I called him big stomach like driver. Next thing he said my breast is Olympus has fallen

You started it t but he actually said his mind like u said yours, You know the worst part is he can work on his stomach but you see your own slippers ehn.

There is a saying "Don't throw stones when you live in a glass house" This lady actually got served a taste of her own medicine after she body-shamed her Boyfriend.

 My boyfriend and I got into a fight. I called him big stomach like driver. Next thing he said my breast is Olympus has fallen. It really hurt me because my breast is flat. Does he always think my breast flat during sex. He hurt me badly.

How will I get wet like this ? Knowing he thinks I'm flat

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I'm pregnant. I want to catch my husband. A single mom my neighbor...

A pregnant woman is in dilemma and she had to write popular IG love doctor Joro so as to get tips on how to catch a cheating husband. Well, I have never been in support of tailing a partner but I am pretty sure this lady has got her mind made up.

Read her story
"My husband is too close to this single mother living close to us. He carries her hang bag when he sees her. He Carry my own bag. He buys her petrol. He even has a special handshake for her son.

How can I find out if they are sleeping together. My husband password is 50 letters he guards his phone with his life. Sometimes I will look at his car he is not around and her car is not there too.

It's like they are out at the same time. I need techniques on how to catch him please. Don't tell me not to tail him. When you marry don't worry allow some slim girl like broom take your husband.

I want to catch but I'm 41? pregnant and I can't move too much Like I wish.

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Alora Sealord "Buccaneers" orientation And Capping

Alora Sealord "Buccaneers" orientation And Capping

EX Pyrates, BOLAJI CAREW and KUNLE ADIGUN who formed the Buccaneers fraternity chose the name of the confraternity with specific intent. Referring to the book “Fanny”, they knew that Buccaneers were meant to be society`s roving policemen, who are naturally and morally superior to all seafaring creatures - Hence, the name SEALORD.

Thus the Buccaneers Confraternity was born in University of Ibadan (Modaship) with Bolaji Carew as its first head in 1972. The confraternity remained in the University of Ibadan from 1972 till 1976 when the idea of a national outlook was conceived. The graduate body was growing and spreading to other areas of the country and their good deeds were spreading too; a clamour for other decks increased and was accepted. This led to decks being established in various institutions of higher learning around the country.

Rica Ricardo walks into the students union and registers the Buccaneers Confraternity as a club in University of Ibadan.
The deck is called Modaship and its initial members include Vala Lorenzo &
Kwara State Polytecnic becomes Borneo deck. Domingo Bencrofi is the first Big Eye.
University of Lagos becomes Atlanta deck. Santa Spiritless is first Big Eye
Ogun state polytechnic becomes Coral frigate. Timba Timbatu is the first Big Eye
College of Education, Abraka (presently Delta State University) becomes Falkland deck. Santa Sagana is first Big Eye
Bendel state University, Ekpoma (presently Ambrose Alli University) becomes Cayman deck.

Doubloon is held in Modaship. The Buccaneers Association of Nigeria is founded. Finally, administrative structure outside of decks is born – frigates, galleons, HQ. Kika Kikalo is first nominal head of BAN and is referred to as Grand Eye
University of Calabar becomes Honduras deck. Kumba Kumbaya is first Big Eye
Cross River state University of Technology becomes Saxon deck. Ferocious Farandi is first Big Eye
University of Ilorin becomes Bermuda deck. Lulo Shorti is the first Big Eye
Federal Polytechnic Auchi becomes Espana. Geni Jedato is the first Big Eye. Costa da costa, the first Stirrer, Piza Picolo, the first silly jim, Kekere Ajado, the first kms and Badi Badesta, the first hauler.
University Benin becomes Cartheginia. Pano Nonama is the first Big Eye
Warri (Puerto Rico) frigate is created. Blanta Bugaza is the first frigate captain

