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Pause! Don't do it! Dangers Of Blood Covenant

The Blood Covenant between Jude and Joy.
Joy insisted that i must marry her whether good or bad, i told her that our genotype doesent match and if eventually we got married, we will be giving birth to sickler. [ss]. mine is (SS) and her own too is (SS)
She said that i have already broken her heart by keeping her for good seven years.
This issue was a serious one, i told my parents about it and they advised me never to marry her.
When Joy got home that very day after the lab test, she told her parents also and they insisted that i must
marry her. This became a serious problem between the two families.
I told some of my friends about it and they still advised me not to marry her, had it been i knew, i wouldn't have
entered into blood covenant with her but love and pleasure pushed me to do it.
I called Joy on phone and was pleading with her to forgive me and break the covenant with me but she refused.
As we are dangling in this serious issue, another terrible thing happened. Oneday Joy closed from her work place
and was coming back home, she was so tired because she over labored herself that day, it was around 8pm in the
evening, the day was dark already, Joy was coming back from work and at a particular junction, someday from no where
tapped her from the back, before she could turn her face, two hefty men grabbed her, one was with gun and he told Joy
not to shout or they will kill her, she was quiet and they asked her to follow them, Joy followed them to a nearby bush,
right inside the bush, the two men raped her, after they raped her, they told her to go home and never to look back.
She ran home with the last strength she had, and when reaching home, she burst into tears and was rolling herself on the
floor, she told her parents what happened, that night my phone rang and behold it was Joys father calling, i picked the call
and he told me this shocking news that Joy got raped by two men on her way coming back home.
My spirit left my body immediately, i fainted because i know that something terrible has happened.
So this is how i will end my life?
After some hours i woke up, my parents were sitting right beside me, i burst into tears because i know that my life has ended,
Joy has broken the blood covenant, although it was not her fault but she have broken the covenant and the only penalty for that is
After 2days, i received the saddest news that Joy is dead, she died of heart attack and according to her parents, she was sleeping
and all of a sudden she began to shout my chest! my chest! my chest! and that was how she gave up the Ghost.
I stared morning Joy in my heart, her memories can never depart from my heart, she was a courageous woman and she know the true
definition of love, but we all got it wrong by entering into a blood covenant.
After 3 days of her departure, i stared seeing her in my dreams, one hot afternoon when i was in my room, she appeared, when i saw her,
fear gripped me and i shouted Jesus! then she disappeared, this was how Joy's spirit was appearing and disturbing me for over two weeks.
I wasn't myself again, i was filled with too-much thinking and i developed high blood pleasure [hbp]
Jude later died after a brief illness, his parents and friends mourned his death for more-than one year, the history of Joy and Jude was
a grate lesson to all the youths in that village. everybody in the village shed tears for both of them. may their soul rest in peace. Amen.
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