We wanted a change
A change devoid of pain
We wanted a change
We didnt bargain for a chain.
The housekeepers had become  housebreakers
The rulers heartless state robbers
The treasurers had turned into Prodigals
Sharing our common wealth  like a bazaar.
While our national affair drifted and floundered
Caged  was  he by women clashing in power
Power inebriated, lost and lusting, not sober
State and governance could not but suffer.
In desperation we searched for an alternative
We didn't mind an amalgamated locomotive  Lugardian, but parading incorruptible integrity
We assumed safe arrival once there's  sincerity.
With no well articulated  economic blueprint
And no ideological bent or philosophical grid
We had no choice but  to take the  risk
To get rid of the pests on the power seat.
Thus our electoral will put another in the saddle
Elated, we waited for proof of  hyped mettle
But when the early steps were  weak and feeble
Felt it would lead to statecraft that was nimble.
But the economy is still  in turmoil and tatters
Corruption combated, paradoxically festers
Security of life and property is still endangered
We are  flustered by  blunders and scandals 
Our cherished myth is now the despised  reality
Integrity with no capacity is leading in retreat
Sincerity and Leadership,integrity and capacity
Should be bosom friends, not strange enemies.
With bitter opponents still mourning lost power
Dejected neutrals seeing no reason for laughter
Allies vowing to stick even if the end be bitter
We are scattered instead of being together.
Truth is, no real change comes without a battle
No worthy freedom comes without a struggle
No space conquest without  space shuttles
No bubbling is deserved without a hussle.
Now, the ritual of mandate bestowal is  here
Apologists say there is no alternative anywhere
We all must say options abound everywhere
Our people will surely win if again they dare.
We shouldn't  be in a hurry to replace  a party
But we must hasten to rebuild a fallen  country
In a short while our nation' s age shall be sixty
Yet we still  grope as if we had an eternity.
The struggle for societal good must continue
The strength for sure victory must be renewed
Our people in agonies  have paid their dues
Rewards of their sacrifice really must be huge.


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