I started having an affair with his best friend, I got pregnant for him

Lol Joro,more shoes in your wardrobe... You see al this men ehhhhh? When a woman will change their eyes go clear Let me tell you my story... I got married to a man,' thought he was the best man,when we got married Joro,he changed,started cheating without remorse,he beats me,comes home anytime he likes,) cried my eyeball comot.

l called him several times to talk things with him he didn't listen. He met a girl very pretty,figure 8. I am pretty n I have figure 8 but this girl beat me hands down.. ok he threw me out of the house with my baby boy of 2 years n married the girl...

3 years later he came begging, I accepted,not because I love him but because I want to revenge. I became hotter,and my heart became black.. Joro I came back,we renewed our vows, I went to the spot where he threw my things,) laughed.. he started with breakfast in bed) he started pampering me,everything I needed when we were first married he started doing it,but this heart is already black,this heart is already wicked,this heart is already broken..

I started having an affair with his best friend, I got pregnant for him n bore a son,the mumu thought it was his son 0'k.00 two years later I gave birth to a prettty girl,the fool was happy,he now has a daughter not knowing his best friend is their father,fast forward to 2015 I gave birth to a boy again for his best friend..

The stupid man thinks he's the only one good at this game'?'”' well I and his best friend got married in court last year December... we went for a us family visa and got it,so I and my kids are leaving this country by June,going to start a new life with his so called best friend,my first son loves his daddy's best friend so he is excited to come with us,l told him what his father did to us when he was just 2,how I suffered for 3 years..

We're leaving him with nothing a, ca yesssss I've waited for this moment for s000 long,can't wait to see the look on this face when we tell him those 3 children he nurtured aren't his.. he'll commit suicide, we're planning on doing it 2 days before we travel... that's what you get for turning
an angel to a devil,that's what you get for torturing a woman who loved you deeply with all her heart,that's what you get for not sticking with the woman you asked to marry you n sleeping around...

That's what you get... he'll probably see this n come to me like 'baby see this,some women are heartless' n I'll probably reply saying 'oh dear this is wickedness I don't need an advice,nobody advised him when he was torturing me.. this is just to let men know,that gentle woman giving you her all,that woman who's ready to give you are all or giving you her all could turn to a devil because of you..

And I'm sure his best friend my new husband knows this so he won't dare betray me... and oh we're divorced already,he signed a divorce paper n he didn't know it just because he trusts me, thanks to zee world for teaching us the way, the mumu think say I be fool...
Any ways I hope those mumu husband's learn.. don't try a woman,na only we follow devil talk,una no know Watin we discuss..



It is no news that Nigerian celebrities are synonymous with cultism or frats like they call it. We all know popular music artis like 9ice, Wizkid, Davido, Olamide and Burna boy are all cultists. If I were told Zlatan Ibile is a cultist I would have found it hard to believe, at least not after hearing series of horrid stories.

However unclear the rumour may be, it is evident that Zlatan Ibile is a member of the Neo BlackMovement of Africa, aka Black axe fraternity. This is so because It was chaos, last night, at the Gateway polytechnic, Saapade, Ogun State, as singer Zlatan Ibile was beaten up on stage by suspected members of the Eiye confraternity.

Trouble allegedly started when the singer got on stage late for his performance. Matters, however, got worse because he was rocking a beret of his Aiye cult group. .

Angered by his effrontery, one Eiye cultist identified as Ronaldo, approached Zlatan and removed the beret before attacking him. To prevent further anarchy, soldiers immediately moved in to whisk the singer away.


"He Was Sucking Me As Usual Until This Embarrassing Thing Happened" - Lady Talks Dirty

What happened in this story as shared by a lady has broken the s*xual relationship between both parties though the lady longs to have him back.
Read her message below:

How can I get him back?
Have called & called. He keeps ignoring me. Hi Joro & audience, please no need for ridicule of laughing.

I need help and remedy to get this guy am seeing back. Am so hurt and ashamed. It can happened to anyone. This guy I like, we are not dating per so. But we have feelings. He likes giving me head. He said my p***y has a flavor.

