Like Telegram, You Can Now Send Self-Destructing Emails with Gmail



A couple of weeks ago, Google introduced key design changes in Gmail, and some of the features introduced on the web version have trickled down to the Android app. The latest addition is Confidential Mode that hit our phones a couple of hours ago. It is a server-side update, so there is no need to check the Google Play for the update.

Similar to what Telegram introduced years ago, Gmail users can now set a self-destruct timer for a defined period on all outgoing emails. The emails will be received like normal emails for all Gmail users, but those using other services such as Yahoo and so forth, the email will be opened in a secure web portal.

Setting up a confidential email is straightforward: just start creating a message and hit the overflow menu on the top right side of the app. You will see the all-new Confidential Mode option. Afterwards, you are prompted to send the expiration period of the message. Also, you can protect the email with a password that you can share with the recipient. Prior to sending the message, you can edit the confidential fields before hitting the send button.

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Another thing is that confidential messages cannot be forwarded like ordinary emails. In other words, the message will go, but if the recipient’s Gmail account is not signed in somewhere, the message may never be seen.

Also, we are not sure if confidential emails will be synonymous with ‘secure’ or ‘encrypted.’ Perhaps, ‘confidential’ protects users from sending an email to the wrong person by accident or stop prying eyes from viewing messages. Unlike in Telegram, users can take a screenshot of a confidential email. What is more, we are not sure that after expiration, all traces and metadata of the mail are permanently deleted, a feature that will make a lot of people happy – but we doubt that is the case.

Useful? Probably yes.

Actress Kehinde Bankole Is The Denim Queen In Stunning New Photos

Nollywood actress and model Kehinde Bankole is out here serving us her girl next door vibe and we are here for it.

The beautiful entertainer, wowed in new photos of herself shared on social media which saw her rocking head to toe denim which she complimented with white sneakers.

The dimpled Kehinde wore a black plunging lingerie with her denim outfit which showed a bit of her cleavage, finishing off the look with hoop earrings and sunshades.

See photos below :-

I Caught My Mom Cheating, I Told My Dad And His Reaction Was Unbelievable

I was twenty years when I found out my mom was cheating on my dad. I was a first-year student at the university and had returned home for vacation.

I went to see my mom in her office one day and she left me for a meeting. Just some minutes after she left, I heard a beep sound, apparently coming from her phone. After a series of beeps, a call came through. I went to the phone and answered the call.

It was a gentleman seeking to have a word with her. I told him my mom wasn’t around so he hung up. It was then the messages on the phone caught my eyes. I didn’t intend to read but somehow I was drawn to it since it was already opened.

“Would you pass by after work tonight so we spend some time together?”

That was the message that caught my attention. I went back to previous messages to make sure I wasn’t making things up. Everything was out there! They’ve kissed, they’ve traveled on several occasions, they’ve had sex and they’ve been together for about three years. “How could that be?” I questioned myself. “Where has dad been all this while?”

Mom had been a great mom to me. I’m the only child and she never ceased to provide and be there for me but from that day going, I started looking back and assessing the relationship that existed between my mom and dad.

Dad is the reserved type. He rather acts than talk. My mom didn’t like talking a lot too but she was very outgoing and forthcoming. Between them, they didn’t talk a lot. My mom would usually spend the night watching TV and dad would be somewhere around the house minding his own business.

They had been able to live for twenty-two years being like that with each other so I guessed nothing was wrong. They never fought—I never saw them exchanging words so finding out my mom was cheating was a very big blow to me.

I needed someone to talk to.

Talking about it with my dad was out of the question. I feared he would be angry and trigger a divorce. I have a lot of wishes—having my parents divorced wasn’t one of those. Dad caught a hint of my mood and asked what the problem was. I couldn’t say the truth. He thought I was having boy issues and rather tried to convince me to share with him.

Yeah, I was having issues except that the person involved here was his own wife.

A week before school resumes, I gathered courage and had a discussion with mom…

“I know you are seeing someone else apart from dad,” I said. “And I know you’ve been seeing him for over three years. I know also that you’ve been traveling with him and spending time with him after work.”

Surprisingly she wasn’t stunned. She said, “You’ve been reading my text messages. I underestimated you. How long have you been doing that?” I kept repeating, “Mom why are you doing this to dad? You want to break up with him?”

She said nothing at first, she only kept staring at me. She answered, “You know only half of the story. Don’t judge me.” “I’m not judging you. I’m only asking you why.” She still looked calm. No sign of remorse or regrets.

“Are you planning on telling your dad?”

“If you don’t stop, I’ll have no option than to tell him.”

I thought that would put some fear in her but I was lying. She only said, “Let’s see what happens.”

I’ve been in school for about two months. I called my dad one night and asked him to give the phone to my mom to speak to her. He told me, “Your mom hasn’t returned from work and it’s already 10pm.” I got triggered. It was like I was possessed.

