Sex is a deeply intimate subject. There are various perspectives on the subject.

Some people see it as pleasurable, passionate, blissful, fun, a stress buster, and a source of relaxation and enjoyment. Another school of thought think sex is sacred. Most people’s upbringing predisposes them to think sex is hallowed, sacred and somewhat shameful.

In fact, most people didn’t even get to call their genitals by its actual names especially in public, so as not to be desecrated. Private parts were given nicknames for appropriateness. The last group of people see sex as a sin and downright evil.

The truth about sex is that sex is a beautiful thing. It is a healthy and natural activity.  It is something most people enjoy and find meaning engaging in. Just because parents and guardians want their wards to avoid mistakes and poor choices in this regard doesn’t mean sex should be ill spoken of. Sex is a beautiful and healthy activity.

Quit seeing sex only as evil and a sin. Well! It’s not evil. You should be proud of your sexuality; embrace your sensuality and do not be ashamed when you feel sexual & sensual.

For clarification, sex is not just vaginal intercourse. Sex is pretty much anything that feels sexual. Sexual activity is any activity that is considered sexual by the people who are involved. It can include the following activities and more:

Vaginal sex
Any sexual touching
Oral sex
Exposing your body to another person
Taking sexual pictures of another person
Showing somebody pornographic images
And more!

Avoid These Sexual Pleasures In 2019

by Sunday Akanni Moshood

Actually, God has our best interests at heart always - since He's a Loving Father and Creator. Anything He asked us to do is really for our own good. When God asked us to avoid sexual immoralities, it is simply to avoid seeing us getting hurt and ruined by it poison

Sexual immoralities are sexual pleasures God did not want us to embrace, because they are contrary to His Will and are toxic to us. God wants us to enjoy sexual pleasures quite all right - that's why He ensured the existence of sex in the first place, and gave us sexual hormones and urges. However, there is a particular manner God wants sex to be enjoyed (which is His Will for sex). Any other means are rightly tagged 'sexual immoralities' and are with severe consequences (both spiritual and physical)

There are various means to enjoy sexual pleasures today, but what God wants is that: All forms of sexual pleasures should be enjoyed only between a married husband (a male) and his wife (a female) in the safe circle of their marriage institution, with no other party involved

So, that means the pleasures people gets from the following sexual activities are wrong and deadly:

1. Premarital Sex: Also called "fornication", is sex between unmarried persons. Unfortunately, the devil has made many young ones believed that it is impossible to tame their sexual urges until they get married. Truthfully, it is very much possible to control your sexual desires and keep yourself pure till marriage by avoiding all illicit sexual activities. Some of us are living testimonies. We are still virgins, with healthy urges, and we are doing fine (healthy, productive in various spheres and happy)

If you will be wise enough to honour God with your body by avoiding sex till marriage, God will give you the needed strength to achieve this. On your part, always avoid anyone that can make you fornicate; and avoid places where you can be lured into premarital sex

Premarital sex might seem pleasurable at the immediate spot, but it effects are too bitter. The repercussions of premarital sex are too heavy. The 5-minute pleasure derived from premarital sex is not worth it fatal consequences.

Think about sexual viruses that can terminate your life. Think about the 'unwanted pregnancy' that can destroy your great dreams. I read recently of a young man who was forced to commit suicide when the repercussions of indulging in illicit sexual activities came knocking. He thought he was enjoying himself when he was having sex with various ladies. But they tagged him a rapist after some time. And the young man, with his bright future, was humiliated into committing suicide. That is it! There is no two ways about it. Premarital sex will always bring bitterness - either immediate or in the future. God wants you to avoid premarital sex for your own good.

2. Extramarital Sex: Also called 'Adultery', is sex with someone other than your own spouse. Unfortunately today, the devil has made many people believe it is impossible to stick with having sex with their own spouse all the days of their lives. He (satan) tries to discourage people with statements like: "can you eat the same food every time?" Don't get fooled! It is possible to enjoy sex with only your spouse till you die (there are a lot of witnesses).

We enjoy food as we add varieties. You can add varieties to your sex life in your marriage. Don't get fooled, please. It's all about the mind. The same pleasure your spouse's body will offer you, is the same pleasure you will get from someone else'. So, don't allow the devil ruin your beautiful home and marriage with extramarital sex.

When you have sex with someone other than your spouse, you open the door for demonic attacks. You hurt and betray the trust of your spouse, and you ruin the beautiful union both of you are meant to have.

"He who commits adultery lacks sense; he who does it destroys himself." Proverbs 6:32

3. Masturbation: This simply involves playing with one's sexual organs for sexual pleasures. You see, one of the basic things that determines if something is right or not is the effects it brings. Masturbation has unpleasant effects, and so, it's bad. Many had injured their sexual organs while masturbating, while some masturbators can no longer enjoy a normal sex life with another person.

Masturbation makes you feel dirty and empty, and it reduces your self esteem (which hinders your effective productivity). In the spiritual realm, you attract demons to your body while masturbating - it is always deadly.

