Abuja Big Babe Stabbed In The Private Part By Boyfriend For Refusing To Give N1M

Just when we are yet to get over the yesterday's case that a man killed his girlfriend and dumped her corpse in Bucket, and similar case just came up in Abuja, A lady named Onize Ismaila has been allegedly murdered by her boyfriend, the lady said to be daughter of a high ranking Police officer was killed after she refused giving him N1million.

Now according to News Breaker Ozo Musty who shared the Photos, the man stabbed her severally on her Private part, before proceeding to slice her throat, Quite Horrific..

See photos below!

Eiye-buccaneer Cult Clash: 2 Nigerians Killed In Egypt

Two Nigerian Eiye cult members have been killed by the Buccaneers in the ongoing cult clash in Egypt.

According to reports, the two friends, simply identified as Koko and Ashabi, were killed, yesterday, in Cairo.


Atiba University, Oyo Takes Off With 36 Students

The newly opened Atiba University, Oyo, has started its first academic session with 36 students in four faculties.

At the maiden matriculation ceremony held on the school premises, the Vice-Chancellor of the university, Prof. Sola Ehindero, said that the vision of the institution was to provide education, training and build character that would encourage students’ zeal to dig up information on their own, using modern communication technology.

Ehindero said that apart from ensuring a challenging academic atmosphere for the students to develop critical thinking ability and sound minds, the institution would also strive hard to provide scientific literacy among the students.

Addressing the students, the VC said, “You have to be disciplined and budget your time to accommodate both your academic and other campus activities. Remember that you have to reflect on yourself and your home background and ensure that at all times, you justify the trust, confidence and investment your parents put in you.”

Chairman of the school governing board, Abdulraheem Idris, in his remarks urged parents to help the school educate their children by playing their role in their development process. He also called on the students to avoid vices inimical to their academic pursuit.

Kemi Olunloyo: "Linda Ikeji's Pregnancy Is Fake, Wearing Prosthetic Baby Bump"

Kemi Olunloyo is at it again. This time around, the controversial journalist has made bold claims stating that Linda Ikeji is not pregnant.

News broke out last week that celebrity blogger, Linda Ikeji is pregnant. The news came just weeks after she announced her engagement to a man whom she’s yet to unveil. While many are still pouring in their congratulatory messages, Kemi Olunloyo is of the opinion that it is all fake. She shared a picture of Beyonce rocking a what appears to be a fake baby bump to prove that Linda’s own could be fake as well.

Kemi Olunloyo shared on social media:

@Beyonce or @officiallindaikeji
Who rocked the #prostheticbabybumpbest? #MADAMKOO went on YouTube today to tell people that Ikeji was neither engaged nor pregnant and this was a surrogate single woman frozen egg deal. Linda loves kids so she can buy her way thru one. She also said a friend of @lauraikeji confided in her that Linda cannot have kids. Seems like #Charlyboyconfirmed that. The activist said he encouraged Linda to just go get pregnant regardless of a husband something that contradicts her preaching to young ladies about celibacy. Some not so positive messages sent out there.

In an old tweet of hers, she spoke of how the blogger has no uterus.

“Sorry! Linda has made NOTHING! No blogger awards, no husband, no kids, no uterus & NO #MAMAs2016. IM HER BOSS! #BAM

“Someone whose sister Laura confided in a friend that she has no uterus to carry babies made fun of Mayowa Ahmed #RIP”

See what she wore to a party, P@NT!3 shops may soon be closed, LADIES going ‘commando’ (VIDEO)

This video that was recorded at a party shows a lady busy dancing while exposing her flesh.

She was dressed in a see through attire and when you look closely, she is not wearing anything inside.

Why do ladies love going commando these days?
Watch this video.
The LINK>>>> 

Should I Snitch?..My Friend Is Cheating With A Guy I Like!

Some people can be very deceitful. All that glitters is truly not gold and people are actually selfish. No matter how much they have,they always seem to want more.

