My "BF" is not a sexplorer. He is too gentle in bed

Joro. Hmm. All the way from Ghana. More shoes My boyfriend is a nice person. He buys me nice gifts without asking , always wants to see me and all.

He is literally perfect but he is too gentle. When we are having sex he gives me head and he will enter me. I tell him to choke me or to even squeeze my nipples he will say he doesn't want to hurt me.

I'm getting bored. Joro when I say he should even spank me this guy will not do. I love him but I'm starting to get bored sexually. Guys please slap your girlfriends if they like it.

Don't be boring. Because of that now he is making me feel like I have a problem.

READ: She took off her top, kissed me, I was a goner!

She took off her top, kissed me, I was a goner!

DAYO was in very high spirit as he drove to the university campus, mentally bonking the array of girls that wiggled their hips on his route. He cursed as he saw his 19-year-old daughter in the midst of a few friends. Too late, she’d seen the car. The look on her face was pure joy as she ran towards him.

 “What are you doing around here daddy.” She squealed. Not actually expecting an answer, she jumped into the passenger seat and babbled on about needing money to go with her friends to an ‘eatry’.

“If she were older, she would have realised I wasn’t all that pleased to see her,” Dayo said. “I was on the campus to see Tonia, my daughter’s older friend and that was not my first visit either. I had to lie that I came to find out about a friend who was to resume lecturing there. Tonia and Ikepo, my daughter are very good friends.

In fact, it was Ikepo who once brought her to the house for a sleep-over. They instantly took to each other after, spending so much time together and the sleep-over has since been a regular thing. Tonia is a very pretty 21-year-old girl who always flirted with me mercilessly whenever she came visiting. “From time to time, she’d accidentally be changing ‘innocently’ when I’d walk past their bedroom door, and she always made suggestive comments whenever it was just the two of us.

On one of her visits, my daughter had to go to the shops to get a few things and didn’t go with Tonia because she was fixing her hair. It was the first time it had been just the two of us as my wife was on night duty in the hospital she worked for. I was busy in my study when Tonia came in. All her teasing had got to me and when she took off her top and kissed me, I was a goner!

I tried so hard to resist her but my wife and I seldom had s3x, and there was this sex pot rubbing herself against me. We had s3x and it was the most refreshing experience I’d had in years. Nothing beats a lithe body with a wealth of experience when you’re having s3x. What’s more, my sexual tension had been building and building for a long time and I felt powerless to resist her.

“She casually put back her clothes afterwards and smiled suggestively as she left my study. I knew as an adult, I should have told her to stop but she was an adult herself. Her s3xual experience must have taken her a long time and, a few partners to acquire. So, if she was willing, who was I to deny myself the pleasure of a strings attached s3x?

What we had was a consensual s3x between adults didn’t feel I was cheating on my wife because she had long regarded s3x as nothing but a duty. “And you shouldn’t forget the fact that she seduced me, and as much as we like to think of girls that age as innocent, a lot of them have been sexually active for years. After she’d directly sexually stimulated me, after I’d been without meaningful sex for a long time, I’d be a fool to give her a lecture and send, her into the arms of another willing partner!

I’m a man, not a monk. So I took what any man would give his right arm for. “On the days that her so called sleep-overs with my daughter become few and far-between, I would make arrangement to pick her up on campus and take her to my guest house. But on this day in question, my daughter beat her to my car! Of course, she had no clue I was seeing Tonia, and I prayed she would quickly leave. So I gave her more money than should I, and she happily ran towards where her friends were waiting for her.

My phone had beeped when she was with me. I read the message, it was from Tonia asking me to drive towards the gate— she was already there waiting for me! She told me she saw Ikepo in my car and took a cab to the gate. Clever girl! She thinks of everything and as I handed her her own ‘egunje’ she was more than happy to come with me to our love nest. “I don’t ask her any silly questions about boyfriends. I’m almost 30 years older than her and I have no intention of marrying a second wife. I’m sure the thought never even crossed her mind to get hitched to me.

She is always insisting on my bringing some condom. The last time she travelled on holidays, she brought back a lot of the latest brand that is as good as your skin. I’m terribly fond of her. I would feel very sad the day our affair ends, but a few of my close friends who knew about us told me these girls knew a good thing when they found it, that I shouldn’t be surprised if she continued the relationship even after she got married. If that happens, I wouldn’t say no— we’ll both be doing each other a favour.”

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No One Believed Me When I said I hadn’t Done it Before

“I swear I haven’t done it before!” I said that to Elorm. I said it to Emma and I was saying it again to Steve. The devil, I think, was in my tongue and the way I rolled it around things of such nature.

I know your readers would be wondering; “What the hell is this lady talking about?” So let’s start from the beginning. It’s better that way.

You see, I kept my virginity after dating two different guys. Not because virginity meant something great to me, no. I was twenty-six and still a virgin after my second breakup and I felt at twenty-six, I was closer to getting married so why don’t I rather keep it till I got married. I was then with Emma and I was determined not to allow him to break me though he tried it in so many ways.

