My Parents Found Out About My Third Child On Social Media – Wizkid

Nigerian superstar singer Wizkid has revealed that his parents found out about his 3rd son with manager Jada Pollock on social media.

In an interview with Beat FM, the singer was asked how he tells his parents he is having a kid out of wedlock to which he replied;

“The crazy thing is this last one. My parents just kinda found out online’.

My Mom just wants me to get married, stay with one woman and have babies but I’m 27 years old.”

Wikzid continued saying although he has 3 kids from 3 different women, he would love another child, this time a girl.

“I’ve got three kids, three lovely boys that I love so much. I want a girl,” he said.

On not being able to keep his life private he said;

“I’m a private person. I like to keep my personal life out of the media as much as I can,” he said.
“There are superstars that [have] normal lives. You can control everything if you want to.”

On if he will eventually settle down with just one woman, he said;

“that will be hard because I have a lot of women that are really really dear to my heart”.

LADIES, this is how you should dress for your man in the house, thank us later (PHOTO)

Do you know in Africa Swahili ladies are the most beautifully dressed within the home?
Most women complain their husbands are cheats but forget that they are a shadow of whom they were before the man got married to them.
If you aren't a reflection of whom you want your husband to be, I'm afraid he'd continue playing away matches.
I have decided to share this article because most ladies don't think it's necessary to stay firm and up to date for their men.
This is how you should dress

These are dressings for hubby alone ooo
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A married Kenyan LADY with 3 kids confesses about her marital life

Research as to why marital infidelity on the rise  can never get completed if started. In fact, if you think you've not been cheated on by your spouse at one point in time then you have lost touch with the current reality.

This is a story shared by a lady married with 3 kids.

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Actress Lilian Esoro shares beautiful swimwear photos

Lilian Esoro shares raunchy swimwear photos..,Tiwa Savage, Toke Makinwa ReactLilian Esoro isn’t just beautiful but shes got a very hot body to go with it as she shared some really raunchy photos on Instagram.
The beautiful actress and mother of one took to her Instagram page on Sunday, March 18, 2018, where she posted a video of herself.

In the video she is seen in a swimming pool wearing a sexy swimming trunk, she also posted photos of herself which showed how curvy she is.
Lilian went on to caption the photos and video with a quote where she said thick girls rock.

See photos below;

AAU, Ekpoma Student Killed By Fulani Herdsmen In Edo (Graphic Photos)

Here are pictures of an undergraduate student identified as Collins Ojieriakhi who was among those allegedly killed by Fulani herdsmen on Friday at Ugboha in Esan South-East LGA, Edo State. The first year undergraduate was a student of Ambrose Alli University AAU, Ekpoma, Edo state.

Five persons including the student were reportedly killed in two separate attacks by suspected herdsmen in Ugboha, Esan South East Local, and Odiguete Ovia North East Local Government Areas of Edo state.

The incident at Ugboha, occurred Friday night at about 7:30 pm when the deceased Collins and his friends were on their way back to the village from Uromi.

Father of the deceased, Mr. Festus Ojeriakhi, while narrating the incident said:

“I am just confused. I was actually in the house easting at about 8pm and I started asking about my son who was not there. I was told he went to Uromi with his friends on a motorcycle. “It was around 9pm that the mother of my son´s friend started shouting, crying that herdsmen have killed her son. I rushed out of the house and I asked about my own son. I was told he died too with his friend.

“We immediately detailed boys and ran to the place. When we got there we were told that the police have come to take the corpse to Ubiaja mortuary. I was told my son and two others including the friend died. They said the other person that died is an Igbo person.

“The information we heard was that as my son was driving home with his Okada, the herdsmen and their cattle blocked the road and they waited for them to leave the road. Immediately they passed, some of their people in the bush opened fire on my son and his friends and they died at the spot.

“I have been to the Area Commander’s office and they said they are investigating the matter. I don’t know what to do. This is a young boy that just entered university”, he lamented.

How most ladies got their first cars

I don’t want to imagine how the world would look like without these beautiful creatures. Take it or leave it, women make the world more fun and interesting. The internet would be a boring place without ladies making it fun for all of us.

To make things straight, this post isn’t targeted at mocking anyone. The purpose is to reveal how Nigerian ladies get their first cars.

Note – first cars, not second or third cars.

1. Mummy and Daddy

Many times in Nigeria, after she is through with the University, her parents might just decide to honour her with a beautiful compact car. These cars are usually within the bracket of Toyota Matrix, Corolla, Honda Civic, etc. We've also seen some rich kids get the G-Class.

2. She earned it, baby!

Yes, there are many ladies out there struggling on their own depending less on external sources. Although she could have added some funds from parents and boyfriend, she largely funded her car. The car could be a Toyota Corolla or an European machine if she has a rich taste.

3. Boyfriend-funded

Not all boyfriends are broke. Sorry bro, but some boyfriends really buy their babes cars. Yes babe, some girlfriends get such gifts from partners they haven’t wedded.

4. Husband

Simply put, the car is her husband’s material gifted to her. This is how many of our mothers got and drove their first cars. The type of car can be any. In fact, in some cases, the car is the one the husband was previously driving before he got another.


5. Loyal Customer

Please, don’t fret. Some ladies know how to play their games with their customers. In this case, the lady might have strings with this rich man while she’s also dating another guy. In another case, well, she might just be one of those babes whose working hours are mostly at night. But, she’s high class, not those 500 naira ones.

In any case, she would have a rich male customer who knows she isn’t into just him. Yet, this man fancies the babe so much that he can decide to surprise her with a car gift.

If you doubt this, ask insiders. If you can’t find insiders, watch some Nollywood movies, and visit Google to know the lives some actresses live in real life; you’ll have a clue. Loyal customers can be a boss at work, or just anyone.

6. Sugar Daddy

Sugar Daddies are different from loyal customers. Loyal customers know you cheat on them. In fact, it’s not even cheating. It’s expected. But, some sugar daddies ehn…

Some sugar daddies can accept you seeing someone else; some can’t. They have similarities with Loyal Customers, but are usually jealous which isn’t associated with loyal customers.

Last but not the least..

7. Rich Alhaji

Although the word ‘Rich Alhaji’ is only used to express the level of wealth the man commands, it also applies to politicians.

Don’t think too much, you wouldn’t find these people in Lagos as much as you would find them in Abuja.

A Rich Alhaji just calls the beautiful chic to attend an event together, spend some money, and have fun. He throws her birthday bash often; they go to Dubai together; she knows how to spend.

For her loyalty and expertise, the Rich Alhaji could just decide to surprise the lady with a car. This class of car is the most expensive on this list. This is where the Range Rovers and G Wagons are like child's play.

That is the reason why people around her would always marvel at the source of the car since she never bought or used one before, not to talk of something close.

These beautiful people have made life fun for all of us.

Do you think something or someone is missing on this list? Kindly share your thoughts.

Tony Elumelu Working Out At The Gym In His Office This Morning (Pics, Video)

Billionaire Tony Elumelu was pictured this morning keeping fit at the gym in his office.He shared the video and wrote..

Morning workout heirsholdings office gym. Health and fitness essential.What’s your workout routine?'