University of Nigeria, Enugu campus becomes Barcelona deck. Grazi Grazilo is first Big Eye
University of Uyo becomes Ecuador. Capo di Tutti is the first Big Eye
Zeta galleon is created to cover Rivers state. Odd Job is first galleon master
Port Harcourt frigate is created. Lanta Robito is first frigate captain
University of Port Harcourt becomes Palermo
Sapele (Valencia) frigate is created. Darling Falero is the first frigate captain
Frigate 6 was formed in Alpha galleon
Fast Venom becomes 2nd Grand Eye
Anambra State University of Technology, Awka becomes Baby Barcelona II. It is attached to Barcelona (UNEC)
Anambra State University of Technology, Enugu becomes Baby Barcelona I
University of Nigeria, Nsukka becomes Gibraltar. Stainless Stiletto is first Big Eye
Janta Bulala becomes 3rd Grand Eye
Baby Barcelona I become a full deck and is called Siberia. Its first Big Eye is Gambling Casino
Janta Bulala declares all decks submerged
Baby Barcelona II becomes a full deck and is called Costa Rica. Its first Big Eye is Silent Palaver
Zoro Sabata becomes 4th Grand Eye

Port Harcourt frigate is split in two. One is named Palermo, the other is Guatemala.
Vicious Kurata becomes 5th Grand Eye
Federal Polytechnic, Oko becomes Gaza strip deck
Imo State University, Owerri becomes Baby Corsica 2. Yellow Forever is first Big Eye. (Wishes Messiah acted as CO for one saga)
Koko Forester becomes 6th Grand Eye
Lagos State University becomes Barbados. Gentle D Deadly is the first Big Eye. Apparently started by deckhands (?)
Baja Kilado becomes 7th Grand Eye
The polytechnic Ibadan, Baby Modaship becomes El Salvador deck. Beauty Givenchy is the first Big Eye
Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomosho became St Lucia. Island D Safety is first Big Eye
Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro becomes Caribbean deck. Golden D Razor is first Big Eye
Federal Polytechnic Offa becomes Kashanka. Pasil Bazooka is first Big Eye
Osun State college of Technology, Esa Oke becomes Hawaii deck. Yellow Hibiscus is first Big Eye. Created by deckhands
Ekiti state University, Ado-Ekiti becomes Santa Barbara deck. London Albino is first Big Eye

Sally Forever becomes 8th Grand Eye
Galapagos becomes a frigate in Theta galleon. It covers Eket and environs. Fingas Collector is first frigate captain
Institute of Management of Technology, Enugu becomes Hispaniola. Silent D Cobra is first Big Eye
Ekiti state University, Ado-Ekiti becomes Santa Barbara deck. London Albino is first Big Eye
Petroleum Training Institute, Warri becomes Puerto Rico deck. Happy Miami is the first Big Eye
Grenada frigate is created. It covers Asaba and environs. Danger D Scorpion is first frigate captain
Chronic Malaria becomes 9th Grand Eye
Akanu Ibiam Federal Polytechnic Afikpo becomes Benghazi deck. Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki becomes Casablanca. Devil D Satan is first Big Eye of Benghazi. Danger Medusa is first Big Eye of Casablanca
Adekunle Ajasin University, Akunga, Ondo state becomes Baby Vanuatu
Area covering Yenagoa (Bayelsa state) is made a frigate and named Fourah Bay. Power of Beauty is the first frigate captain
Niger Delta University becomes the Fourah bay deck. Visa Buccaneer is first Big Eye

