I’m on my way out now so I’ll call you as soon as I return”, Chief added. We got to Chief Obi’s house moments later and I helped Janet park her car. I told her I’ll see her the next day and I was ready to leave when Janet offered to walk me to the bus stop. I felt so good about the offer and agreed.
I got home and cleaned my car before setting out for the evening hustle. I started thinking about what it’ll feel like to Bleep Janet. I also thought of how Chief would feel if he ever finds out I’m sexually involved with his first class graduate daughter. I tried to take my mind off it but the thoughts of how Janet pressed her cute butt against my crotch in the car made it so impossible. I saw an ATM gallery on the road side with no queue so I seized the opportunity to withdraw some cash. I noticed my reflection in the glass doors of the ATM gallery and I realized how cutely dressed I was. A black fitted Perry Ellis shirt on my blue Timberland denim shorts and NIKE Air Max sneakers.

“Wow! See fine boy. No wonder Janet was teasing and flirting”, I said to myself. I withdrew some cash in no time and returned into my car. I slowly drove back into the road while pairing my phone Bluetooth with the car stereo. It was time for some good music. As soon as the first track started playing a call came in. It was Chief Obi. He said Janet would like to talk to me and that he has just given my number to her so I was on the lookout for Janet’s call. Moments later, Janet’s call came through.
“Tunde pleassse! I want to ask you a favor, please don’t tell me no”, Janet begged. “ depends on what you want”, I responded. I was expecting her to ask me to come over for a Bleep right away but I was disappointed. Janet asked me to drive her to a friend’s birthday party at Attica beach later in the evening. I reluctantly agreed but I knew I really wanted to spend more time with Janet in order to increase my chances of getting to her honey pot. I could tell she was excited when she dropped the call. She instantly sent me a text message, “hey handsome, departure time is 8pm. Don’t keep a lady waiting. *winks*”.

I read her message and smiled before I got flagged down by a pregnant woman who needed to be at the general hospital in Ikeja. We agreed on a price and she hopped in. It was a smooth ride until we got to the international airport bypass. She started making some sounds like she was feeling so uncomfortable. I had to greet her every now and then. “Sorry madam”, I repeated severally as I prayed in my mind to get to the hospital on time before things get worse. The traffic was heavy despite the general hospital being in our view already. I almost offered to carry the pregnant passenger in my arms and haul her to the hospital leaving my car in the traffic.
Prayers still get answered anyways because a bullion van came through with its escort and cleared the gridlock instantly. Moments later we were in the hospital premises and the nurses took over. I didn’t want to bother the pregnant woman for money as she was in pains at the moment. I barely put my card in her handbag and left while she was on the phone with her husband telling him to bring the baby things to the hospital.

It was almost 7pm and I knew I had to get home to freshen up before meeting up with Janet at 8pm. I sped home and got dressed in no time. I was looking more like a celebrant in my silk shirt with chinos pants and CAMEL boots. I drove so fast and recklessly that I got to Chief Obi’s gate at exactly 7:50pm. The guard opened the gate for me to drive in. Janet’s call came in as I was parking, “please come inside, I’m almost ready”, she said. I walked through the big sitting room door and Janet came out of her room in her undies only. She jumped on me and had her arms around my neck. “Damn! Tunde you look so cute”, she exclaimed. “Why dis girl dey do me like dis?”, I asked myself.


How Driving Lesson Became something else

Janet seemed to be so distracted. She yawned almost every five minutes we spent together. I must be boring her silly with the driving instructions I was giving her. We’ve been together in the car for almost two hours and she’s yet to master how to shift the automatic gear into reverse mode.

