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5 Struggles That Hit Home With Big Chested Nigerian Girls


Dont we all just love br3@sts.
They are soft, pillowy, feminine they look perfect in wrap dresses and most importantly they give you great physical presence. But man aren’t they a tonne to handle, sometimes its almost like you have to pay to have them, and you shout TAKE THEM AWAY to the heavens before you quickly change your mind because you have unconditional love for them.
Let us see where the problem is shall we?
1. First of all there is this
Finding a button-up shirt that is proportional to your br3@st size is near IMPOSSIBLE. It almost always gives you that dreaded b0@b gap.

2. And because you live in Nigeria there will always be women looking at you like this, like you planned the whole thing.

3. And lets not forget about these guys 

4. So you say let me put a pin on it, but you are always on alert that it could prick your heart and you could die! Or it actually happens !

4. And its always a bit problematic when you have to run unexpectedly 

5. And then still go back to worrying about these kind of guys

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