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Serious drama in Melanation cult as their founder, former model cult-leader snatches his member's wife and abandons his main wife who is pregnant

There is serious drama in the Melanation cult group as well as a lot of changes. A lot of what is going on in this cult group is prime material for a TV drama series.
LIB has been closely following the life of Eligio Bishop - who was once a model, barber, and finally, a religious leader (read here) - and his followers, Melanation, ever since their story began to gain traction online, and some interesting things have been uncovered.
1. First, the cult leader Eligio Bishop Aka Nature Boy has now changed his name and the name of the group.
He changed his name from Nature Boy to Father Tehuti/ Master Teacher Tehuti/ Father Nature, including on social media, and so have his women and most of his followers. This happened shortly after they were detained by the Costa Rica government then deported to the United States. The name of the cult group has been changed from Melanation to Carbon Nation.
The cult leader's new name, Father Tehuti, is believed to be taken after the great Black Egyptian Tehuti who was the spiritual and intellectual master whom Sages of all cultures and all ages declared to be the greatest master of them all.
2. The cult leader has snatched the wife of one of his members. Father Tehuti is now with EJ, the woman who belonged to Olmek, one of his top members, and he now refers to her as"My Queen". His other two women (or Directs as they are called in the cult) who used to refer to themselves as "Sisters" and were known by the public as "Sister wives" are no longer in his life.

EJ and Olmek before she was taken by the Master Teacher

Recall that last December, His main woman, Pocahontas revealed she was pregnant then left a cryptic post telling women to leave relationships which no longer serves them (read here). At the time, LIB said this could be a clue that something is really wrong and indeed it is. Meanwhile, according to online sources who were former members of Melanation, Nature Boy has abandoned Pocahontas
One source wrote in a YouTube comment: "Pocohantas quit her job as a flight attendant to be with him... only to come back home pregnant and alone.?"
Another of his wives known as Sunni Maat has left Melanation because of how abusive Eligio is. She went on to share a series of videos where she exposed him. In the video, she said Eligio and Melanation is a fraud and most of the Melanation hate him.
She said she hadn't seen Eligio since November 17. She went on to reveal that while she was still with Melanation, he went crazy. She said he went on all her social media accounts to stalk and blast her with abusive messages and even sent messages to all her friends, spreading falsehood about her.
She further said in the video that he accused her of aborting his baby then called child protective services on her, and has generally been carrying out a smear campaign against her.
"He went on my Facebook friends list and he contacted everybody on my Facebook friends list and he began to tell everybody how I was pregnant by him. On November the fifteenth I killed his youth and that he don't know if I'm mentally stable and that I had decided to leave the country with a pedophile," she said in the video
She continued: "This man sends child protective services where I'm located at and he also called the police and asked the police to come to where I am. Mind you, all of this happened while I'm with Melanation."
In the remainder of Sunni Maat's story, she painted Eligio Bishop as an abusive, narcissistic man who likes to lord over his followers and expects to be obeyed without question. Watch it here.
3. Eligio's Melanation women have edited their online profiles to fit their new situations.
Pocahontas has now removed "Wife of Nature Boy" from her profile. While EJ who was dating Olmek but is now with the Master Teacher has now changed her Instagram name to Mother Eliana and her profile reads "Wife of Father Tehuti."
4. Several former Melanation members have taken to social media to reveal some really uncomfortable things about Melanation and especially about Nature Boy and it's indeed clear that all the members are brainwashed and they only know it after they've left. They further echoed Sunni Maat's story that Nature Boy is the master who must not be challenged.
5. Eligio has a son named Osiris. Osisris is called the Prince and the Future of Carbon Nation by his father and other followers.

He had the boy before he moved to the jungle and started his religion. He went to the jungle without the child but reunited with him when he was deported to America.
He teaches the boy as well as the children of other followers about Astrology, nature and so many other things. The kids are all homeschooled by the women of Carbon Nation.

6. The Master Teacher now has three wives ( EJ who he snatched from a member, Fiery who has been one of his wives all along, and a third woman). And he's still busy promoting Polygamy.

He says men by nature are polygamous but women by nature only desire one man and also desire the sister bond which is why a man needs to marry many women so the wives can have that sister bond. He went on to say that monogamy goes against the will of nature. 
He recently wrote on Instagram: "Wombman are designed to be with one man her whole life yet most men mostly alpha males are by nature prone to mate with more than one female whether he is domesticated by the society he’s in to not do so or not .. nature prevails. 

7. Olmek, whose wife was taken by the Master Teacher is still a follower of Eligio and remains a member of the Carbon Nation.
It's obvious Olmek has been brainwashed. He recorded a video revealing he and EJ had broken up, but as soon as the Master Teacher came out, he quickly stopped recording. You can watch it here
8. Following their deportation to America, the Carbon Nation have moved back into the wild. Their last known location is in a jungle in Belize, Central America.
Not only have they gotten a place to continue their cult, they are also selling plots of land in Belize as advertised by Eligio Bishop on Instagram.

9. The group asks for sponsorship on social media and people actually send donations.
That's how he's able to finance his religious group. According to unverified online sources, other members also help finance the Carbon Nation.
Reading their stories, following them on social media, and watching their YouTube videos makes one thing clear: the group has gained serious traction both online and offline. As it stands, they already have lots of followers in the jungle and also on social media, they have a lot of people who identify with them and actually buy into their ideals.


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