Everything I told her merely went in through her right ear only to escape through the left. I was almost frustrated enough to send her back home to her father. I wanted to teach her how to drive in record time so I can get paid by her father who employed me for that sole purpose. There are so many things I have to do at home before taking my taxi out for the day’s business. I expected Janet to be way smarter and intelligent than she’s exhibiting. She is chief Obi’s last daughter who just graduated from the university of Lagos on the first class honors roll. Chief Obi bought her a brand new Toyota Corolla for making her family so proud and I was assigned the duty to make sure she’s a good driver before she hit the crazy Lagos roads with her new toy. I was expecting a very fast learner but instead I got a very dull and nasty girl who chews gum loudly and stares at me in a despicable manner like ‘what the Bleep is this one saying?’

I took it as part of the work I need to do for my pay so I didn’t mind her disrespecting me. I tried to be as professional as possible. Good thing we have the whole football pitch of a community primary school in the neighborhood to ourselves for the driving lessons. I don’t have to worry abut her bumping into anything but the goal posts on each end of the large field. At some point I was giving her instructions and familiarizing her with the dashboard of the car. I have been talking for almost two minutes when I looked at Janet and found out she’s been looking outside the window. She didn’t even pick a thing I said. I asked her to show me the odometer and she blew a big bubble with the gum in her mouth until it exploded in my face with a loud pop sound. That was it for me. I’ve had enough of this brat. I churned up all the dirty words I had in my mind for her. As far as I was concerned, I didn’t see a first class material in her. “She couldn’t even pay attention so how did she manage to survive in school let alone bag a first class?”, I said to myself. “Hmm…is that how to teach someone to drive? Instead of you to push your sit back and let me seat between your legs”, Janet suddenly spoke. It was the first time she really spoke to me since we began the driving lessons.

I got down from the driver's seat and called her to come drive. She got off the passenger's side and as soon as she was in the driver's seat she pushed the seat adjustment button until there was ample space between the driver's seat and the steering wheel. She held the steering wheel, leaned forward and sat at the tip of the driver's seat with her petite ass. Janet asked me to come sit right behind her just like one will do on a bike. It was quite funny to me hearing such words from a girl I concluded was a dumb brat only a while ago. I sat behind her as she wanted and Janet suddenly became very expressive. “Ehen! We can start the lessons all over Mr Tisha”, she said playfully while adjusting herself to be more comfortable. She wiggled her petite body until she was okay, not minding how soft or hard her body was touching mine.

I almost had an er3ction so I had to mime Busta Rhymes’ Dangerous in my head in order to get my straying mind off the x-rated thoughts that are beginning to grow like a tumor. I almost wrapped both arms around Janet in a bid to hold the steering wheel with her. I cleared my throat and was about to start all over when Janet cut in.

Janet repeated everything I’ve said from the moment her dad introduced us to each other earlier in the day to when she moved into the driver’s seat. She analyzed the psychology behind my reactions as she quoted me word for word. She even pointed to all the items in the dashboard and explained their precise functions. I was awestruck that I couldn’t say a thing. Her smartness stunned me so much that I instantly understood why Janet must be a first class graduate.

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“I know you’re surprised but it’s okay. Can we begin the driving lessons now?”, she asked while wriggling her small ass against my d!ck seductively again. It was obvious she did it intentionally. I got an erection immediately and I was so shameless about it that I let it poke her butt freely. Janet didn’t say a word. She made sure the gear pointed to the letter ‘P’ and pressed her ass further into my hardness as she turned the key to start the engine. She revved the engine a little too hard so I told her to take it easy. She shifted the gear stick to ‘D’ and stepped on the accelerator. The car moved but Janet slammed her foot on the break pedal immediately and we both jerked toward the steering wheel. Janet grabbed my hardness through my denim trousers as she eased herself back into the seat. “Hmm…my teacher has a long thing”, she said.


Wizkid Appreciates His Female Fan Who Drew Him(photos)

Wizkid Appreciates His Female Fan Who Drew Him(photos)

A Facebook user has professed her happiness as she was opportuned to meet popular Nigeria pop singer Wizkid popularly known as starboy! 
The lady who draws and sells portraits for a living shared pictures and advice for upcoming talents..
She wrote ''No matter how little you start,be confident in that very little thing.I'm not the best but I've got to do what I know how to do.