Omega galleon is created to cover the United Kingdom and eventually mainland Europe and Asia. The first Galleon Master is Longi Longito
Mandela frigate is born to cover Johannesburg, South Africa. Jogo Bonito is first frigate captain.
Sigma galleon is created. Headquartered in Abuja, it is to take care of the Northern states of Nigeria. Bury d Battle is first galleon master
Choko d Milo becomes 10th Grand Eye
Falkland frigate is created. Covers Abraka and environs. Forest D Fire is the first frigate captain
Delta State University, Asaba formerly known as Baby Falkland becomes Grenada deck. Its first Big Eye is Jaw-Jaw Korano
Queens frigate is split in two. London south of River Thames remains Queens frigate. London north of River Thames is known as Kings frigate. Its first frigate captain is Danja 4 Danja
Ebonyi state becomes Kappa-Hita galleon. Water Erosion is the first galleon master
Tai Solarin University of Education, Ijegun becomes Nicosia deck. Venus D Zambra is first Big Eye
University of Agriculture, Abeokuta becomes Belize deck
Oregon frigate is created. It covers Agbor and environs. Dreadful d Tiger is the first frigate captain
Pussy Pussycat becomes 11th Grand Eye
United States of America becomes Christopher Columbus Island. Danda Mogambo is coordinator
US becomes Chiro. Danda Mogambo becomes Galleon master
Richards Bay frigate is created to cover Pretoria, South Africa. Royal D Stallion is first frigate captain
Alpha Beta galleon was created to cover the whole of South Africa. Jogo Bonito is first galleon master

Shannon frigate is created. It belongs under Omega galleon and covers the Irish republic and Northern Ireland. The first frigate captain is Royal Marina
Adekunle Ajasin University, Akunga, Ondo state becomes Messina. Hitting Malaika is first Big Eye
Santo Elrado becomes 12th Grand Eye
Alpha Beta galleon(SA) is renamed Nuxi galleon
Tony Toniho becomes 13th Grand Eye
United States becomes Iota. Furious Kunene is first galleon master
Carved out of Sigma galleon, Java frigate is born. Copy d Kila is first frigate captain
Big Apple & Ellis Island frigates merge to become Liberty frigate. Covering New York, New Jersey and environs. Santa Mario is first frigate captain
Lone star frigate (State of Texas) was split in two, giving us NASA & Trinity River frigates. Ghosty d Burster is first frigate captain of NASA and Silent Palava is the first captain of Trinity River

Segura frigate is created. Covers Spain in Omega galleon
Python D Lona becomes 14th Grand Eye
Barcelona frigate (Enugu) is split in two. Siberia frigate is created and Jaba Burunti becomes its first frigate captain
Furness Frigate is created in Omega galleon to cover Northern England and Nicky Picasso is first frigate captain
Costa Rica frigate is split in two. Nnewi and environs become Semichi. Roman Reflector is first frigate captain
Kappa Galleon (Anambra & Enugu states) is separated and Anambra state becomes Rhomu galleon. Python Defender becomes its first galleon master
Langkawi frigate is created to cover Malaysia. Its first frigate captain is Finest D Captain
Delta State Polytechnic, Ozoro becomes San Jose deck. Baggio D Richest is first Big Eye
Osun State University becomes Anansa. Seeking Avenger is first Big Eye
Robben Island frigate is created out of Nuxi. Covers Capetown, South Africa. JawJaw D Perkins is first frigate captain
Oslo Cogito becomes 15th Grand Eye

Men are like dogs. Train them. I'm training my own dog. Are you training your own dog?

This story reminds me when I broke if I cheat my girlfriend go insult me plus my mama join. Take bastard, scaliwag, nimcompop, tomtology all the grammar. Now money Don show. She go talk baby Awwww ur breaking my heart. Baby let's talk. Haaa. Brethens make una make money o. Women go allow you cheat freely respect you join. Money na the real scaliwag.

Hello. Gd afternoon. Luv doc. I gifted my boyfriend free sex with any girl he wants. He was so happy and he's been so loyal to me

He did it only 1 day which was his birthday. We didn't talk about it. Ladies all men cheat. It just depends on the time and day. Why can't we control the narrative and allow them cheat 3 times a month.

They will be happy. Men are like dogs. Train them. I'm training my own dog. Are you training your own dog?

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Should I Go On And Shoot My Shot Or Back Off? I Had a Fling With His Bestfriend

Hello Joro, im in a complicated situation right now. Earlier this year i had this guy i was awfully attracted to, then started having s..x with him, the whole friends with benefits lasted for a months until i decided to stop.

This is cos we wer both hurting my friend whos in love with him, itll break her if she knew her bestie slept with her love So fast-forward to this month i started crushing on another guy, i really like him nd i see him as a potential boyfriend because hes good.

