"I Dont Know Who Got Me Pregnant" - Confession Of A Housewife.

People should not judge me but help me understand what I’ve gotten myself into and how to come out of these complications. Pls I can’t disclose my name for obvious reasons.

Let me just go straight to the point. I’m a good wife to my husband and he loves me too. We are both sex freaks, sometimes we even make love in the kitchen while am cooking since we live alone. That’s how sweet our marriage was. But not any more.

Over four years into our union no “evidence” and pressures from my family and his were getting unbearable so I took to a colleague’s advice. I started dating a young guy but this guy always insist on using condom on me, claiming he can only have direct sex with a woman that is ready to get pregnant for him.

I told him I was ready and we started doing skin-to-skin for about three (3) months before my husband finally called me one weekend. Meanwhile, I didn’t know my colleague has told this my boyfriend some things about my personal life, especially my husband’s “inability” to impregnate me.

Back to my husband: he called me and said he was ready for us to go see a doctor so we could know what is wrong as I had earlier suggested. I was happy because it would help us get medical help if something was actually wrong with either of us.

But I got much more than I bargained for when the doctor came back with the results of the tests that were carried out on us. He said my husband and I are perfectly ok and even congratulated my husband. Congratulation for what? I asked the doctor.

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He said my husband has done it, I was already six weeks pregnant! I was filled with joy and my husband too. We celebrated the good news with several rounds of passionate sex when we got home that day. I’m now five months heavy.

I’ve stopped seeing my boyfriend and also resigned from work. Somehow my colleague told this guy I was pregnant and he came looking for me in our house. He said I ran away with his pregnancy, bla bla bla, saying I should do the honourable thing and give him his baby after the baby is delivered. Since that day, I’ve not been myself.

He now calls me almost every afternoon to ask how my baby is doing and other rubbish. My husband is beginning to suspect that something is bothering me but I’ve been taking care of his side. However, my BIG problem is this guy. I don’t think he’s the owner of my pregnancy.

After all, the doctor said nothing is wrong with my husband and I believe my husband actually got me pregnant but I can’t tell him about this guy, it will destroy our marriage.

I need people’s advise on how to handle this guy once and for all. Please help me!!!!

Meet John Abayomi Aruleba, The Owner Of Instablog9ja, Biography

Popular instagram blog, Instablog9ja broke into the media scene in 2015 alongside many other blogs but is widely considered the most successful news blog on instagram.

For years, many have wondered who the mystery person behind the instagram blog was, with so many names thrown around...and none, until now, has been right. Being anonymous was obviously important to the creator of instablog but we think it's time everyone knows the man behind the IG blog.

The owner of instablog9ja is John Abayomi, a former online editor of Vanguard news and current online editor of Punch. He is also a Social media strategist, creative content developer, documentary producer and SEO expert.

John is a 2002 graduate of University of Agriculture and has a Master's Degree in New Media & Society, Communication and Media Studies from University of Leicester UK in 2014. He also holds an international Broadcast Presentation certificate and Broadcast Journalism from Radio Nigeria training school, Lagos.

His experience in news editing, his degree in new media and communication and his training in broadcast journalism is what has pushed his platform instablog9ja into the success it is today and we think it's time for John Abayomi Aruleba to take the stage and take a bow.

Oh, and for everyone who desperately wanted to know who Instablo9ja owner was....you're welcome! *wink*

Linda Ejiofor Reveals How She Fell In Love With Ibrahim Suleiman

Following their star-studded wedding over the the weekend, Linda Ejiofor has revealed how she met and fell in love with Ibrahim Suleiman, her husband.

According to Linda Ejiofor, the duo had been friends for years before they decided to take the relationship to a next level after sharing a closer relationship on the set of Tinsel in 2016.

In her words;

Ibrahim and I have been friends for a few years now, but it was not until after his mum passed away in June 2016 that we really started to bond. He was in a really dark place and was ready to throw in the towel and move back to Abuja so he could be closer to his siblings.

I (along with a few members of his inner circle) was able to convince him to stay in Lagos.He accepted a job as an Architect with a design and build firm, while working towards his first solo exhibition as an artist.

In November 2016, I, Harry Dorgu, and Adesua Wellington talked him into showing up for a reading for a role on Africa Magic’s TINSEL. Prior to this, he had never acted a scene in his life, so it was quite a coin toss for him.

The audition went well and he landed the role of Damini White, a character who is Bimpe Adekoya’s boss who becomes her onscreen lover.Over the next 13 months, we had to see each other on set 3-5 times a week and then our friendship grew stronger.

Ibrahim developed feelings soon after but was hesitant as he didn’t want to risk losing me as his closest friend if the relationship didn’t work out.

Eventually, he squared up and told me how he felt. Turns out the feeling was mutual and we both started dating quietly, with only their siblings, very close friends and a couple of colleagues in the know.

Don Jazzy And Williams Uchemba Eating Suya As They Hang Out Together (PHOTO)

Michael Collins Ajereh, better known as Don Jazzy was seen in a new photo with actor Williams Uchemba as they hang out together.

