Am I cursed ? Is this real love ? I'm in love with 2 married men

If you have slept with a married man and you troll me. God will punish you and your family. That's been said. Joro am In love with 2 married men. Am deeply in love with these men. I love both.

I feel guilty that am cheating on them with each other. I don't think I will marry at this point Joro.

I push single guys away. They both love me. Give me love, emotional help, Good sex. Am lacking anything in life. I thank God for both of them. But where is this going.

They have been in my life for 3 years now. Joro it feels like a real relationship. We do everything. Will I ever marry? I love this men. They both don't cheat or sleep around. They only cheap on me with their wife's and all. I am in love.

I can feel butterflies in my stomach. To God who made me am In love. I feel like am betraying them. Why will life be this complicated.

My body count is 6.. I told him I'm a virgin.. he carries this virgin matter on his head

Hello Joro. Good morning. Congrats on your products. I will purchase. Please I need advice form you and ur audience. I met this guy in February last year/ it's been a year. We are engaged.

I told him I'm a Virgin. Just like joke o. And since then I kept the lie. A lot of time I'm so horny but I hold myself to keep my lie -_ . I masturbate. I slept with only 2 guys since I met him . Now I love him. He carry this virgin matter on his head Joro.

He will say our first night will be special, that he is celibate for me. Our wedding is soon Joro. I don't know what to do. I told my mom she said I shouldn't tell him that he will leave. My sister said I should use alom and some other mixtures that I will be tight and I will bleed.

Should I do this ? My natural body count is 6. Thats a fair amount now Joro. So what should I do? Advice me as a sister. Please. I know at the engagement the will say I'm a Virgin.
My friends know I'm not. What should I do? He can't leave me. I can die. He is a good man.

Is my boyfriend stingy... should I block the bastard?

Is my boyfriend stingy?
Dear Joro, Please post, I need unbiased advice. So I have been dating my boyfriend for two years now.He is actually my first boyfriend and my first everything.

I have never asked him for money or collected money from him not even cab money because I don't want him to feel like I am a liability. Neither has he ever offered me money or even buy birthday gift for me.

Meanwhile I used to buy him birthday gift but I stopped after I noticed it was one-sided. Anyways so I spoke to him about it January that I don't feel appreciated and he said he thought I did not like all these mushy stuffs and I told him I like it.

Suddenly my boyfriend stopped picking my calls or replying my messages few days to Valentine and till date he has not replied me or call me.

Please was I too forward for talking about it cause I'm confused or I should just block the bastard? P.S He is not broke (he has a very good job) and I am also financially independent.


Election Shift: Chris Smith Blames Buhari, Associates, Tells Trump What To Do

Rep. Chris Smith, immediate past chairman of the United States House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Africa, has spoken on the postponement of Nigeria elections.

His reaction was contained in a statement he signed on Monday.

The statement posted on his website reads: “Responsibility for the delay of Nigeria’s presidential election lays squarely with President Muhammadu Buhari and those close to him.

“Actions in advance of the election — including removal of Supreme Court Chief Justice Walter Onnoghen and arson attacks on Independent National Electoral Commission offices in opposition strongholds — are undermining confidence that this election and subsequent gubernatorial elections will be free and fair.

“At a minimum, the presidential election must meet the 2015 standard, which saw a peaceful transfer of power and a statement by the then-sitting president that all bloodshed must be avoided.”

Rep. Smith also called upon the Trump Administration and the State Department to focus greater attention upon Nigeria.

In addition to being sub-Saharan Africa’s most populous nation, Nigeria is its biggest economy, and what happens in Nigeria has ramifications beyond its borders,” Smith said.

“Given the magnitude of global problems Secretary Pompeo must contend with, he should consider appointing a Special Envoy for Nigeria vested with full authority.

“The State Department must use all tools at its disposal, including visa denial and sanctioning authority, to hold accountable those who undermine democracy and foment sectarian and ethnic violence.”

Earlier, Chair of the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Africa, Rep. Karen Bass (D-Calif.), expressed her concern after Presidential and National Assembly elections in Nigeria were postponed to February 23rd.

A statement she signed reads: “This delay impacts Nigeria’s 84 million registered voters who traveled from cities across Nigeria, as well as North America, Europe and Asia, for the sole purpose of making their voices heard at the ballot box.

“My hope is that this delay does not impact voter turnout or harm the credibility and legitimacy of the election, as the postponement could impact local, regional, and international observation missions.

“Nigeria’s electoral institutions played a critical role in ensuring that the 2015 elections were carried out in a transparent, fair, and peaceful manner. I hope to see that tradition continue during this 2019 election cycle.

“Nigeria can serve as an example for the region as a whole and I hope that this postponement does not negatively impact that potential.”

Huge Man Caught His Woman With Her Personal Fitness Trainer. See What He Did NexT

See why some men don't really like the idea of their women having personal fitness trainer, due to the body contact that occurs during the training.

This is born out of jealousy.

Here is a video showing the moment a huge man saw his woman in action with her fitness personal training and it went all wrong.

The man was jealous of what the fitness trainer was doing to his woman and immediately rushed the trainer, pulled him off his woman and attacked him.

Who is to blame in this kind of situation? Didn't the man know what is obtainable during fitness training?

Watch the video HERE

Did the fitness trainer cross his boundary? 

I love Happily married men

Hello Uncle Joro, Good morning. Hope am not waking you. I have this issue where I like to try my luck with happily married man. The man must be happy in his marriage. I don't like men who remove there wedding or deny there wife.

I like men who take care of there family II love the challenge of trying to make them sleep with me. The ones I get immediately we have sex I don't want them anymore.

It's not about money or car or anything. I just like that feeling that someone who loves well is inside me. I confess all to my pastor .

He was surprised and prayed for me. He was shocked. Just wanted to share. Please pray for me. Thank you all.

I slept with my new Boss. Urgent.

Joro Good evening , I am ashamed of myself as a person, as a woman. Am the lady who mailed you some months back. Joro this very evening I slept with my new Boss here in Abuja.

I requested for a transfer from lagos now am doing it again. Am still wet thinking about it. He never remove my undies fully. This my Boss is not married. He is divorcee who has a fiancée he wants to wed.

Should I just leave this earth? I think me leaving this earth is the best. To God! Was I born To be a side person to Other people ? Please don't insult me.

Am in depress state. Don't let my blood be on your hand. Help me. Took me 2 hours to type this. What is wrong with me?