I just got a shocking news that hes best friend is that boy ive being fucking since this year, im really sad, i dont know what to do, what if this boy tells him about what we had in the past cos i dont trust him, or ruin the chances ill have with this new wonderful guy?

RS: i dont crush on people easily nd ive being single for a very long time now cos of the last relationship i had. So i really want your advice on this, should i go on nd shoot my shot or back off cos of that his best friend ive f^k3d

The Blind Bride And The Groom Whole Stole His Own Wedding Gift

by Silentbeads

It was he who started talking about marriage after two years of being in a relationship with him. I thought it was a good thing. Being with him for that long and knowing who he was, there was no way I was going to say no to his proposal of marriage. But then there was a problem. Not problem per se, let me just call it a hiccup.

He would say; “We can get married next year. By then, I would have gotten some money and be in a better position to get going with the marriage.” He wasn’t joking about it. At least his demeanor and the seriousness in his eyes didn’t give the impression of a guy who was joking. The next year would come and then he would say, “Let’s do it next year instead.” Three consecutive years he did that. I knew there was something he wasn’t telling me.

I asked him; “You keep changing your mind on when we should get married. What actually is the problem?” He told me, “As for next year, it’s coming on live and colored. By then I would have paid off the loan I took from the office and start concentrating on marriage.” Ok, obviously money was the problem.

I had worked in a reputable bank for almost five years. I’d saved enough and I was comfortable. I loved him and wanted to marry him so I thought, “Why don’t I help him with what he lacks so we could get things done?” I asked him; “That means if money wasn’t a problem we would have been married by now?” He responded gleefully, “Oh yeah! Like by now we have two babies koraa.”

I told him, “Let me support you like every loving woman will support her man. Bring what you can and I’ll add the rest.” He agreed and was joyful about it.

So we hit the ground running. Somehow, my best friend who was going to be my maid of honor got a hint that I was the one paying for certain things for the marriage to happen. Maybe I gave her more information than she needed. She was a friend and friends share secrets. She said; “Dear, if a man says he’s ready to marry, his money should be ready too. You’re a woman, you are not supposed to pay for him to marry you? He’s the man. Let him prove his manhood.” I answered her, “I’m only playing my role as a supporting partner. I’m not paying for things. I’m only supporting to get things done.”

The truth is, at some point he stopped contributing, citing every reason that could cause a man not to have money. I understood him. I trusted him because I’ve known him for that long.

Within a year, we were able to get all the material stuff needed to have a wedding except the ring which he agreed to buy later when the time was drawing near. Three days to the wedding, still no ring. He came to me looking all sorts of miserable. He asked me to give him a loan. He said he needed that money to buy the ring and promised to pay in the next month after the wedding.

At first, I didn’t want to but then again, how were we going to have a wedding without a ring? I gave him the money and stressed on the fact that I was going to collect it at exactly the time he had given me. He nodded and went away. He called later to tell me he’d bought the ring and even sent me photos.

It was when we were exchanging vows that I saw the rings he bought for the first time. My heart sunk and started sweating suddenly when I saw the rings. It was nothing close to the images he sent me. It was a fake and cheap ring. It looked like one of those rings you can pick up by the roadside. I was livid. In my head, I was like “Why would this guy do that? What did he use the money he collected for?”

But at that moment I couldn’t let my anger out though it was killing me. I don’t know what happened but tears started flowing when it got to my turn to say the vows. “Oh my God! How do I give these quality vows over cheap ring like that?” The tears kept flowing. People might have thought it was due to the overflow of love. They didn’t know I was hurting. The rings were damn ugly!

After the vows and everything, we took our seats. That was when I got the opportunity to ask what he did with the money. He answered, “This is not the right place to talk about it.” I kept quiet and sat through the rest of the ceremony. I didn’t attend the wedding reception. Yes…I didn’t.

