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The Hottest joints to hang out in Nairobi Where VIP Is Really VIP

Located along Gaborone road, this is the pioneer of str1pp1ng business in town. They literally set the trend in the industry. With str1pp3rs from as far as Brazil and USA, they are obviously serious about what they do.

Located along keekoroke road, this is the one joint edging out Apple beez as the ultimate Nairobi’s top club. The music is so loud here, that you have to shout to order a drink.Its not as dark as Apple beez, but it isn’t that bright either. 
From 11pm, p()rn plays in the 42” plasma TV’s. If that doesn’t put you in the mood, nothing can. After Midnight, the girls chuck all manner of dressing and the show begins.

A sister club to the renowned Florida pack of night clubs, its located along Moi Avenue in the same building that Florida 2000 is located. Actually you use the same entrance to F2.After 11pm, the music is usually very loud. with jungus and hindu guys preferring this club. This is definitely a high end joint, Sudanese are also spotted making it rain here.it is a sight to behold watching the str199ers work those golden poles.

Another club located along river road. Its a relatively small club with the balcony serving as the VIP section. The music is loud, so loud that you can almost see you beer bottle moving around the table. The DJ is a cool though. you might think that you are chilling somewhere in Kampala when he decides to go Ham on Ugandan songs.. The str99pers are gorgeous [well at least a majority] At around 11pm, the str199ers work the poles.

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