Fresh Job vacancies in Nigeria

Please forward this to any Graduate who has OND / HND / B.Sc / Msc / PhD In any discipline and are unemployed & looking for job

1. interested to work with the Nigerian Stock Exchange - Graduate Trainee
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2. Interested in working with Bet9ja -Assistant Internal Auditor
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3. Interested in working with SaroAfrica International- Graduate Trainees
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4. Interested in working with Vodacom - Human Resource Officer
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5. Interested in working with PZ Cuzzons - Sales Trainee
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6. Interested in working with Pfizer - Medical Representative
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7. Interested in working with Contec Global Group - Customer Care Executive
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8. Interested in working with Rain Oil - Internal Auditor
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9. Interested in working with PFL Education - Student Counselor
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10. Interested in working with RichFlood International -Civil Engineer
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11. Interested in working with Schneider Electric - Minigrid Sales Engineer
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12. Interested in working with Amaiden Energy Nigeria Limited - Marine Advisor
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13. Interested in working with United Nations Population Fund - Humanitarian Analyst/State Programme Officer
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14. Interested in working with British Council - Senior Evaluation Advisor
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15. Interested in working with RusselSmith Group - Procurement Administrator
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16. Interested in working with - Real Estate Sales Executive
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17. Interested in working with UNICEF Nigeria - Construction Engineer
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18. Interested in working with Unilever- Factory Manager
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19. Interested in working with Stanbic IBTC Bank PLC - Coverage Head
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20: interested in working with Access Bank - Career Recruitment
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Blac Chyna?s mother, Tokyo Toni twerks up a storm for her fans on Instagram
Blac Chyna’s mother, Tokyo Toni – who is also a grand mother of two – shared this video of herself twerking in her car for all her IG fans….and maybe haters. Lol. 
Watch below.

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“I Don’t Want To Make Heaven If It’s Where Oyedepo, Adeboye, Kumuyi Will Go” – Nigerian Lady, Angela Nwosu Says

Angela Nwosu

A Nigerian lady, Angela Nwosu, has taken to her social media page to say that she does not want to make if it is where the likes of Adeboye, Kumuyi, Oyedepo and others will go to after death.

According to her, heaven where she believes Adeboye, Kumuyi and other religious leaders will go, will be a boring place.

Read her post below.

I don’t want to make heaven!

If heaven is where Pastor Adeboye, Kumuyi, David Oyedepo and all other religious leaders and people will go to after death, then I reject it with every fibre of my being. Heaven will sure be a very boring and unbearable place to be in, full of fake people and extortionists and heartless people. I want to be where Fela is and would be happy to see Davido, Wizkid, Tekno, etc, join me there.

The thing about me is I don’t ever want to be like you. You don’t believe that you can live the way that I do. Seriously, you act like life’s a recital from the bible and once you reach the end you won’t know where the time goes. I’m living through my flows so please enjoy the show. No Jesus above tells me how to live my life, I do this for me, am not ashamed, I do not hide. I already have a God that turns me on with reckless abandon. He’s the God that I see and believe in and his name is Emeka.

So Save your prayers for your mothers, I’m doing fine, the last thing on my mind is the afterlife. The time is now, I live in the moment. I only think with logic, so keep your bleeping preaching, pity and emotions. I can never be broken even if I’m lost in the ocean, I still won’t give a Bleep where I’m supposedly going, ighotago? For real, I don’t want to spend eternity with any of you. Death is the only thing promised to us at birth. Save your ‘may God have mercy on you’ for your sisters that are doing abortions, for your brothers raping kids, for small girls with big God knacking other women’s husbands, for your pastors and your village people.

There’s no time to waste once you enter this World, If you ask me, there is no afterlife and when I die, I will be satisfied with who I am and what I leave behind!


Oritsefemi, other celebrities spotted at NBM of Africa fraternity National Convention

The Neo-Black Movement of Africa (NBM) has started it's annual convention and has since discussed security at its 14th yearly lecture during the body’s 40th national convention holding from July 19 to 22, 2018 at Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State.

Cognisant of the level of insecurity in the country, the Pan African group has chosen the theme of the lecture as The Role and Impact of Security in Nation Building.
The organisation would also sensitise on the environment-friendly use of plastics in the state during the event.

Spotted at the Occasion was popular Nigerian music artist, Oritsefemi along other celebrities including Hamzy. It can be recalled that Davido who is a popular member of the black axe fraternity was at the recently concluded Midwest regional summit organised by the group.

Fun Facts You Didn't Know About Passports

For bidding travellers, holding their first passport is wonderful. It offers a sense of possibility and excitement. It turns out that there are a lot of other things to know about passports right now. i  highlight a list of 10 facts you may not know about a passport.

Your passport is not necessarily valid until the expiration date

Many countries require you to have a valid passport for up to six months after you arrive which means you can never travel up until the expiration date. The requirement is in place to ensure your passport doesn’t expire while you are travelling.

Nicaraguan passports are among the hardest to forge 

With no fewer than 89 security features, including ‘bio-dimensional barcodes’, holograms and watermarks, the Nicaraguan passport is among the hardest documents in the world to forge.

Getting a visa may take more time than you think.

Applying for a visa can be among the most complicated document transactions you will ever encounter. Many countries have multiple types, including tourist, work, business and student visas, and the application process and turnaround times can vary dramatically for each.

