Why is my husband bleeding from his anus ? He threw his boxers in the dustbin..

What is going on? My husband just came home. I tried to hug him. He just walked passed me. I warmed his food. He didn't eat. He rushed to the bathroom to shower.

To my curiosity Joro. I checked his pocket and inside his shoe. There was nothing there. I went to the car park to check the dustbin. Joro I saw his boxer with blood. The blood was on the part of the buttocks. Not his penis. There was blood there. I was shocked.

I came back into the house. My husband has changed the cream bedsheet to deep blue. I checked the bed sheet. It had blood again. He hid it under the bed. He was sleeping then. I am curious. What could be going on?
There's sometimes you don't want to bring up in marriage. Why could My husband be bleeding from buttocks anal area. I am wide awake . I can't sleep. I have just been looking at him.

He doesn't pass me as gay. I am in shock. Joro if ur awake please reply me tonight.

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He's a married man.. he washed my pant this morning . His wife has gone to put to bed in America. Maybe his wife has bad attitude

Good morning Joro, me and this guy connected yesterday from the club. I went to his place. Am still there till now. When I woke up I saw pictures of his wife and children.

I feel so bad. He didn't wear a wedding band. He said his wife has gone to put to bed in America that he will go and meet her in 2 weeks or so. That am welcome to stay till Tuesday if I want. Am just feeling somehow.

He is so nice. Made me breakfast this morning and massage my legs and even washed my pant in the bathroom. No man a wash my pant. I entered his wife cupboard to see. He said I can pick what I like but he showed me what I can't pick.

Should I get out now ? My mind doesn't want to get out joro. I no I should get out. Am thinking maybe his wife is not nice to him. Or she has a bad attitude and all.

 My boyfriend was r@ped by his uncle. Now he asks me to use dildo on him.

My boyfriend was r@ped by his uncle. Now he asks me to use dildo on him.

Good day Joro, more growth to your ministry. Happy weekend. I'm living in the UK. My boyfriend explained to me that he was raped by his fathers step brother at age 15.

He said the man will use Vaseline on him for easy entry into his anal. He was crying and all. I cried too. Joro, the issue now is this .

He said he is used to the anal and uses dildo on himself. He said he will like me to use dildo on him. And also suck his nipple and ear while using the dildo. Joro He f***ks me well.

This is first guy that has made me cum during sex. I have used the dildo on him once. The way he was mourning during sex. It was like a woman.

I need you personal and public opinion. I doubt his gay. Is he gay? Is this normal. I love him though.

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IM SORRY pink pumpkin

I'm sorry I have to bring this here. I don't kiss and tell. It's been 5 days now. Joro there's a girl following you .
She intro me to your page. We started dating in February. Last week I mistakenly came in her face. I was carried away. Forgot to tell her I was cumin while on Head.
She has refused to talk to me. Please ya'll help me beg her. Please. I so sorry PP. I will marry you if you take me back. I will commit. Please PP.

READ; Hookup!! 7 inch D**k.. I'm 54 years old. My divorce is final.. 27-35 year old man.

Hookup!! my mother is 45 years old. She deserves happiness. We don't want a liability. Age 37-40

Good morning Joro, I've registered with your manager yesterday. I have a boyfriend. I'm here to help my mom find a lover. My mom is 45 years old. She's very pretty and beautiful.

I'm her only child and I want her to marry again. I'm looking for a guy between the age of 37-40 for her.
She was been divorced from my father for years now and I think it's time for her to find love. If you're within that age please contact me. You must have a job please. We don't want a liability.

She deserves happiness. Also we please provide a valid identification showing your name for a google search. She does not want a fling but a real relationship.
If you're open to date an other woman please email me. I will be doing the screening for her.

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Hookup!! 7 inch D**k.. I'm 54 years old. My divorce is final.. 27-35 year old man.

