This is probably not the first article about Nigerian celebrities who are often alleged to be Illuminati secret cult members. While Davido, Wizkid, Olamide and 2baba are already widely rumoured to be Cultist in local Nigerian fraternities, the illuminati is a far more superior confraternity.

The secret society keeps on recruiting many famous and influential people around the world. Prominent Nigerian musicians, singers, producers, and actors are not an exception.

Owing to such a policy, Illuminati members in Nigeria can totally control the society. This article will shed light at 12 prominent Illuminati members in Nigeria.

For many Nigerians, the way Illuminati recruit celebrities from all over the world is still a secret. From time to time, various Nigerian mass media inform that some celebrities might have become Illuminati members. So, let us have a closer look at top 12 famous Illuminati celebrities in Nigeria.


Well, am not surprised of his alleged  involvement, if Olamide can be a member of the buccaneer frat, why cant he be an illuminati member. His sudden rise to fame could not have convinced me better, here is an article circulating online already and it seems real!!! Read and check it yourself!!!

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The prominent Nigerian musician, singer-songwriter, TV host, and entrepreneur, D`banj is one of the most wanted guests on any Nigerian party. He is really named one of the most beloved persons in Nigeria. Consequently, he never denies his Illuminati membership, being one of the most influential Nigerian Illuminati members. His amazing songs have already brought D`banj plenty of the best music Awards in both Africa and the whole world. Thus, we are sure that D`banj feels fine with Illuminati.


The renowned singer`s roots came from Yoruba tribe. It is considered the largest tribe in the whole Africa. Presently, Davido is undoubtedly one of the most famous Nigerian singers on the planet. He and his brother have recently bought a recording company. Though he does not live in Nigeria, he loves his native land. Davido`s Nigerian fans adore him. That is why he quickly became an Illuminati member. Moreover, he is considered one of the youngest Nigerian Illuminati.


This celebrated Nigerian songwriter is also closely connected with illumination. Presently, 2Baba or 2Face is one if the richest and the most fruitful pop singers in Africa. 2Face has already revealed six fantastic LPs and nearly twenty popular hits, which are known all over the planet. Nigerian Illuminati members praise the fact that youth adores this singer. Therefore, he can easily influence their fragile minds.


Everyone in Nigeria knows who Wizkid is. It the simply the most attractive and adorable singer in the country. Wizkid`s are know all over the world. His five great albums and numerous music awards have finally made Illuminati start recruiting him. Being one of the mist disobedient Illuminati celebrity members, Wizkid keeps on confirming his status by being regularly involved in numerous scandals.

Tonto Dike

This amazing Nigerian actress for many times has been reported to be one of the most beautiful members of the secret Illuminati order. Her music career is very successful. Fans adore her, and it helps illuminate spread their influence in Nigeria quickly, though people do not even notice it.

Though Tonto Dike has had cancer for a long time already, Illuminati keep on supporting her. There are rumors that they even think of cloning her. What do we mean? It is simple. In some time you might hear some remarkable news about Tonto Dike`s major health improvement.

Tiwa Savage

The renowned Nigerian singer and producer Tiwa Savage started her career with the amazing back vocal of 50 Cent, George Michael, Black Eyed Peas and other very celebrated musicians. She has already made public two LPs. Tiwa`s hits are known worldwide. Therefore, Illuminati members in Nigeria immediately recruited Tiwa. Now she became the legal representative of their global ideas concerning the future of Nigeria.


First, this twin-duo became hugely popular owing to their smart and amazing parodies on Michael Jackson. It immediately helped brothers to become very popular in Africa. Fans adore them for great music and exclusive sense of humor.


Harvey Goldie was one of the most influential Illuminati members in Nigeria. Unfortunately, she passed away when she was 29 for unknown reasons. She was one of the most active Illuminati members in Nigeria. Goldie appeared in every sanctioned list of Illuminati members in Nigeria. Members keep on supporting the singer`s family after her sudden death.

T.B. Joshua

T.B. Joshua is one of the most well-known Nigerian preachers and a respected Illuminati member. This man is the chief pastor of several churches. Joshua`s modern attitude to all African religions has already given him plenty of prestigious awards. The pastor lives an active life on traditional social media and YouTube. It allowed Illuminati spread their ideas more efficiently.

Da Grin

Dagrin was undoubtedly one of the famous and beloved African rappers who were Illuminati members. In 2010, the prominent singer was killed in car accident. However, plenty of people immediately started to connect his murder Grin`s association with Illuminati.

According to the anonymous source, the rapper violated strict Illuminati rules of confidentiality. Therefore, the council accepted the only possible decision in this situation – to kill the scofflaw. Notwithstanding this, rumors have not been confirmed.


Nneka is a very popular Nigerian composer and singer. The girl was born in a tribe titled Igbo. Presently, the musician has been living in Germany for several years. Her favorite music styles are soul, reggae, and hip-hop. For her successful music career, the singer has already revealed seven studio albums and a mini-album. Nneka is often reported to be one of the most influential Nigerian celebrities who are Illuminati members.


The recent illuminati statistics shows that every year more and more people are reported to join this secret organization. Many Nigerian celebrities likes the new status of being a member of the world`s most influential and mysterious organization. Thus, the stars mentioned above may probably belong to illuminati since they do not deny this fact. They just keep on influencing the minds of young Nigerians who adore their beloved icons and follow them whenever they might say.

Note: This is information is speculative and it does not establish any proof these above mentioned people are members of illuminati 


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