Sweden is the home of the world’s most powerful passport

The most desirable passport belongs to the Swedes. Impressively, it costs just $43 and gets you into 174 countries without a visa.

Many passports have cool secret features.

Many passports in the world today have security features to prevent them from being replicated. The new Norwegian passport — the design of which was chosen from a public competition — shows the northern lights when you put it under a UV light. And the U.S. passport has some 30 different security features.

Broke Up With Him a Month Before Our Wedding And It’s The Best Decision I’ve Ever Made.

They say “You can’t change people, either you accept who they are or start living life without them.” I don’t know who said it but when I got to the point I had to choose between changing him and living without him, I chose the later. It’s easy to walk away than to entertain the hopes that you have the power to change him.

We dated for three years and throughout dating, the only thing we both agreed on was his proposal to me. He said he loved me and want to make me his girlfriend. I agreed. 
I agreed because I knew him. We’ve been in the same church and I’ve seen the kind of things he does in the church. At one time he was the youth president and I was a member. Anytime he spoke, he exuded the kind of confidence easy to admire in a man.
When I finally said yes, he made me understand one thing. He said to me, “The end result of what we are starting today is marriage. Put it in your mind and let’s work towards that.”
It sounded very exciting to me. It felt like we were a team working together to win a medal. 
And then along the line, I realized one thing; Whatever he said was final and non-negotiable. He paid no regards to my opinions and wanted his way all the time. 

I usually went along with what he said. You know what they say about compromise…If a relationship would thrive, partners need to compromise. Plus, he was the man so I gave him the headship to lead the way. 
I did all that thinking he would learn to compromise too when the time comes but no.
We were deciding on where to live after we’ve gotten married. I suggested we put some money together and rent a small place in the beginning so in future when conditions get better and can afford, then we move. He said no.
He said, “Why rent when your parents own a big house? It’s a waste of money. Let’s live in your parents’ house for now, when conditions get better and we can afford, then we move.”
We argued over this for days but he wouldn’t listen to me so I kept quiet.

We disagreed on so many things concerning the wedding. At some point, I thought we were completely opposite and had no reason to be together. I wanted pink and white for our wedding colors. He said “Nooo, why choose colors that everyone is using? Let’s use lemon green and white instead.” 
God knows I hate lemon green. I don’t know why but that color always strikes the wrong emotional chord in me. Why use it as my wedding colors? Nothing I said could change his mind. He insisted on it and I grudgingly agreed.
At our next counseling session, I brought the issue of disagreement up and asked the pastor how as a couple we could resolve our differences. I cited many instances where disagreement is likely and even asked the pastor if the man should always have his way.
“Learn to compromise sometimes,” he said. The pastor explained everything to us and exhorted us to put our individual needs aside and consider what makes the team better.
After counseling that day, I felt so refreshed knowing that a huge change was going to come into our relationship. 
About three weeks before the wedding, we went shopping for the ring. It was the last thing left to purchase.

We were welcomed by the shop attendant who took us through their collections and prices. I spotted one and picked it up. It was 18 karat gold and I loved it. I told him “I think I’m going to settle for this. It’s simple and cute.” 
He retorted, “we are not buying gold, everyone wears gold. Let’s get silver for a change.” The way he said it was very annoying but I wasn’t ready to be angry so I told him, “no problem. You can get the silver but I prefer the gold. Gold looks nice on my finger than the silver.” 
“You’re not getting any gold!” He snorted. “I’m paying for it and I say we are getting silver.” 
I wanted to say more but the look on the attendant’s face shut me up. She looked bewildered. As if to say; “common ring you can’t seem to agree on which one to choose and you want to live together?” 
I kept my composure as I watched him pick the silver rings and pay for them. I was boiling with rage and felt like screaming insults at him. How could he? 
In the car going back home, we exchanged no words. I only managed to share some tears. I wanted him to ask why I’m crying. But he sat still. Unconcerned. 

When I got home, I went straight to my mother’s room, tears running down my cheeks, I said, “I don’t think I can go on with this. It’s frustrating. We are not yet married but I’m tired already. I can’t!”
I told my mom what the issue was. She tried telling me to take it into prayers and God shall fix him. “Don’t allow the devil to win over you.” She said. When my dad heard the story he asked us to postpone the wedding and fix the problem before we marry. “The devil is stronger than you think. You better be strong too.” He concluded 
Our pastor said it was the work of the devil and asked us to fast and pray. Everyone blamed it on the devil. When he got the chance to persuade me to change my mind, he said: “don’t give the devil a space to destroy what we’ve already built.”  
That was it. He couldn’t even accept responsibilities of his own shortcomings. How can your bossy behavior be the work of the devil? 

I was sad sending messages to friends and families telling them the wedding wasn’t coming on. It broke my heart when I had to think of what people will say after hearing the news but I knew I only had to do it once and the rest would take care of itself. 
It’s been two years now and I have no regrets. Life has been without lemon green and I think that serves me well. 
-Story by Linda Bannor, Winneba-Ghana.
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The Nigeria Air MUST FAIL" - Oby Ezekwesili

Former minister of Education and campaigner of #BBOG has taken to the socia media to criticize the move by the Fedral Government to float a national carrier - 

The Nigerian Air. In a series of tweets the former minister called it a monumental waste and clearly a wrong priority by the Fedral Government. In her words, "..The proposed national carrier is clearly WRONG. It shall FAIL, for the sake of the country, it must FAIL."

Whats your take on this?