I was good with one thing; “blowjob,” and that was enough to get me through when things got messy. Elorm thought me how to do it. I was young, (seventeen, I think) and naive but I made it clear to him that I wasn’t going to have sex until marriage. He was older and knew how such things work so he always made me do a hand job for him and later took me through the blow job. It wasn’t an easy thing from the beginning but it kept me safe from sex.

At first, he thought it was a joke. He didn’t believe a twenty-eight years girl could be a virgin. But I assured him, “Better believe it. You’ll be the first and the last to use it.” He felt lucky. It was as though he was the man chosen to bless and inaugurate my private parts.

As time and tide would have it, we finally met face to face for the first time. His hugs were tight and pure. My doubts were erased completely after the hug. He was touchy and all over me from the word go and I liked it that way.

That night, our first night together felt like something I’ve never experienced in all my dating life. I was a girl possessed. I felt I had to show him what I got. It was like I needed to prove something to him. I forgot who I was and dived in too deep. I was brought back to my senses when he asked: “You are sure you haven’t done this before?”

That caught me off guard. I knew the implications of such a question. Even words eluded me. I only nodded and said, “I know about this but I haven’t had sex as in sex before.” He nodded but the look on his face was that of mistrust, judgement and confusion. He wanted sex later on. I said no and told him we were not married.

He tried to have his way but I was stronger. It was a beautiful night gone bad. In the morning he asked me, “Are you pretending to be a virgin to get me to marry you?” The question hurt my pride so much I didn’t want to answer. He kept repeating and repeating so I ask him, “can I go home?” He said, “Just answer me.”

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I got up, dressed up and when I was about leaving I told him, “We just met, but you are judging me.” I was disappointed in myself. I gave too much too early. I hardly do that.

That evening he called to apologize. We made up and got along just fine but I didn’t indulge with him again until he travelled back to the US. Nine months later he was back again. We got married and now live together.   

—Rosemond, -Ghana
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Please stop giving head

So I saw this debate between two guys on IG on giving head or not to give head, I couldn't stop laughing when a particular guy said he was going to continue giving because he's been giving head for the past 9yrs.

Read and tell me what you think;

Stop trying to discourage me from given head. I love head. I am a skilled head giver. Girls cum from my head. Have been given head cor 9 years now. Nothing do me. I love head.

I love how girls cry and scratch my back when am giving head. Joro carry your preaching and Go. Even if the vjay smell like fish. I like fish stew. Who no like fish stew?

Nothing do me. Joro stay ur own ane. You done come again.

Good day. Please help me and beg guys following you here to stop giving head. Please am begging. A lot of girls are not clean and don't clean up, they no they are not clean and they will open for you to lick.

Please. When I heal properly I will share my story. Please stop giving head. A lot of girls care more about there face more than Vaj. The dirty ones will insult the most. Please.

I will share my story soon. Stop giving head. Please. Stop giving head. Only God saved me.

READ: I am a married woman but I swear I have been thinking of this man

I am a married woman but I swear I have been thinking of this man

I pray God help me pass this temptation. Born I went to the supermarket yesterday, cash and carry to shop for things, I met one man buying perfume and he asked my opinion and I gave him, we chatted a bit about perfumes and he was excited when I told him about perfumes because I am a freak.

I picked all I wanted and when we got to the pay point he asked for my number , I refused to give him , he was begging me but I still refused , then he deeped his hands into his pocket , brought out some money and his complementary card and put it in my bag , he left my line and went to another line to pay and left.

I did not touch my bag I just paid with my pos and drove home . It was when I got home that I checked my bag and saw that this man put 50k in my bag and his card.

Bom I am a married woman but I swear I have been thinking of this man , I could not sleep , born should call him ? Or should I just tell my husband so we talk about it and laugh, bom I don't want to sleep with the man but I just want him as a friend because he is so nice nothing deep.

Bom should I cal him

READ: I'm sleeping with my boyfriend and his sister

I'm sleeping with my boyfriend and his sister

I'm sleeping with my boyfriend and his sister

Please read as shared;
Hello Joro, I would love to be kept anonymous. I've been thinking a lot and it's eating me up really bad. I'm bisexual and I've been seeing a girl for years now.

One day I was at her place then I met her older brother, we got talking and later exchanged numbers. We are currently dating and he doesn't know I'm having s,x with his sister.

Now he wants to marry me and all and I don't know what to do because I'm emotionally attached to both of them, his sister keeps telling me I can't be seeing both of them and I can't marry her brother as well.

I'm in love with her brother but sex with his sister is better What should I do? Because this guilt is killing me.

READ:  I love him but I don't like the habit of of him smelling my a**h*le.

I love him but I don't like the habit of of him smelling my a**h*le.

Crazy what people get addicted to What happened to getting addicted to making money and more money? How some people put up with some of these weird "Fetish" all in the name of relationship is still shocking to me.

How would your partner smell your bottom? Not once o, often!
Good morning Joro. I have been with my boyfriend for close to a year now. All of a sudden he started developing the habit of smelling my anus and my vj at every opportunity he get..

He said I don't smell and he wants to no if it's normal. Initially it was all fun but now am getting irritated by it and now he's getting addicted to it...

No wash your yansh,then allow him smell it. Let's see if that useless addiction wouldn't stop

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