Dearest Joro,God bless you for all you do. I lost my virginity to someone who doesn't deserve it at 23 .. I regret doing it.. as I didn't even enjoy the sex. It was so painful I nearly passed out.

Since then I developed phobia for sex. ... 3 years later...lam 26 now... Three days ago I had sex again. It wasn't planned... didn't really know how it happened...

The issue is I bled again.. like it's my first time. It was so so painful yet again. Truth is, I don't see myself ever having sex again. It's not worth all the hype.

My major concern is this... Why did I bleed again. Does it mean I regain my lost virginity only to lose it once more. Please keep me anonymous

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I have sinned before God but my side chick helped my life when my wife didn't.

Hi Joro, Hello Audience. I lost my job December 2018. My wife became a demon and monster in my household. She stopped cooking for me. She always insulted me verbally. She didn't respect me.

She refused me sex. She talk to me anyhow in front of our children and friends. I pleaded with her to support a business idea I have  and she turned it down and laughed that who wants to invest in dog business in Nigeria.

I looked at my baby darling wife turn from a caring woman to wicked mean machine. My daughter 5 years old once asked why does mommy hate you so much a Joro women and money are truly twins.

When I become broke my wife was done with me.
My wife will cook very little portions of food so I can't eat out of it. I started eating bread,

Noodles and biscuit like I was a bachelor.

My wife will insult me that how can I get an erection and be broke. I felt worthless I started drinking again. On the faithful day I went out with a friend of mine to night club.

I met this 24 years old girl. We connected instantly and even had sex that night at my friends place. Yes I sinned before God but God led me here.

She asked to watch movies on my laptop and stumbled into my dog business proposal I told her about it and she said she can get her father to give me money for it I was so excited.

I even went home to tell my wife she just laughed at me My new girlfriends dad funded my idea and Joro by August last year I had 3 big companies and foreign companies patronizing me. I travel to UK 4 times last year. I am a manufacturer of dog Food and Joro business is good. God is great!

My wife suddenly become so loving again and asked us to seek counseling with a pastor. She will cook big meat and food, while I'm sleeping she will start sucking my dick and nipples.

My wife who said when I was broke she will never have another child with me started trying to get pregnant again. When I was broke she will always throw condom to me so disrespectfully but now she wanted unprotected sex. Which now lead to my wife being pregnant. I know that child is for me but my wife wants to use baby to trap me.

On the other hand I am In love with my new girlfriend who treated me like I was somebody when no one regarded me. I love her and she wants to marry me. I am confused because of my children. Do I start my new life with this young pretty girl or make things work with my wife ? Because I love my children and I don't want my new born baby to grow up without knowing me

READ: He gave me a head on my menses today

He gave me a head on my menses today

Hello Joro. I went to like a bf friend of my this morning. I started my menses yesterday I told him am not ready for s3x and am On my menses he was more ginger for me to come.

I went to his place at 7am this morning Because am working late today We started kissing and he try to remove my pant but I told him am on my menses and he said he don't mind it.

He put this kind of black curtain under my leg and pull my pant he started to give me head I was feeling funny because the blood from the menses is a lot but I enjoy it.

I am feeling somehow a combination of happy and maybe he his a ritual kind of a person Am at work now and my mind is still there.

The way he grab my ass and did it he even wanted eye contact but I refuse cus am shy

I allowed him. He touched, fondled and tried sucking my..


Joro, please i need you and all reasonable joro members to help me.
My husband has this particular friend (bestfriend). He trust him so much but i have always suspected him due to way he looks at me.

I always ask my husband if he really thinks his friend is truly his friend. My husband, always curious will ask me why i say so. I just always find something to say.

Now last week we were at his place for the night and i wanted to see how far he would go to know if my suspension was right. I allowed him. He touched, fondled and tried sucking my breast.

My husband was sleeping in the living room where this was happening, his wife in the room sleeping with their kids. I tried waking up my husband by touching his legs but i guess he was fast asleep. 

Please i want to expose him and show my husband that this guy is not his friend. What do you advise me to do?

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I like Bl0w jobs; But My Wife doesn't like to give

Dear Joro,
I've been married a couple of years now, I really like Bl0w jobs. Wife doesn't like to give them but it's the singular reason why I'll cheat on her.

I've tried to convince her that it's not bad, she doesn't want cum in her mouth etc...she comes up with different excuses every time the latest was an article she sent to me about the kinds of diseases one can get from it.

I've also decided to stop giving her head, I actual like giving her head but nothing I do makes her give me bjs, I'm scared that I'll start cheating regularly as I have almost no sex life as it stands.

Keep me anonymous.

READ: I was fingered by my sisters husband

I was fingered by my sisters husband

KEEP ME ANONYMOUS. Hello Joro. I don't know what to do. I'm 21 years old. I'm a man. I'm a guy. I'm a boy. Before people get confused.

Yesterday night I was invited out by my sisters husband. We were about 5 of us. We went out to the club. I noticed he kept trying to get me drunk. Only me. But I'm not a light drinker. Around 4am on our way back home. We both sat at the back with his friend.

I believe his friend is gay too. His driver was driving. I was kind of drunk. Next thing I know he was trying to remove my belt. He removed it half way. Everyone in the car was asleep I guess.

Next I felt his finger in my bum and he was licking my ear I woke up and screamed and pushed him away. He said did I have a bad dream? I couldn't sleep and I haven't slept. I want to tell my sister what he did but she loves him so much he basically controls her.

I want to tell my parents what he did. How can I expose him. I need backup before I confront my sister. Because I know he will be telling her that it was me who was trying to finger him. He is a master manipulator and liar.

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I can wound this bastard for what he did. Guy bastard. He won't get away with this I swear it.

My boyfriend likes his being licked

Joro, My boyfriend likes his being licked. Whenever we're making love and I rub on his an..s he will moan so loud and when I'm giving him head and licking his balls, he will be shifting my head to his anus.

Does this mean he's a gay? He told me it turns him on and he hasn't asked me for anal sex before though. Biko help me, could he be gay?

Let me run now that it's still early.


The man's gspot is located in the anus, where the prostrate is. The act of licking his anus is called anilingus. That area is highly sensitive and if you do that to a man, there's a high chance of him loving it, so it doesn't make him gay.