[Photos] I Want To Be A Pornstar!!! What Should I Do?? Nigerian Teenage Girl Asks

A Facebook user by the name Paliechukwu Ekene Onyewuchi broke the internet yesterday when she posted what looks like an after-sex, semi-nude photos of her to her timeline with the title, “I want to be a pornstar”

The teenage girl posted the pictures at about 12:19 pm yesterday (8th Oct. 2018).

From our investigation (by 360stylehub.com), we learnt that Paliechukwu is new to Facebook as she has just few friends and a little info from her bio.

Probably, she has been influenced by the so-called “slay queens” and in a bid to be one, she posted that.

After some hours she however, posted a question on “how to delete a post from Facebook” which insinuates she wants the pictures off Facebook.

After investigations she however has what to say about the pics (See screenshot below)

See the photos and screenshots of her post below..

I Want To Be A Pornstar!!! What Should I Do?? Nigerian Teenage Girl Asks

Married Women Reveal Shocking Reasons Why They Take Off Their Wedding Ring

Some married women have made anonymous online confession about why they take off their wedding ring.

One woman said she regularly takes off her wedding ring – ‘whenever I cheat on my husband’.

Another lady said: ‘I take off my wedding ring when I think I may see someone who could make my husband be my future ex-husband.’

A third lady said: ‘When I go to the nar I take off my wedding rings so guys will buy me drinks.’

A -fourth lady added that: ‘I take off my ring to flirt with other men. My husband never wears his ring and he flirts with other girls. Fair is Fair.’

Another one even confessed that she takes off her wedding ring when she’s at home because she regrets marrying her spouse.

Read more below. 

Short Guys Turn me OFF - Asisat Oshoala

Super Falcons star, Asisat Oshoala has stated that she gets easily turned off by short guys wanting to date her while advising the ones with intentions on her social media back down.

Manchester United Can't Win The Premier League With Romelu Lukaku - Paul Scholes

Manchester United Legend Paul Scholes has revealed he doubts if the club can win the Premier League with Romelu Lukaku as their lead striker.

Since his move from Everton to Manchester United in 2017, Lukaku has scored 20 goals in 44 matches for the club.

He has scored only four goals this season for United but his last was on September 15.

He’s since gone six games without scoring for his club but he did score twice for Belgium against Switzerland in the UEFA Nations League last week.

This weekend, Lukaku will face his former club Chelsea at Stamford Bridge with United in need of three points to keep up with the title race.

But Scholes doesn't believe Lukaku has enough quality to lead United To their first title since 2013.

“I’m just not sure you are ever going to win the league with a goal scorer like him,” he told ESPN.

“I don't think his play outside of the box is good enough.

“I’m not sure if he works hard enough but he's still a young man who has done welland scored a lot of goals.

“He's quick and strong, but Lukaku is one of many United players who look like they're short of confidence.

“I don't think he realises how good he can be, but he needs help because who else can play centre-forward at United now?"

When it was suggested Anthony Martial or Marcus Rashford could play up front, Scholes added: “Maybe, but they look like wingers. And they're getting slagged off by the manager.

“We had four centre-forwards -- [Andy] Cole, Teddy [Sheringham], Ole [Gunnar Solskjaer] and [Dwight] Yorke -- and when they through bad spells, which every footballer does, someone else waswaiting to come in.

“That helped their performances because they knew that if they didn't perform then they would be taken off.

“Maybe Lukaku needs that, too.”

I Cook For My Husband Using Menstrual Blood

There are few bodily fluids in the world more taboo and controversy-inspiring than menstrual blood. People react to periods the way you’d expect people to react to things that are way more unnatural and horrifying, especially considering that half the population has to deal with their menstrual cycle at some point in their lives. 
That’s why people react so strongly when we hear stories about people that involve the stuff: periods are taboo and nobody wants to talk about them. A great example of this taboo in action is the backlash an unknown woman received on the Internet for revealing that she uses her menstrual blood to cook for her husband.People were understandably outraged, especially considering that her husband didn’t know that it was happening, and as much as periods shouldn’t be so taboo, you probably shouldn’t be cooking with menstrual blood. 
However, there’s a really long and old tradition of women using their menstrual blood to cook for the men in their lives for different reasons, and unsurprisingly, it has a lot to do with magic. Here’s everything you need to know about why people use their menstrual blood in food, not to mention other things.
Would you ever consider cooking with your menstrual blood? What do you think about magic that uses menstrual blood? Let us know in the comments!

An unknown woman got a lot more than she bargained for. Her story about using her menstrual blood to cook for her unsuspecting husband got a ton of backlash when the story went viral on social media. However, she wasn’t worried about it, and she even came clean as to why she does it.

Her reasoning was simple. She admitted outright that she cooks with her menstrual blood because she doesn’t want her husband cheating on her. She swears up and down not only that it works, but that her aunt also does it and is in a happy marriage to a man who wouldn’t look twice at another woman.

She knows it’s wrong, but also knows it’s not poisonous. While she admitted that she knew that cooking for her husband using her period blood without him knowing was wrong, she doesn’t think it’s poisonous. She was adamant that if cooking with her period blood was the way she could keep her marriage intact, she’s okay with continuing to do it. (sic) “If that is d way my marriage will be intact I have no regrets. Am a very emotional being. I might die if my heart is ever broken. Who are u people to judge me.

[Video] Download The Viral Video Of Nigerian Girl Being Rapèd, While High on Wèed

Here Is The Video Of one of The Girl’s Saying All Sorts Of Trash all in the name of Weèd, Eg. She Bought Iphone 7 For #2000..

There Has Been A Viral Video Of A Nigerian Girl That Was Ràped While She Was Drunk. The Identity Of The Girls and boys Is known. But won’t be published.

Now the question is : Was it really a ràpe case or its what they enjoyed?

Watch and drop your comments below..

NOTE: This Video is for Educational purpose only Girls or Guys Learn From It, We are thereby not in anyway promoting Explicit Contents.


Twitter User Calls Out Billionaire Pastor Who Tried To Make A Move On His Wife

A husband is alleging an Abuja based pastor and billionaire real estate agent tried to take advantage of his wife.