I didn’t know how to pretend. I didn’t know how to put on the everything-is-alright face when indeed something was burning me on the inside. I told him I wasn’t going to attend the reception. My parents came to beg, his parent came with the pastor to convince me to show up but I didn’t. They cooked up a story about a stomach upset to allow the reception to go on. While they were there, I drove off to the hotel room.

Later in the evening, he came with my family to the hotel, along with the gifts that people presented. Everyone was angry about me boycotting the reception. They came and talked and talked but none knew what the problem was. When they left I confronted him. He lied that the money was stolen and there was nothing he could do.

I called him a liar and he called me disrespectful. He said, “You can’t talk to me anyhow just because of some few cedis that I misplaced. I told you I wasn’t ready but you insisted you would pay for the wedding so why are you behaving like a kid? Did I force you to use your money?” The ugly ring was hurting me but his words hurt the more. We were both angry and exchanged a lot of hurting words.

Later when I was going to the bath, I saw one brown envelop in the gift basket that has the inscription; “From Taylor and Family.” Mr. Taylor was my boss. I wanted to check what was inside the envelope but I decided I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to go through the gifts people brought. The next morning when we were going through the things, I realized that envelope was gone. I asked him and he said he didn’t see any envelope bearing that name. I was confused because I saw it.

“Or it was my mind playing tricks on me,” I thought. I was so sure I saw it so on Monday I called my boss and thanked him for his presence and apologized for not being there at the reception. He said, “ Don’t worry about that. Your health is important. Again, I know I should have given more but you don’t worry, cash what is on the cheque. When you resume, I will find a way to sort things out.”

“A cheque? Mr. Taylor, I didn’t find any cheque that has your name on it,” I said. He was so shocked. He said, “Then someone on your gift table might have stolen it. Don’t worry, the bank will have to call me and verify before payment is done. I will make them arrest whoever goes there to cash it.”

Tuesday, nothing happened. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday the bank called my boss that a gentleman was there to cash the cheque. He asked them to arrest him and they did. Two minutes after my boss called to tell me, I saw my husband calling. I didn’t pick. He called and called and called but I never picked. I saw some calls from other family people including my own parents, I didn’t pick. All that while, he was behind bars.

When my boss realized it was my husband, he called me but I told him, “Please let that man rot in jail. I wish he never comes out. He’s a liar, a cheat, a manipulator and everything that’s evil but I was too blind to see. Please let him rot there.” I couldn’t stop myself from crying. He asked where I was and he came over for me to go to the police station.

My husband couldn’t look at me in the eyes. He couldn’t even say sorry. when he came out, I rushed on him and asked, “I thought you said you didn’t see the envelope so why are you here? He didn’t say a word.

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It breaks my heart to say that my marriage lasted for only five days. Five years of time wasted. Wasted emotions, money and everything brought us to a moment where one person’s deceit destroyed everything.

When he left the cells that evening, he didn’t come home and he never called. Two or three days later, he called to tell me he was coming over to pick his stuff. I was there when he came with a friend to pick the few things he brought to the apartment. He didn’t even try to reconcile with me or something. Not that I would have accepted him back but I thought I deserved to hear him say he was sorry.

He left the house and the few times I saw him again were the times we were going through the divorce.

There is this cute guy I have been crushing on at the gym, But he doesn't want to ask me out

A popular fitness coach by the name OMAHFITNESS on IG recently cried out after she noticed a guy she has been crushing on whom she also works out with at the gym has refused to collect her number. She wants to shoot her shot but she is afraid.
She posted on IG;

Should I just get over him? I don't want the one I'll shoot now and he'll turn me down then I'll start feeling bad.

Who would have thought I'd ever think about shooting my shot? Never done it before, it never even crosses my mind but this guy's fine! He's 6ft and well built. Everything in the right proportion. Anytime he steps into the gym, I lose concentration. Chai!

And he knows it, that's why he's doing shakara. Or maybe he's not doing shakara, I'm the one assuming he is, because we have worked out together before and we did today, but I couldn't just get myself to ask him for his number.

I was hoping he'd ask for mine but he didn't. Or maybe he's taken already? I don't even know jare. I taya for the matter

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