What can keep a man? I gave him 2 of my virginity

joro. Good evening. Have been dating my bf for 1 year now. We have sex in my vjay. He was my first. I bled there and then it was okay. I thought he was cool.

Some months after he say he loves me. I FaceTime his mom. He said he wants to disvirgin my anal. I allowed him after weeks of begging. I thought after taking my taking second virginity he will stay.

He loves the anal. He say he needs space. Now I can't eat solid. I have to eat green. I will be fine. God will punish him and mother.

Who I gave my sewing machine. I won't harm myself. I have learnt. Ladies, nothing can keep a man.

He didn't take all the virginity sis. It remains your nose and ear. Nothing can keep a man. Go to the hospital please. Jokes apart. You need check up an:supplements. Block him!

Her Boyfriend claimed this isn't how he left the "vjay".

Her Boyfriend claimed this isn't how he left the "vjay".. Read her story below, as shared by Love doctor, Joro Olumofin.

"So my bf and I have been together for lyr4months now. The se-x was great Joro before I went to spend the holidays with my family in Spain for 3months.

Fast forward to when I got back 2 weeks ago, my period was on and on the last day of my period which was the fourth day I got back from holidays, we had se-x and I wasn't feeling very comfortable because of the blood that was everywhere, so I told him to stop which he didn't decline.

Ihnn I went to the toilet and when I got back from the toilet, I realized his mood had changed. I asked him what happened and he said my Vjay isn't the way he left it and he wasn't enjoying it. I WAS SHOCKED. I asked him HOW? He said it's wider. I didn't even go down with any guy while I was away.
Anyway, we slept that night thinking it was because of the menstruation ish, so the next morning around 4am, we had sex again but it was an epic fail Joro. I was just on the bed crying because how y vjay be wide when I haven't slept with another guy since we met?
Ever since he told me joro, I've been self conscious and I've been avoiding him.

Joro ever since we met, I've never had sex with another guy NOT even a kiss, I've been faithful and loyal to him alone. Some of Joro nation may be thinking I'm lying, that how can a lady's vjay be wider without sex"  I'm saying the honest truth here gus. HOW CAN MY VJAY BE WIDER THAN BEFORE when I haven't had se-x in 3 months?


Should i leave my barren wife for the mother of my kids?

Good day Joro well straight to the epistle, have been married for 8 years and unfortunately me and my legally married wife were unable to have a child of our own, sincerely i did my best, i spent a lot, supported her, encouraged her when she is down, even went against my doctrines as a Christian to some shady places in search for a child.

Well, after 4 years and some months, i had a 1 night stand with a lady who happened to be my friend, prior to that i have never cheated on my wife, well Joro the lady carry belle o, she thought i would suggest she abort it but Joro i know my status, i decided to plead with her to keep it and am gonna act out my responsibilities accordingly in taking of the child.

Well she gave birth after some months, did DNA and confirmed i am the father, we did a lowkey naming and all that, i was still actually hoping my legally married wife have a baby, well after 2 years and nothing to show for, i decided to try again with this lady and yes she had another baby.

I do have 2 boys now, and the mother of my kids is now asking me to legally marry her and she wants me around more often, have been thinking and contemplating if i should just divorce my wife cos i can't be married to 2 women, though am willing to carry out my responsibility as a husband until she finds her own soulmate.

However before all the drama my wife did confide in me she had multiple abortions for her one and only lover before we met and that was after 3 years of relentless searching for a child even d doctor's result shows nothing is wrong with both of us, could it be the abortions might have done some damage to her womb even though the doctors did not confirm that?

READ: I feel ashamed. I like her but I hate her pu33y.

I feel ashamed. I like her but I hate her pu33y.

Gosh in my next world I still want to come out dark .. when people complain about dark skin I have borne mine with pride and beauty . It has opened so many doors for me and I was shocked to see that a lot of people appreciate dark beauties.