Tekno Celebrates 26th Birthday With Cute Photos

Augustine Miles Kelechi (born December 17, 1992) popularly known by his stage name
Tekno , is a Nigerian singer-songwriter, producer, performer and dancer. He hailed from
Ebonyi State.

Tekno Miles was first signed under K-Money Entertainment. His first single titled "Holiday" was released under the imprint. With featured vocals from Davido, "Holiday" was positively accepted and gained massive airplay.

After he survived his recent illness, he thanks God for life. Today is his birthday and he shared cute photos on his social media space with caption:

'A Blessed day for me'

The History Of ASUU Strike Since 2001 Till Date

The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) is one of the unions that should be feared in Nigeria, if not for anything but for its readiness to embark on strike in order to compel authorities to meet its demands.

It has been gathered that ASUU has embarked on strike for over three years since 1999 .

Below are the details of ASUU strike since Nigeria transitioned into a democratic nation.

1. 1999

Olusegun Obasanjo became the first democratically-elected president in Nigeria when he was sworn in as president in 1999. A few months after Obasanjo became president, ASUU embarked on a nationwide strike, and this lasted for five months.

2. 2001

After the strike that lasted for five months in 1999, ASUU embarked on another strike that lasted for three months. What was ASUU's grievance? The union was expressing its displeasure over the sack of 49 lecturers by the University of Ilorin.

3. 2002

On December 29, 2002, ASUU embarked on another strike that lasted for two weeks. The strike was embarked upon because the federal government failed to implement the agreement it had with the union.

4. 2003

Another strike began in 2003, which left Nigerian university students idle for six months. What did ASUU want this time around? The union said government had failed to implement previous agreements related to poor funding of universities among others.

5. 2005

ASUU embarked on another strike that lasted for two weeks in 2005

6. 2006

A three-day warning strike was embarked upon by the union in 2006. The three-day warning strike eventually became a week industrial action.

7. 2007

On March 26, 2007, Nigerian public universities were shut down by ASUU. This time around, the strike lasted for three months.

8. 2008

The union embarked on strike in 2008 in order to compel authorities to improve salary scheme of its members. ASUU also wanted the University of Ilorin to reinstate the 49 lecturers that were dismissed in 2001. The strike lasted for one week. The lecturers were not reinstated despite court ruling in their favour.

9. 2009

Another strike was embarked upon by the union, and this lasted for four months. What was the reason for the strike? ASUU wanted the federal government to implement the agreement of previous years.

ASUU and federal government entered into a new agreement in 2009, and in October of the same year, the union called off the strike. The 2009 agreement between ASUU and federal government would later become the reason for subsequent strikes by the union.

10. 2010

On July 22, 2010, the union embarked on another strike that lasted for over five months. ASUU called off the strike in January 2011.

11. 2011

Again, ASUU went on strike in December 2011, citing federal government's failure to implement the 2009 agreement as reason. The strike, which was called off in 2012, lasted for 59 days.

12. 2013

On July 1, 2013, another industrial action was embarked upon by ASUU. Why? The union wanted the federal government to implement the 2009 agreement by reviewing the retirement age for professors from 65 to 70 years and increase budgetary allocations to the education sector by 15 to 20% among other things.

The strike, which lasted for five months and 15 days, was eventually called off on December 17, 2013.

13. 2017

Another strike was declared by the union on August 17, 2017. This was because federal government failed to honour previous agreements with the union. ASUU called off the strike in September

14. 2018

The latest ASUU strike was declared on November 4. What is ASUU demanding? The union wants the federal government to properly fund Nigerian universities and honour previous agreements between the duo among other things.

Nigerian students are hoping that ASUU will call off the strike soon so they can be back in the classrooms to continue with their academic pursuit.