Guys, what do you think about your girl rinsing off your cum from her mouth after BJ? - LADY ASKS

Just after a guy wrote; please I have a question. When giving a girl head do you swallow her juice or have a bowl beside you to spit in it. Help me please. Reply and share on ur page.

Now this girl decided to ask her own question and it has generated thousands of comments. She wrote;
Hi Joro with all due respect!! I have a question!! Guys, what do you think about your girl rinsing off your cum from her mouth after a blowjob..

My man hates it when I do that, he said it's disrespectful but girlIll.. I find it hard to swallow. I have tried lol.. I eventually go to the bathroom to rinse off.

Don't call me prude, I do freaky things with my man, and love him to death but swallowin makes me wanna barf. Is this a legit turnoff for the guys? Just curious lol

My househelp is pregnant. I'm scared.. my husband... stains on my husbands boxers

My househelp is pregnant. I'm scared.. my husband... stains on my husbands boxers

Hi Joro, more money to ur account plz keep me anonymous My househelp, although she's more of a distant cousin, gave birth yesterday and I don't know why I'm really scared. Joro I'm writing this with tears in my eyes.

My mind keeps telling me d baby could be my husband's. When ever we talk abt her pregnancy my husband always keeps mute. 84 she got pregnant my mind has been tellin me sumtin is goin on btw dem.

I started suspecting dem d day I left both of dem at home 2 quickly go get some groceries on getting back I knocked and knocked and he dey dint open till like 15mins n wen I got inside I saw her sleeping, he told me he asked her to sleep till I come back. dat was arnd March last year.

But i didn't see my husband has som1 dat can do dat kind of thing and besides d girl is really unrefined and has body odor. Even he complains abt d girl dirtiness. She's a 16year old. Wen she got pregnant she said it was 2 pple dat was sleeping with her.

She named one of dem but didn't say d others name. We went 2 d 1st guys workshop n he said he wasn't d one responsible dat he last slept with her in May. And she missed her period arnd July. And she didn't even defend her self there.

She didn't say anything until my mother slapped her and she now said this not d person she was talking abt again.. And ever since den she has been insisting it's only d guy we went to his workshop dat was sleeping with her dat she lied it was 2 pple.

And we didn't ask her again. Now Joro she has given birth and I'm really scared. I dnt know wat 2 do. I av not seen d baby coz we av sent her back 2 d village. And one other thing, of recent I av been seeing some strange stains on my husband's boxers, on the ass hole area.

P.s he is a very clean guy n doesn't repeat boxers. What could dis mean? Could my husband stoop so low to be sleeping with that girl?Could I be overreacting to this? Plz Joro I need advice from you n Joro nation. Pls Joro I wud appreciate if u post dis as early as possible. Thank u

 "Loosing my virginity to the highest bidder" - Teenager

"Loosing my virginity to the highest bidder" - Teenager

Hello bro Joro,trust your holiday is going on fine. I'm a 19yrs old light skinned attractive girl, with curves in the right places.

I want to loose my virginity, i know It's something that happens everyday, but mine will be different due to the fact that i want to get paid for it.

I want to use this medium to open application for those willing to go down this road,i will be giving my virginity to the highest bidder after thorough screening, those interested can contact me by email:

Opened to both males and females(i'm bisexual). Foreign occupants preferably(less chances of ritualist).
Joro I'm for real pls post,Thanks.

Similarly, another blog reader posted;
Good evening Joro, please I have a question. When giving a girl head do you swallow her juice or have a bowl beside you to spit in it. Help me please. Reply and share on ur page.



Hi Joro
I have been sitting on this same spot since last night wondering how I got myself into this. We dated for one year and she did not for once let me see her naked insisting on no sex before marriage. How foolish I was; she's so beautiful and I thought it was worth the wait.

Im confused.
We got married on Monday and before the reception I begged her to let me have a taste of the Cookie and she refused and I agreed because * a little suspense is always good*.

Imagine my shock at night when I saw my wife with an erect penis. I almost punched her/him. She said she was born that way but for Pete"s sake why did she hide such a thing from me. I can't stop crying. I built my life around her. I'm weak. I can't even tell my friends.

I feel like visiting the lagoon or just taking otapiapia. Joro please help me, you and your followers. I need to hurt her equally. I spent almost 2million Naira on a wedding to see a dick? This is too much. Help
I'm gradually losing my mind. She claims she didn't tell me because she didn't want to lose me, for Christ's sake, what do I do now? Where do I start?