I called mom’s phone several times after speaking with dad but she didn’t pick. She called the next morning to tell me she was busy. “Busy with your boyfriend I guess?” I shouted on the phone. She responded, “I’m still your mom, give me some respect, ok?” She hung up.

I was so angry I couldn’t think straight. My dad was a good man and for the best of my knowledge, he was playing his role as a husband impeccably well.

I went home that evening to spill the beans. As usual, mom hadn’t returned from work. Dad was in the dining hall eating rice he himself had cooked. I sat next to him and told him everything; “Mom is cheating on you. I found out from her messages. She comes home late because she goes to see the other man after work.”

He was quiet. He didn’t say a word. “Did you hear what I just said? Mom is chea…”

“I know!” He interrupted. “I’ve always known her ways from day one.”

“You what! You know? And you haven’t done anything about it?”

He stopped eating and turned to me, “I haven’t done anything about it? I have. The first time I caught her cheating, I had to warn the other man to stay away from her. And he did. Not too long after, she dated a guy who was 15 years younger than her. I used her own phone to send a pleading text to the guy to stay away from my wife. The guy left.

She pleaded for forgiveness and promised not to do it again. But you see, I can’t keep chasing flies off your mom. She can stay away from the flies if she wants to.”

I’ve lived with these two all my life and didn’t realize they were going through such hard times? Where have I been? I was a girl and maybe didn’t think too much of them but since that day, I respected my dad more and resented my mom with all I have.

I stopped picking her calls and refused to see her when she came around looking for me in school. She kept telling me, “You know only half of the story. Don’t judge me.”

So what is the other half of the story?

Dad insisted there was no other half story and if there was any, he wasn’t aware of it. Mom wouldn’t tell me what the other side of the story was. She claimed, “You are a child. Our daughter. You can’t know all of our struggles, especially the intimate ones. Leave us to fight our own issues.”

They never divorced and no one ever heard them fighting about this issue.

I grew up and took less interest in the way they lived their lives. After all, they were both ok so who was I to get angry on their behalf?

Dad died recently. He still wore his wedding ring with pride regardless of all the struggles. In my mom’s tribute to him, she called my dad a warrior. I knew what that meant. It takes only a warrior to live with a woman like her until the end.

But I wasn’t done until I got the “other half” of the story.

Mom said…

“When you were about four years old, your dad became impotent as a result of a sickness he was battling with. You were four and I was hitting twenty-five. That was the reason we had only you. For the rest of my life, I had to endure a sexless life with your dad.

I tried. God knows I did my best. You father became impotent and also resigned from any affair with me. He didn’t even sleep next to me or even held me during the cold hours of the dawn.

A gentleman found me beautiful at a point I thought I was decaying. He was all over me so I gave up resistance and had an affair with him. Your dad got a hint and drove him away. Another came my way. He was a boy but had the mind of a man. I had him and when I thought everything was going on fine, your dad happened.

He drove that one too away. He drove them away and yet starved me of his presence and connection. Your dad was a good father and a friend but he wasn’t a good husband. I wasted my youth with him and that came at a price.”

That is the other half of the story. Dad is gone and can’t defend himself but mom had no reason to lie. I concluded that mom was a bad bitch but she too had her reason. Who am I to judge?

-Matilda Ewudze, Koforidua-Ghana.

Linda Ikeji Poses With Her Parents In Atlanta As They Await The Arrival Of J's

Famous pregnant blogger Linda ikeji's dad Joins them in Atlanta. she show off her parents in new adorable photo says her parents has being g married for 39 years.

See photos below 

I Made My Husband Chase His Mother Away, Now I Need Her For Omugwo

I hope you publish this, because I need to know what people have to say about my situation. I had a conversation with my husband today regarding my mother –in-law coming to visit for Omugwo but he refused. It is not the first time I am asking him for this. The first time I asked, he gave me money to employ a maid; now when I raise the topic, he just says “NO!” angrily and walks away. Three months ago, I would have rejoiced at this reaction from him because his mom is a trouble maker, but now, I am just frustrated. My husband hates his mother and I can’t help suspecting that I caused it all.
When I first met my husband, he and his mother were 5 and 6. He would visit her and buy her gifts almost every week. Being an orphan, I admired their relationship. I liked that he was so caring. And, when he finally introduced me to her, I recall that me and her vibed. We even became close and she would always call me to check up on me. Two years into my marriage to her son, however, her attitude towards me changed. She was bitter that I had not taken in and given birth to a grandchild, so she started making things difficult for me. She even turned my husband’s sisters against me. Any small thing, she will pick fight with me. She did everything to poison my husband’s mind against me.
At first I was always begging. But after about a year of dealing with her wahala, I decided to use her own tactics against her, and I started to whisper in my husband’s ears as well. I would exaggerate the things she said to me or did to me and cry to my husband. I always made sure I deprived him of sex every time I was depressed from what his mother may have said or done to me.
Just as I wanted, he started getting irritated by his mom’s attitude too. I think the straw that broke the camel’s back was one of the nights when my mother-in-law was visiting. She woke up in the middle of the night and started screaming that she had a vision that I came and sprinkled something on her while she was sleeping, that I was a witch and I wanted to kill her. My husband, who was well aware that I had not left the bed, got really upset and asked his mother to pack her things. He drove her back to the village that night. At 3 am. Me, I was even scared. This was over a year ago. He stopped speaking to his mother after the incident and I was very relieved.
The thing now is that God has blessed us finally with a son, but as an orphan, I have no mother to help me through the process of becoming a mother. My grandma that raised me passed on a while ago, so I have no one. I have hired a maid, but it is not the same. I feel like I am doing everything wrong. I need a mother to teach me the tradition of caring for a baby. I already reached out to my mother in law and she is willing to come, but my husband is the stumbling block we are having now. I cannot believe that something I rejoiced over, has come back to bite me. I am feeling so much regret now, because my husband is too stubborn.
Do you have any confession you would like to make or shocking tale you’ld like to tell? Please send your story to features(at)bellanaija(dot)com.