Tracy and I have been friends since University. She got married last year and I thought she was really happy until two weeks ago. I used to think Tracy’s life was perfect. I mean,she and her husband Lanre are just the example of a perfect couple. They seem so close and in love. I was truly happy for her. I was eve asking God to send me my own man,one that looks like Lanre. It was Tracy’s birthday two weeks ago and she had a birthday party at a very nice five star hotel in VI. I arrived at the party and it was really a great one.It was also great cos I met a guy at the party. He was quite a handsome man. When I introduced myself as a friend to Tracy the host,he seemed more intrigued.
This guy I met,Mike and I left the party together and spent the night together. He is single and he asked me out which is fine cos I think I like him. He got me an iphone a week later and I was so excited that I showed Tracy the phone. Immediately Tracy told me to stop seeing Mike. I asked why,she told me Mike is a bad guy. Her office colleague who is trying to toast her but she refused. Well,I confronted Mike. He laughed and said,Tracy was lying. He said,Tracy is attracted to him and they have had sx at least twice a week. According to Mike,he didnt like that Tracy was married and having an affair with him but she told him her husband was a two minute man who couldn’t satisfy her. So for him,it was just sx,he was not into Tracy romantically. Mike said when he met me at the party,he broke up with Tracy and Tracy didnt like it but he threatened to tell her husband.

As it is,I am really in shock that my friend whose marriage is less than two years is already cheating on her husband. Of course I confronted Tracy and she denied at first but later on,broke down and started to cry ,saying she is unhappy in her marriage cos her husband cant perform more than two minutes. She has tried to make him get help but he refuses. She said she was forced to Mike when he flirted with her at the office.
The problem now is,Tracy is insisting on continuing her affair with Mike. She said Mike is just using me cos he is a player. She confirmed that Mike still sees her cos she rewards him well financially. But every time I ask Mike,he insists that he is done with Tracy but she keeps coming back to him,begging him.
Now,I like Mike. I dont know yet if I trust him but I need to get Tracy to leave him alone.Should I tell Tracy’s husband about his wife’s affair so she can leave Mike for me? I already threatened Tracy but she also threatened to get me fired if I snitched on her. Oh,yes,I work for a company that Tracy’s family have shares in. I need your advice. How do I get Tracy away from Mike without loosing her friendship and of course my job? Why cant Tracy deal with her marital problems any other way,why must it be with Mike,someone that I also like?

I’ve Moved On. Why Do I Still Think About My Ex?

I have been very happily married, for almost five years, and I’m the mother of one with another on the way. My husband and I don’t have any major problems or issues, and we have a tight but comfortable lifestyle. So why, when I saw a photo on Facebook of my ex-boyfriend, did I actually feel a pain in my heart?

OK, so maybe stumbling across his account wasn’t my best move. The two of us had a very rocky relationship; it was toxic for both of us. So what’s with this sad emotion? It wasn’t a photo of the two of us together in the past, so I know I wasn’t reliving some bittersweet memory. It was just a photo of him, by himself, serving as a sort of updated photo to his account.
A blog that I recently read, entitled, 5 Reasons You’ll Never Get Closure with Your Ex, gave me some insight that helped me understand why from time to time I may feel this way. Of the five reasons that were given in the blog post, the one that really gave me an “ah ha” moment, was the last one.

Life is messy.
The blogger, Kiri, explains that, “Unlike a movie or book, where there is a clear beginning, middle, and end, there usually isn’t with life.” I think this relates to my situation and to others I’ve talked to about similar relationships and feelings, and how it’s all turned out. I think most of us expect our life to feel like a story, a book, a song, or a movie. I think that’s what I expected and maybe still do. And when things don’t end like they do on screen or in print, or even just as we imagined, we’re  kind of left dangling wondering, “What if?” or “the End?!” Even the saddest songs imaginable will leave us thinking of the “maybe” and give us hope for years down the road.
Kiri also explains that, “love can be like the weather. Meteorologically, we understand hurricanes. Emotionally, we don’t. We will never get an answer to ‘why did this hurricane destroy my house?’ other than ‘You were in its path.’” I think that really brought it home for me.
The truth is, I can look back, I can see a picture of my ex, and I am allowed to be sad. That doesn’t mean I’m still pining for him and what-could’ve-been. It’s just sometimes going to happen, because anytime any amount of effort or love was put into something or someone, you can’t just erase all of the emotions that accompanied that part of life.
But I can also understand and see how blessed I am to have my husband, my children, my life now. I had a relationship built on sand, and a hurricane  passed me over. It’s left me a little marred, but I survived. And I rebuilt on solid ground.