A woman wrote to joro Olumofin expressing how much she was in love with married and super hot actor Richard Mofe-Damijo.
She says she has remained single for four years, pushing away a lot of good guys because she can't imagine being married to anyone apart from the oh so dreamy RMD.
Here's what she wrote;

Good morning Sir, please i need your help. I'm ready to submit myself to Yaba left for evaluation. I can't take the torment anymore. I'm 29 years old, I'm beautiful, I have a wonderful job. But I've been single for 4 years now because I'm in love with this celebrity. A Nigerian actor. RMD! I've pushed a lot of good men away because of him.

In my mind I need to be single so if he sees me he may want me for 2nd wife. I love him. I can die. Sometimes I cry and drink anointing oil for my soul. I know he is married but I love him, I want him. I have a gallery of 3000 of his pictures. I've sent him 40 DM but he won't reply me. Please what is wrong with me falling for a married man.

I can't think straight anymore. I just want to have dinner with him. I've waited for 4 years. I'm ready to wait for me. Please advise me. This is true love. God can see my heart. In the next life he is my husband, my soul, my destiny, baba ibeji my twins. I want to make my yellow eba and Efo for him


Good morning Joro.
I saw a pix you posted yesterday on your blog . and It reminded me why I don't love my wife. I immediately asked myself can mommy Thomas do this ? I know she can't ever. Have been having issues with my wife for months now. Ever since I spent some weeks in my friends house. I fell in love with my friends wife. I think about her and I get aroused sometimes. Now that is the wife I asked God for but the devil interfered and gave me this one.

My friends wife cooks bomb shorts, does makeup everyday, she doesn't even wear that rubbish hairnet. My friend will be sitting on the table shirtless she will just come and suck his nipples. 2 minutes later they will go to the room we will be hearing mourning sex sounds. They live a very spontaneous and contagious life. I secretly have a crush on her. I pray against the temptation.

My own wife is boring! Common and simple blowjob she can not blow, she treats my manhood like it is bitter or so, she will be doing in-to out-put tongue liking. What about sex positions? If I start there this mail will enter 14 pages. I have to book appointment to romance my own wife. Her mourning sounds are so annoying I can just feel like beating her up there and then. I'm a frustrated married man. By 2017 I'm thinking of moving along with my life. I dash her all the cars and everything. I want m freedom.

I stood at my life in an instance. Anytime we are honored to attend a wedding event. My wife will look for the oldest browse and gown to wear, I will tell her join Instagram so she can see how young ladies are doing it. I dare not tell her to rub cake on her body. One day I arrived at home and told her to accompany me in the car park for sex, she entered the car and said why are we paying all this rent money to have sex in a car? For Gods sake.

When your mood is dead and can never come back. Dear Joro, I love what you do. I wish I had a better wife. I wish it was easy. 2017 is new possibilities for me. I need love, I need freakiness in my life. I want to ejaculate raw sperm into my wife move. If I try that with this one she will say I want to give her disease and God won't answer her prayers. I'm in serious pains, I have responsibilities to God and my family. If not I will enter town and pick all this young girls.

Joro i won't lie have sent you message for bea search and hookups. When you do the appreciation and put those girls. I send DM they don't reply. I am a miserable married man. My hand is no more attractive to my manhood penis. I will masturbate for 1 hour. No sperms. My marriage is over. All she knows is let's attend prayer meeting, let's go vi beach, let's watch African magic Igbo although we are not Igbo. OH my Jesus! If you see my wifes under wears. You will pity me

Fishy smell from my Vjay, then I'll have some kind of brown discharge

Fishy smell from my Vjay, then I'll have some kind of brown discharge

I don't know how some ladies joke with their health like this.. Fishy smell?? and you decided to go celibate for a year? That's just like having a wound on your leg and removing the leg to keep in ice for a year... Your wound would still be there... See a doctor and eat lots of fruits my favorite us pineapple..give the pu$$y an edible smell and taste

Hello Joro Pls help me post this & keep me anonymous. Pls Joro nation I need your help on this, especially doctors in the house. I've been sexually active for sometime and I notice that, anytime I have sex, I usually have one issue or the other, if I don't experience fishy smell from my vagina, then I'll have some kind of brown discharge or both sometimes!

But it fades out after a week or something. So I decided to go celibate for sometime, almost for a yr. then I recently just had sex and I'm experiencing a foul smell from my vagina. Pls can someone explain the reason for this?

I make sure I clean up properly with water after sex but it doesn't go. Is this a normal occurrence? Does it mean I can't have sex consecutively?? Cus most times I usually wait a week or so for it to fade avvav