They were seen all smiles eating suya and drinking garri.

Williams Uchemba wrote:

"With the President of (SGCP)SUYA NAD GARRI CONSUMERS PARTY and his running mate(my humble self), strategizing on how solve the pressing issue in front of us.@donjazzy #suyagang"

My Wife’s V*g!na Is Loose! Please HELP!

Hello, I choose to remain anonymous, as this is a touchy subject.

My wife and I have been married for a few years. When I first met my wife she was absolutely perfect. I had no complaints and everything was intact. I’m a very understanding man and i know the changes that a woman’s body goes through.

After giving birth to our baby girl two years ago, my wife’s vagna has not been the same. I do not feel any kind of sensation when we are intimate and I have been suffering for the past two years. Her vagna walls are not intact at all, and I didn’t expect this especially as we only have one child. I do not feel anything at all, and I’ve just been managing.

I don’t want to indulge in m*sturbat!on to please myself. My wife is a young woman of 29 and I don’t know what to do.

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I have tried to google the remedies and possibly give her hints but nothing has worked. I cannot come to tell her directly as my wife is a very sensitive woman, and she will probably begin to feel insecure which I do not want.

I just do not enjoy s!x with her any longer and by Gods Grace I have not cheated. But the thoughts have been coming into my mind as I’m beginning to feel frustrated, please do not judge. I still want to have more children with my wife, but considering the effects that one child has had on her vag!na, I do not want to even think about that.

I love my wife, but this issue is killing me. It’s making me resentful towards her. Please any solutions?

My 2cents
Most women in this situation are the cause of this unfortunate quagmire. After giving birth, rather than using a mini towel with warm water & some herbs (forgotten the name now) to be cleaning & treating the vag!na twice daily, in order for the overstretched walls to tighten up, they just go about their normal way of life - out of laziness until it becomes too late to rectify.

The easiest & quickest way to restoring the vag!na firmness are through Kegel exercises & the use of vag!na tightening gels.


Help, An Older Lady Is Obsessed With Me

Please read and drop your comments

I'm 23, and this lady should be in her 40s, she has a daughter who is almost my age, but she's not married, from the look of things, she had her at a young age, she started pestering me when she bought a new phone and she invited me to set it up for her, including fb and whatsapp, i did, and she collected my number, thats how she started inviting me over every sunday, sometimes I'll come and meet her alone at home, and she'd be half Unclad, rubbing cream on her body, I'd offer to wait outside but She'll tell me its no biggy, sometimes she'd try to take a selfie with me and her wet nipples will be protruding out of her wrapper and pushing against my chest, I'll be so tensed and hot.

I once thought of unclothing her and doing the thing, but I'll always talk myself out of it, that maybe she's just jovial and what if thats not what she wants, what if i try and she accuse me of trying to rape her, what of my girlfriend? so i kept my distance by lying to her that i am out of town.


She kept checking me at home but will never find me because i told my siblings to alert me whenever she's spotted in the vicinity so i can hide or lock the gate.

This helped me get over the temptation and her, until yesterday, i was coming from a party and i ran into her, it was too late to hide because she already saw me, she approached and we got somewhere to sit and ordered drinks, we talked about life and she bluntly accused me of avoiding her, that guys my age easily take things for granted, she kept talking until is promised to make it up to her, i regret making that promise, today she sent me a message on whatsapp, calling me my love, i thought she's joking until she told me, she's alone and needs company tonight.

I have a girlfriend, i love her so much i don't want to hurt her, i don't want to have any form of intimacy with someone old enough to be my mum, but this woman is rich, i have benefited from her and i wouldn't want to loose either of them, please advice me


'Saraki Must Go!' - Adams Oshiomhole

National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Adams Oshiomhole has said Senate President Bukola’s Saraki’s continued stay in office is unacceptable to the party.

The APC national chairman also said it would be strange if the ruling party is experiencing “graveyard peace,” against the backdrop of recent events in APC.

Oshiomhole said these when he appeared on Arise Television, yesterday and added that the APC is prone to controversies because it is a large party.

Last week, the party chairman was detained by the Department of State Services (DSS) and grilled for nine hours after some governors alleged that he received bribes during the party’s primary elections across the country.

In his reaction, Oshiomhole said although the aggrieved members were allowed to grumble but the party has moved on and has put in place internal procedures for reconciliation.

“We have finished our primaries and we have submitted names to INEC and there are internal procedures for reconciliation and we are working on them.

“We are a large governing party and it will only be strange if we are having graveyard peace. People are allowed to grumble and grumbling is allowed. We should move on and find solutions.”

Asked whether the party still has plans to remove Saraki, he replied: “I think it’s about morality.

“We just had an election in the US. The democrats won more members in the congress. Without much ado, the leadership of the House changed. This question didn’t have to arise. Saraki belongs to a minority party; as it stands, today, in the senate.

“The truth about democracy is that it’s a game of numbers. It’s unacceptable that minority provides leadership over majority.”