He tells me what fruit to eat that day so when we see it will mix with p****y water. Am always joking with him that I will fart in his face one day. He just laughs and we move on. This is the reason I have lost him now. We can go for 2 days without seeing.

But now its been 16 days. I can't take. About 3 week ago. He came to my place. I had beans that morning. As he was giving me head. I farted in his face. He got so upset and almost hit me. And that was it. Help me please.


Joro Olumofin, a relationship adviser has shared the story of a lady who has the problem of sleeping off during s*x.

According to the troubled young lady, this is affecting her relationships as she has sought for orthodox medicines as well as spiritual solutions in futility.
She is currently seeking for a humongous p*nis that could keep her awake during s*x.
Read her story below:

Hello Again. Im your big fan. Just saw you on TV. Great works. I can't keep a man. Not because I'm not beautiful or loving , I'm very beautiful but I have an issue I've been dealing with for 3 years now since I was disvirgined.

During sex I always sleep off. Because of this guys don't want me anymore. They call me a hoe and all sorts. It's not like I don't enjoy the sex and all but I just sleep off.

Even when I mastubate myself I feel sleepy. I need your help. Joro please do you have any guys on your blog who can help me. I have been to spiritual and both medicals. And no results! Am in pain.

I need a guy with a massive D!ck who can help and keep me awake during sex. Am I cursed? A guy with a massive D!ck to help me. I'm not a Hoe. I need a partner to help me in this tough times.

God Bless you in posting. You can talk to my family if you like. They should DM you. I'm a real person not a fraud or fake. Help me.

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"Guys please stop giving head"

Oga joro, keep me anonymous, happy your vacay went well
Joro help me beg guys to stop giving head o, even if they want to, they should observe with microscope first, I have been seeing this particular for sometime now, her ass big pass Nigeria problem o.

I always give her head o and we scatter everywhere, I noticed anytime we have sex after I give her head, it's always doper.

So problem started last month o, Joro, after giving her head and all the doings, on my way home, I started having cough o, next thing, sore throat, 2 days later, I did test and it was staphylococcus aurues in my throat o, joro.

I took injection for five days and pills, the staph was still there, chest pain, fever, cough, body weakness, I never knew staph is very strong o. I was crying most night o, I could not even hustle o, na who well dey bomb clients o.

Joro am getting better now Sha, all those people shouting "I dey shame I dey shame, you are dying in silence" they really work o, I Don turn regular custo.. I thought I was giving head not knowing I was sucking staphylococcus aureus.

The reason why I wrote this to you is that she just texted me that she miss the way I suck it, suck fire nonsense


I feel like a sperm donor.. how do I compete with robot battery ?

I feel like a sperm donor. Hello joro. More shoe. I'm a fan here in UK. My wife has 5 different types of dildos. I was lenient before now. She is an addict. She will be waiting for me to go out so she can masturbate.

I know it. She will play usher, drink wine then masturbate. When she's ovulating she will climb on top of me. I feel used like a sperm donor. I feel used. I have spoken to her but she's an addict. She has different dildo. How do I compete with a battery robot joro?

Do I have the right to cheat? I feel used. When I try to blow her mind on bed. She will not even move. Only she wants is head. How do I benefit from head ? I don't cum. What can I do to get a normal marriage relationship out of her ?

He May Have Swallowed Some Of My Ex Sperms.

I saw this post onj IG and I couldn't hold back my tears; how can your pant go off in as little as 4 days? I hope she can live with the guilt?

Please read:
I feel Like the worst girlfriend ever joro. I am ashamed and I feel bad as I'm looking at this sniper on my table. My boyfriend and I got into a fight. We called each other names. We didn't talk for 4 days.

I thought it was over joro. This morning around 8am I had sex with my ex he didn't were condom. He came in me. Around 9am my boyfriend came to my place to beg me. He was crying. Said he is sorry.

He started kissing me and my pant came off. He then started giving me head. Joro I feel bad because he may have swallowed some of my ex sperms. I feel like a dirty person. I feel like my heart has a black hole.

He is is sweet guy. I cheated because I wanted to punish him and I was in pains. He had sex with me and I feel so dirty. I feel like I'm not of it. I'm not anything. I betrayed him in less than 5 days.