Just read what he posted;
Good evening Joro, hear me out Bros. I am dating a dark skin girl. She is very dark. Darker than ebony color. She is sweet and all but my issue is that her pu33y is too black bros.

I try to ignore it during s3x. I turn off the light. When I see it it makes me scared and anxious and angry. It's very black and the inside is now very pink.

It's somehow. After s3x I get angry and anxious. I feel ashamed. I like her but I hate her pu33y. What can I do. I no she can't bleach that area. What do you suggest bros Joro?

I am a very black girl ( a very proud one at that ) and I just cringed as I read this ..dear Poster you don't deserve her at all ... you are myopic ,small minded and you have the mind of a simpleton .pls black queens keep your head up and do not allow delusional people like this poster to ever look down on your colour or think to change your skin tone for any clown out there

READ:  I f!nger her and gave her to l!ck my finger that's how she...

I f!nger her and gave her to l!ck my finger that's how she...

LOL I wonder why Nigerians exert so much energy on sexual issues and preference, apparently, the guy who sent this to Joro doesn't know when it comes to oral matters in between the sheets mutual understanding must come into play. Or is it by force to eat my own puna again? lol

Please read as shared;
Joro, more shoes bro. Guys learn from me. If a girl can not lick herself in the Vjay please don't give her head. I beg you.

She doesn't trust her own cleanliness. This girl was at my place. I finger her and gave her to lick my finger that's how she refuse and said is she dirty like me? Dirty like me ke?

I ask you to lick yourself ya angrying again. I jeje ask her to leave. It's not me that my mouth will be losing taste an boil on my lip. My mother's prayer got me.

READ: Urgent! My wife's sex drive is a blessing and a curse

Urgent! My wife's sex drive is a blessing and a curse

Good day Joro. More grease to your elbow. I need major advice. Met my wife when I was a club boy and she was the typical bad girl, partying, smoking etc and that was my type of girl. When we started dating she said she didn't want s3x it was war before I agreed to that. Fastword to after wedding oya lets have sex. Worst sex of my life.

She didnt know jack only to lie down like panla. That's when she confessed to me that she's a virgin and she thought I would runaway if she told me. I didn't even know weda I should vex or be happy. I now had to become lesson teacher now it has backfired. She has become obsessed with s3x. She wants s3x 5 mins after I'm back from work.

We are watching tv next thing she wants s3x. She'll show up at my office during lunch and fuck me. I've tried to tell her normal people don't have s3x multiple times everyday. To her it's like doing something you like daily like drinking coke everyday or
something you do when you're bored. At first this was my dream come true. My very own freak in the sheets but now I'm tired abeg.

My dick hurts so much I think it might fall off. If I succeed in coming home late after she has slept this woman will wake me up from sleep to have s3x. How can I be running away from my marriage cos of s3x? These young girls will now be offering me pu33y like this hell isnt enough for me. Does she need deliverance or a therapist or something? Please post.

It grabbed me right from behind and not let go. I have never come 3 times straight

Hi! Please am in need of assistant. I can't stop having these taughts in My mind.) can't sleep. Both my parents have died. My hardship is tough. I come across some girls in my University hall who offer me assistant to ear my pain.

If I did the work, I have have 3million. And I won't have to do it again. This was in February of this year Sa. Have contempt. I asked what is the work, they say they have to show me but won't force it on me. 2 weeks flew by no calls or ims. Until the day, they asked me to follow them to island in Lagos.

On our arrival , the men offered us 120k for just attendant and all. I was hearing dog all over everywhere. Then my friend say, we are to sleep with Halsatian dog and the sponsors will watch. She took of her dresses and then walked Into the room. Have never seen in my life, a white powder was put into the dog's nose for agility.

This dog fvc.k my friend like only a god can. She was mourning for hours non end. When it was my time I prayed to god for guidance and I proceed. The dog grasp me right from behind and not let go. I have never come 3 times straight in a row.

The s3.x with Alsatian dogs, according to the 26-year-old lady, was explosive and ever since, she has been lusting after dogs.