She doesn't want me to give her head

What will you not find on the internet? This guy, of all the problems we are facing in Naija, could this be your only problem?

Just read;
Good morning Joro, More blessings. I have an issue bothering me with my girlfriend. I like to give head and my girlfriend loves my head game.

In fact we do head more than we do the actual do. But of late my babe has been blocking me from giving her head. And this is really unusual because she's the one who begs for it.

EVery time I try is one excuse or the other. she first started with she just finished her period, before that she said her vag is smelling but bro I cannot smell anything down there .

She said sometimes only the owner of the vag can smell it. Is it possible that the owner of the Vagina can smell it and the outsider can't smell it ? Because I can't smell it.

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I'm in a Sex triangle with my brother and my boyfriend

Hi Joro, more shoes to your closet. More suits to your wardrobe. I'm a woman of 27 years who just arrived from UK to see my boyfriend. We've been dating for 3 years.

This time we finally had marriage talks. But there's an issue joro, I've been sleeping with my brother since I was 16. My brother is married with 2 kids, I know it's wrong joro but nobody loves me like my brother.

I started was going o tell my boyfriend about it because I started feeling really guilty when he brought up marriage but I didn't have the mind to break his heart.

Today joro, he was in the shower and mistakenly left his phone unlocked and I decided to go through his pictures then he got a text saying his dick feels so good. Joro, I checked the phone number and it was my brother's.

Joro I am heartbroken because the man I'm supposed to marry is seeping with the man I love. Joro I know I sinned before but this is the height, I want to cut my relationship with both men because they're gay, sleeping with each other and sleeping with me but I'm scared my parents will find out the reason.

I still love my brother and I can't imagine how my parents would look at their only children right now. I don't know what to do Joro.

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Help!!! My wife has a bad Vag odour

A married man seems to be in dilemma after he recently noticed some foul smell down south his wife's body. It's quite normal for the vag!.na to ooze once a while, but  before this man came out complaining, it means it is serious.


Good evening Joro,
Please keep me anonymous.
Since I and my wife got married in 2010, we have been doing 69 anytime we make love until we cum into each other's mouth.

But few months ago, I started perceiving a very strong bad odour oozing out of her vag anytime we want to do the 69.

Please could it be as a result of an infection? could she be having an affair? Please I'll be at the comment section incase any of your followers has a solution for smelling vag, thanks for the good work Joro.

READ: My husband slapped me during se,x. I don't know any Kola

My husband slapped me during se,x. I don't know any Kola

I totally understand what is happening here, this is actually something the couple should laugh over instead of this unnecessary rancour. The man is just feeling jealous over nothing, I hope the lady can explain herself.

Please read;
My husband slapped me during Se.x
Hello Joro. Hope ur enjoying ur trip. Am done crying. Am tired. My husband and I were having sex and I said Oga I missed you.

Next thing was a slap and he said who is kola. He heard " kola I missed you" I have a cold. So maybe I sounded like Kola. I don't no any kola Joro.

There is no kola on my phone contacts at all. He got so angry and started shouting at me. I told him I don't no anyone. It's been 4 days he been so distant.

I don't even know what to do anymore. I don't want to call his mother because he will get more angry.

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I think my boyfriend is having it with his mom

The rate things are going in this generation ehn, I am thinking we should apologize to the people of Sodom and Gomorrah. Compared to this generation, they are saints.

This lady is terrified, I can feel it! Read her story;
"More shoes, more glasses Joro Joro I've been dating my boyfriend since I was 18 years. I'm 20 now. Joro my boyfriend says it's okay for our moms to sleep in their room.

Even if I'm there. One evening after purging I decided to go and tell my boyfriend I needed to go to the hospital. Joro he was sucking his mother's b00bs and she was moaning.

I almost killed myself today. I don't really want advice I just want to say Benue Boys are Wizards!!! Keep me anonymous I'm embarrassed"

All I can say is things are --- definitely happening, but let's not stereotype another tribe please. He and his Mama have their issues, not Benue boys

My brother has been trying to Sleep with me

This is serious! A brother drooling over his sister?

Please read
Joro pls help me and share my story.pls hide my id blood brother have been trying to rape me am sacred.

It started yesterday my mum was telling me he caught him one afternoon that i was sleeping that he came to my bed sat close to me bring out his d!ck and started looking at me and was masturbating.

Ha i cried, i felt cold,i now talk to my friend about it she told me that for my mum to tell me it is not the first time.i now asked the small girl sleeping close to me,she started crying that she have seen him twice in the night that he brought out his p3nis came to my back and was masturbating with it.

Last night i said i will catch him red handed he entered my room twice i saw him he ran away,he came in again trying to come close to me the stick i kept close to me i hit him with it.joro i don't know what to do pls i need advice on what to do.

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Aye Cultists AKA blackaxe Attack Zlatan Ibile On stage

Popular Nigerian afr0-beat singer zlatan Ibile was today attacked by the members of black axe fraternity in the United states of America. This just confirms the rumours that Zlatan is a cultist.

Members of the blackaxe fraternity were seen in a video harassing the singer as they echo "AYE AXE MEN!!"

Aye cultists attack #ZlatanIbile after his show, last night, at DonRecky Hall, Newark, New Jersey, U.S