I Found Love in the Most Unexpected Place

Some things are bigger than magic. I am still in shock. Like…there is a God! I don’t even know where to start this story but yesterday, my life was made. My greatest fear that I will be disgraced and lose the love of my life, has vanished completely because his father has just confirmed to me that he will not fight against me marrying his son. We have his blessings.
I know it does not sound like a big deal, a father –in-law giving you blessings to marry his son, but my case is different.
So, when I was in uni, I was foolish. I did small runs with my fellow babes. It was just for fun and the money really. It’s not like I slept with thousands of men. I just saw three different men in total, and my father in law happened to be one of those men. And to be honest, the first day I met his son, who I am now engaged to marry, what attracted me to him was actually how much he looked like his father.  With time, I also found out that he is kind, generous and caring like his father. We are a perfect match.
The day he mentioned who he father was, I was so scared I broke up with him. I was not even dating his father anymore, but I just felt it was not right, but then he kept begging me.
I did not tell him the real reason for the break up, because I did not know what he would think of me. You can’t trust a lover like that. So, I called his father and told him the situation. At first, the man was like ah! I am a good girl for breaking up with him, even paid in some money into my account. But his son refused to give up, he kept chasing me, and me, I also started to love him , so we got back together.
When things got serious and he proposed, I had to contact his father and tell him everything. In my mind I thought the guy will say “over his dead body”, but he asked me to come to his office and see him. That day, I told all my friends where I was going oh, just incase he has evil plans or something like that. At his office, he promised he won’t mention our past and that I must promise him it will stay sealed for life if he gives us his blessing. That is the situation right now. I feel like shouting it to the world.
My star is bright. I am a lucky girl.

He Was My 17 Year Old Student & I Had Sx with Him

This year is ending in the worst possible way for me. I cannot believe myself. My mates are getting married and I have succeeded in having sex with a 17-year-old boy who is still in SS3.  First term.  He does not look 17 though, he looks and feels like a man.
It all started with harmless conversations. I am the only NYSC teacher in their school and because I am also young and smallish. Most of the students tend to relate better with me. So, this particular boy always had questions for me. He always tried to flirt with me, and I found it flattering, especially because he was intelligent and had swag.
All the small girls were tripping for him, but he was obsessed with me. I just wanted to be the young cool teacher every student liked. That’s how we now added each other on WhatsApp. He would call every day and give me gist about all the other students, things happening in his life too. Before long, I started telling him about myself. Maybe, the mistake I made was to tell him how old I am. I am 21.
One day, after school this young boy knocked on the door of my self-contained. How he found out where I lived, God knows. And it was a kind of hostel where a lot of other corpers lived, so I quickly let him inside so that people will not notice. I asked him what he wanted and he said that that the city is small and it was not hard to locate anyone. I felt uncomfortable and asked him to leave. He was staring at me so intensely and I swear I could see a dick print.  Like joke, he started coming more often. I relaxed and allowed him. We would talk, play scrabble and all. I allowed him to taste alcohol for the first time. He told me he about his ex-girlfriend that was ‘Keziah’. She loves too much sx. I advised him to keep himself and wait till after his final exams before having a girlfriend and having sx so that he is not distracted.
Then one day, while we were lying down on my bed watching Empire, he leaned in and kissed me. I panicked and asked him to leave. I was so upset, but deep inside a fire had been lit. I didn’t answer his calls, he begged and I even threatened to go and report him to school authorities.
Fast forward to 6 weeks later, this boy showed up unannounced at my place. I allowed him in. Maybe because I was ovulating, or it was the power of his perfume, I don’t know. Next thing I know, we were naked on my small mattress with my legs were wrapped around him.  I have blocked him and told him never to come to my place again and he is begging, saying he is in love with me and will marry me. He wants to marry his mother. I am so ashamed!
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