Avoid masturbation - it will destroy you, and it will destroy your chance of maintaining a relationship with God (because God is Holy). Instead, occupy yourself with positive activities and you won't have the time, or fall for the urge to masturbate.

4. Pornography: Pornography is simply deriving sexual pleasure from seeing others having sex. In 2019, you must avoid watching/reading pornographic contents. Also, if you are someone in the porn business (you indulge in porn acting or selling), God wants you to stop right now (for your own good).

You see, sex is meant to be an honorable act, and so, shouldn't be for public consumption. We aren't animals, and shouldn't do like wild animals. If you get addicted to porn, you will find yourself in trouble and you will find yourself to blame. If you are currently battling with porn addiction, humbly call on the name of Jesus and He will help you.

5. Homosexuality: This is sex between persons of same gender. It is abnormal and an abomination. No one is created that way! Nature itself frowns at and condemns the act. Break free from wrong thoughts like "I was created that way". Don't allow such turn you into a monster. The normal and healthy routine is to be with a member of the opposite gender. That is how it was meant to be - to complement each other.

So, in 2019, I'm confidently telling you that those who indulges in sexual immoralities will definitely put themselves into trouble.

"Flee sexual immorality. Every sin that a man does is outside the body, but he who commits sexual immorality sins against his own body. Or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and you are not your own?" 1 Corinthians 6: 18-19


Relationship: From Msc To Mrs

As I try to repent of my non blogging ways I will post something a darling Aburo of mine wrote.
And so, on this beautiful rainy Monday morning, all curled up in bed (perks of being a student ?), I decide to reply some messages that came in late last night and early hours today. Then it all happened.
I start chatting with a friend, a very dear friend, and after all the usual pleasantries, she jokingly reminds me of the “ultimatum” she’d given me, which was not to come back home single. You’d be amazed how many people have jokingly and seriously given me that ultimatum. Sometimes I wonder if there’s a bureau de change here where your MSc is converted to Mrs that I do not know of (if there is, abeg send me the details).
Back to the matter, like other times, I thought this would be one of those quick ‘we’re waiting for for you to meet the man and join the married peoples club soon’ tease and then we’d get on to other topics.
But then she pressed on.
First, I was laughing in my mind wondering “it’s funny how people seem to be more worried on your behalf and you’re the one consoling them”.
Then she said the one hit me, and trust me, she isn’t the first. I’ve heard all sorts:
“Lucy, is it that you’re not serious?”
“I know you’re being too choosy” (they “know”)
“Perhaps you don’t want to because you don’t want the stress of being with someone” (like, “seriously????”)
When I hear people say these things, my jaw literally drops. Most times I politely withdraw from the conversation and stay with my thoughts.
But as if that’s not enough, they quickly add:
“What I don’t understand is you’re pretty, you’re caring, you’re friendly, you’re a Christian, bla bla bla…”
And I sit quietly (of course deliberately holding myself back from blurting out rubbish) chanting “they say this because they care” in my head until the conversation is finally over.
So here’s the real reason why I’m sharing this:
First, this is definitely not in anyway to spite my friend or any of my family or friends whom I’ve had this conversation with in the past (or will do in the future, Lol).
Second, when next you feel the need to show your3wq please convert them into private prayers. Unless you’ve walked a mile in a persons shoes, you’ll never really know how they feel, let alone say the most appropriate things.
Thirdly, singleness is not a terminal disease. It’s a beautiful phase to be enjoyed, just like marriage is a beautiful journey to enjoy. Don’t make us feel we’re plagued.
Life is like a box of chocolate with different shapes, sizes and taste but all together yummy.
We don’t have to understand everyone’s journey but we can appreciate it.

Relationship: I am In Love With my sister

So here is another one from one of Joro's followers on IG. This dude needs help lol

"I am in love with my own sister, or am I being over protective? Hello Joro,
I want to air something with you and your audience, so I have been observing my sister's movements and her boyfriend.

In December, I caught them, she was giving him blow job in his car, I was so angry that I almost wanted to beat the guy up. One day i returned and I heard them making love in her room. Her moan was loud and clear.

The moaning was so nice; even better than them foreign ones, I thought my brother brought a girl, when I realise it was her I was upset Joro. Later I started getting hard and dreaming about her. Morning hard erection.

It is disturbing me,  I stalk her page; when she's on her period I am happy because she will be indoor. I am getting scared boss. This feeling is taking over me, when a guy calls her I get upset. Is this normal? I avoid her a lot now


Hypocrites please find another post to judge on

Why I Stopped Going To Church – Falz Explains

Popular Nigerian singer, Falz, has explained why he stopped going to church.

During the release of the much-anticipated album, ‘Moral Instruction,’ Falz’s mother complained about her son not attending church services.

Femi and Funmi Falana were present during their son’s ‘album listening party’.

During the event, his mother used the opportunity to express her concern about the fact that her son hardly goes to church.

Speak about his new album, Funmi said, “Folarin, you don’t go to church and I am bothered. I hope you would start going to church this year.”