Have made payment to your staff. Please Joro, i need a man with 7 inch dick. God has bless me. I was granted my divorce last year. Am a 54 years old woman.
Mother of 2. I have a good job here in Abuja. I do enjoy ur page. I am looking for a young guy 27-35 years to help me pleasure my years till the end.
If he is open for marriage. Yes, if not. Good sex is all I want. ( I want identifications of your work and office ID) to avoid bad scam. I will provide my own info. Claralfyjanazl@yahoo.com  I don't mind 100 mail.
I will select. I have suffer in my marriage. Let me enjoy. God bless Dear.

READ; Demons Don’t Have Horns. They Walk Around In Suit

Demons Don’t Have Horns. They Walk Around In Suit

The tap was very sudden and his voice felt like someone in trouble. He tapped my thighs three times and spoke to me almost in whispers; “Mather, get up my wife is here.” I thought I didn’t hear him well. He repeated, “I said find some place to hide, my wife is here.”

I was like a deer in a headlight; “Your wife? You mean you are married?” He responded, “This is not time to be asking questions. We’ll both be in danger when she finds you here.”
I looked outside the window and saw a woman got out of a taxi and started heading towards our door. “Is that your wife?” I asked, almost screaming. He held my hand and pulled me out of the bedroom into another room that was closer to the exit and he said, “Immediately she walks into the bedroom, open the door slowly and sneak out.”

It felt like a movie. No, more like a stupid dream you wish to wake up from. “Nana is married? or he’s playing some tricks with me?” I thought to myself.
The first day he proposed to me I said no because I already had someone in my life. I had Ben. We had dated for close to three years when Nana found me and proposed to me. I told him no. And I told him why my answer was no; “I have a gentleman in my life who had been nothing but awesome. We are heading towards marriage and I don’t want to spoil anything for us.”

He accepted my explanation and proposed friendship which I gladly accepted. He didn’t stop telling me his feelings and at some point tried to even kiss me. I understood his feelings for me and took it as one of those things. For two years, he stayed around me trying all he could to make me leave my boyfriend for him.
He was quite a gentleman and for all the times I knew him, I never saw him wearing anything else but suit. He had them in many colors and style. I nicknamed him “Coat of many colors.”

I and Ben fell out often and later called it quit. Ben later settled with the girl he was cheating with. I didn’t tell Nana I’d broken up with Ben but he got to know and proposed again. I still said no. Then he told me, “I’ve been with you for the past two years. You know me. If I were a bad person, you would have known by now. Just give me a chance to prove myself to you.”

I accepted and after a long persuasion and coercion, I decided to spend a night with him. Just once…
So I stayed put in the room he sent me. Monitoring the footsteps to know when to sneak out. Nana walked to the door to meet her and he was all lovey-dovey with her as if he wasn’t the one I spent the night with. The walked passed the door that kept me bound and entered the bedroom. I could hear their voices and everything they were saying. And then I heard the bedroom door slammed.

Perfect opportunity to sneak out but no, I wasn’t ok. Nothing about Nana showed that he was married. Nothing. And I’ve known him for two years. “Or she’s just another girlfriend that just came unannounced so he decided to get rid of me?” I thought to myself. Everything was so weird and hard to understand.

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I didn’t sneak out. I opened my door and walked towards the bedroom door. I knocked gently and he rushed to get the door. The woman followed. I watched her fingers, she was wearing a wedding ring. She looked perplexed. She asked, “How did you get in? Who do you want?” I answered, “I wanted to be sure if you were the wife. I’ve known him for two years and I became his girlfriend recently. I never knew he was married until this morning. He sent me inside that room to sneak away when you enter but I couldn’t take the guilt. I feel played out. I’m sorry.”
The woman looked stunned. Like she was watching a movie. Nana was already off the scene. I started walking away. The woman followed and called me to wait. She was so shocked she couldn’t put two words together to form a sentence. She asked me questions and I answered her. All the while, Nana was in the room. He couldn’t even step out to hear what we were saying.

I walked out of the house with some form of relief. I’m glad I didn’t sneak out. Whatever happened to him afterward, he deserved it.

—Irene, Ghana