Help, An Older Lady Is Obsessed With Me

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I'm 23, and this lady should be in her 40s, she has a daughter who is almost my age, but she's not married, from the look of things, she had her at a young age, she started pestering me when she bought a new phone and she invited me to set it up for her, including fb and whatsapp, i did, and she collected my number, thats how she started inviting me over every sunday, sometimes I'll come and meet her alone at home, and she'd be half Unclad, rubbing cream on her body, I'd offer to wait outside but She'll tell me its no biggy, sometimes she'd try to take a selfie with me and her wet nipples will be protruding out of her wrapper and pushing against my chest, I'll be so tensed and hot.

I once thought of unclothing her and doing the thing, but I'll always talk myself out of it, that maybe she's just jovial and what if thats not what she wants, what if i try and she accuse me of trying to rape her, what of my girlfriend? so i kept my distance by lying to her that i am out of town.


She kept checking me at home but will never find me because i told my siblings to alert me whenever she's spotted in the vicinity so i can hide or lock the gate.

This helped me get over the temptation and her, until yesterday, i was coming from a party and i ran into her, it was too late to hide because she already saw me, she approached and we got somewhere to sit and ordered drinks, we talked about life and she bluntly accused me of avoiding her, that guys my age easily take things for granted, she kept talking until is promised to make it up to her, i regret making that promise, today she sent me a message on whatsapp, calling me my love, i thought she's joking until she told me, she's alone and needs company tonight.

I have a girlfriend, i love her so much i don't want to hurt her, i don't want to have any form of intimacy with someone old enough to be my mum, but this woman is rich, i have benefited from her and i wouldn't want to loose either of them, please advice me


'Saraki Must Go!' - Adams Oshiomhole

National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Adams Oshiomhole has said Senate President Bukola’s Saraki’s continued stay in office is unacceptable to the party.

The APC national chairman also said it would be strange if the ruling party is experiencing “graveyard peace,” against the backdrop of recent events in APC.

Oshiomhole said these when he appeared on Arise Television, yesterday and added that the APC is prone to controversies because it is a large party.

Last week, the party chairman was detained by the Department of State Services (DSS) and grilled for nine hours after some governors alleged that he received bribes during the party’s primary elections across the country.

In his reaction, Oshiomhole said although the aggrieved members were allowed to grumble but the party has moved on and has put in place internal procedures for reconciliation.

“We have finished our primaries and we have submitted names to INEC and there are internal procedures for reconciliation and we are working on them.

“We are a large governing party and it will only be strange if we are having graveyard peace. People are allowed to grumble and grumbling is allowed. We should move on and find solutions.”

Asked whether the party still has plans to remove Saraki, he replied: “I think it’s about morality.

“We just had an election in the US. The democrats won more members in the congress. Without much ado, the leadership of the House changed. This question didn’t have to arise. Saraki belongs to a minority party; as it stands, today, in the senate.

“The truth about democracy is that it’s a game of numbers. It’s unacceptable that minority provides leadership over majority.”

With These Discoveries, Can I Continue With Her?? by

Relationships are the bedrock for marriages, if you cannot cope with an attitude please do not try to change anybody, take a walk. Please read this story

"I met this young pretty girl about two months now. It was love at first sight for both of us. She is a student and she is in her early 20s.
Recently I brought up an idea to help us know each other better. This idea allows us ask each other any question especially about our past ( relationship, experiences, ideas, beliefs, and lots more) but we must answer with all sincerity.
With sincerity of all intents and purposes, I just wanted to know what my gf could/would be capable of.

My first question was have you dated a married man before, to my surprise her answer was YES , I asked for how long and she said a year plus. She was just 18 at the time and she goes to his house to make love to him when ever the wife travelled. OMG

My second was have you had a one night stand with a guy you just met, again her answer was YES and it was just some months ago and she was still dating her EX when this happened.

At this point I was just too shocked that I started asking anything. Next question was have you had a 3SOME before, her answer was NO but she has slept with two cousins though they never found out.

I was just too afraid to ask her if she smokes cos I didn't want the shock of my life.

Pls guys considering her age and knowing fully well that the leopard never changes its spots, pls do you advise I Carry on with her as my intention was to make her my last gf.


See how Donald Trump stared at Sleeping King of Morocco During Recent Ceremony in France (Photos and Video)

King of Morocco fell asleep during a recent ceremony in France and Donald Trump stares at him.

Watch video below

Sunday School In the Church Toilet

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Today i fu,ck my former girlfriend for Lafiaji senior high School, lagos.
Her name na Chinwe.

Dis girl na my former Girl for lafiaji wey i don dey woo am mek we Bleep, But the girl dey form for me.
My recharge cards wey i don dey dash am na dey near like 2,000 +
I dey follow dis girl dey chat for Bible Class, Night vigil and even for whatsapp but the girl dey form for me

Today i see am for church, i com go outside buy recharge card buy condom put for pocket, go sit down near am dey discuss, leave wetin we discuss i be bad guy,

from morning time reach almost Testimony time wey everywhere don quiet
Soon the girl don fall for me,
After all these days. Kai

I tell am say mek she first waka go toilet i dey com join am
Omo as i go na so we enter toilet i knock door, comot cloth she put hand on top Seat na so i knack am, see knacking, the girl no even cry, small pikin like 18 years old.
But omo her body na fire
I sure say dis girl no be virgin, but small pikin of Nowadays sha, After he knacking she com wear cloth comot,

me sef wear my own comot.
Na so we go sit for church jeje like nothing don happen.
After church i come dey go house, what a sweet sunday.
Because of this girl i no go dey miss church again.
Chinwe, i really appreciate what you gave to me.


Lady With A So, So Wide Wee Wee Cries Out For Help..

Before you read b me write am ooo. Nah copy I copy am from one site ooo..

Please help me, my pu**y is so so wide. There is no soap, cream, oil I have not used, I have even sat on hot water, still no way. I have done everything there is.

The last resort now is that I went to see a doctor, as he asked me to lie down and open my legs. As I did, he screamed and asked me what happened? Yes it's that bad, my pu**y is permanently open.
The lips of my pu**y is so black and ugly, if I am urinating it's like shower pouring.

I don't even want to talk about s*x because it's very very bad, even the guys complain. You can't even give me a head cause all you will be seeing is a deep hole, I am so ashamed of myself and the life I lived.

All I did was 4ck big preeqs, all my intimacy gadgets are so massive, I put different objects inside of me. I have used a pestle that comes with motar to mast*rb*te before, I don't know what happened to me and my s*x life, I became a freak, even my anus can't grip anything again.

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I'm so scared that I might end up a lesbian cause no man can enjoy my body anymore . And I don't have N4million to travel out for a sugery . Please I need serious help. How do I go about this? Please please help me ?

Nurse Under Fire After Taking Selfie With Unclad Pregnant Lady In The Background

A nurse has sparked outrage among internet users following a viral picture which is making the rounds on social media for obvious reason.

The yet-to-be identified nurse took a selfie in the ward of a general hospital as she also captured a Unclad pregnant woman who was laying down on a bed.

The controversial picture was posted on a social media platform - causing outrage among netizens who feel it's disrespectful for the patient and unethical for the health personnel to have taken the picture with the pregnant lady in the background.

A Facebook user identified as James Moses shared the picture and didn't give the exact location where it was taken as he called for the nurse's sack.