The singer told Vanguard that his mother was right because he hardly went to church.

He said, “I have nothing against the church or going to church; everyone has the right to practice the religion they desire but personally, as a Christian, it has been a while that I have been to church. It does not make me less of a Christian.

“The most important thing is spirituality and your personal connection with God. The reason I haven’t attended a church service in a long while is because I went to a few churches and during sermons, I was put under undue pressure. There was a time that a pastor called me to the altar just to acknowledge my presence for being in church.

“In my mind, I felt that the service was not about me. I felt that everybody was there to worship God, yet they were putting undue pressure on me. The pastor gave me the microphone to address the congregation and I was puzzled; what did he expect me to say to the congregation? These are some of the issues.

“I just want to go to church and worship God like a regular member of the congregation. I do not want that kind of attention. I was hoping that I would go to church on a Sunday and it would not be like any other day I’m at a public place or doing a show,” the singer said.

On why he shaved off his beard, Falz added, “I did not shave my beard because of the album; it was just a coincidence. I was filming a project in relation to the album and I had to look a lot younger and that is why I shaved off my beard.

“I have been getting mixed reactions since I shaved my beard; some people tell me, ‘please, go and find our beard back’. I did not know that we owned the beard together. Other people told me that they love the new look and I am still a ‘sweet boy’ with or without the beard.”

#IphoneCharger: Michael Asiwaju Iphone Charger Trends On Twitter, Nigerian React

Michael Asiwaju, the furniture seller who committed suicide after he was accused of rape by some ladies has reportedly caught the attention of Twitter users after report of his death went viral.

Recall that we reported that Michael Asiwaju took a poisonous substance suspected to be Sniper, and was met lifeless in his hotel room around 12am on January 13, 2019. The furniture seller who committed suicide shortly after sharing his suicide note on Twitter, had checked into the hotel in the evening of the previous day.

However some social media users as reacts after he fail to giveaway his iPhone charger before he committed suicide.

Kano Govt Revokes Contracts Of Contractor Who Filmed Ganduje Bribe Videos

The Kano State Government has revoked three contracts awarded to Tiamin Multi Services Ltd, a company belonging to Aminu Mohammed. Mr Mohammed is believed to be the contractor behind the videos showing the state governor, Abdullahi Ganduje, receiving money from contractors.
The three projects were worth N1.6 billion.

The state commissioner of information, Mohammed Garba, announced the cancellation at a widely reported press briefing on Friday, on the resolutions of the State Executive Council.

The state government gave “non-performance” as the reason behind revocation, which affected Tiamin and one other company, FNL Engineering Limited. It is unclear if the second company is also linked to Mr Mohammed.

Last year, an online newspaper, Daily Nigerian, published a series of videos showing Mr Ganduje collecting wads of dollar bills at different times believed to be kick-backs from contracts awarded by the state government.

Findings by this newspaper indicate that Tiamin’s managing director, Mr Mohammed, was the one who filmed the videos while delivering the cash to the governor at different times.
Mr Mohammed however declined to answer PREMIUM TIMES inquiry on his role in the sting operation.

However, a senior official in the company, who spoke to PREMIUM TIMES Friday evening but declined to be named as he was not authorised to speak by his boss, confirmed that Mr Mohammed was indeed the unseen face in the infamous Ganduje videos.

He said the cancellation is not unconnected with the decision of Mr Mohammed to blow the whistle on Mr Ganduje’s alleged misconduct.

Ironically, one of the projects by Tiamin that was revoked by the government, dualisation of Kofar Dawanau-Dandinshe-Kwanar Madugu was mentioned in one of the bribe-taking videos among those the contractors needed the governor’s intervention for payment.

Mr Ganduje was heard promising to talk to the state’s Accountant General on the outstanding payments.
The other two projects by the same contractor revoked by the government are roads linking different parts of Bichi and Fagge local government areas.

Mr Garba said the road projects in Bichi and Fagge were awarded on August 2, 2017 and November 13, 2017 with completion period of four months and 14 months respectively.

He said the contracts were revoked based on the contractors’ inability to complete the projects despite collecting respective advance payments of N204 million and N96 million.

Mr Ganduje is enmeshed in the bribe-taking scandal in spite of his denial and his suit against the news platform and its publisher, Jaafar Jaafar.

A probe into the scandal by the Kano State House of Assembly was also stalled in November by a high court of Kano State at the instance of Mr Ganduje.

President Muhammadu Buhari has expressed resentment over the misconduct as captured in the videos.

He was reported to have made references to it at a meeting with Nigerian community in Paris last year, and at a meeting of his party’s campaign council penultimate week.

On Thursday, Mr Buhari re-echoed the dilemma he expressed at the party meeting on the irony of campaigning for Mr Ganduje with the allegation still around the governor’s head.

Mr Buhari mocked the governor for going to the extent of receiving the bribes personally and “smiling”. He said he hoped the issue would be cleared before his scheduled campaign visit to Kano and suggested the videos could have been doctored.