HYGIENE!! My gf and her long nails

HYGIENE!! My gf and her long nails. Her sister brought this to my relationship.
Gd evenn Joro. More all you want in life. To my issue.

My gf sister came from US in December n introduce her to this long devilish nails to fix on her hand. Me I don't like the nails from day 1.

Some have diamonds n all. My issue is this Joro. Hygiene of it. The nails pack shit n dirty. Ever since the December to now my gf nails is always dirty and she Try to feed me and the most worry one.

Her bum is not properly cleaned. Maybe her sister not give her 2/2 tutoring on his to clean bum with long nails ba. Now some time during s3x or after "doing" my bed sheet will be stain with shit. My hand have pack shit particles I swear to God to made me.

I am frustrated. Some girls on this table with dirty bum will insult me n say why do I bring it here. I'm frustrated. She should use normal nails. If I don't bring to stranger or Joro for advice I can't tell my family. They will look at her with bad looks.

I told her once but she said am stupid. I have pix of my bedsheet with shit. I'm frustrated.

READ MORE: How to Apply to the J-1 Visa Exchange Visitor Program

How to Apply to the J-1 Visa Exchange Visitor Program

How to Apply to the Exchange Visitor Program
The Exchange Visitor Program provides countless opportunities for international candidates looking to travel and gain experience in the United States. The multifaceted programs enable foreign nationals to come to the United States to teach, study, conduct research, demonstrate special skills or receive on the job training for periods ranging from a few weeks to several years.

Step 1
Determine which program is right for you. See program requirements comparison chart for an overview of each program category.

Step 3
Sponsors are responsible for selecting participants, as well as supporting and monitoring them during their entire program.

Step 5
If you are accepted into an exchange visitor program, the program sponsor will issue you a Form DS-2019.

Step 4
Sponsors charge participants program fees. Fees vary from sponsor to sponsor. Participants are encouraged to obtain a breakdown of all costs and fees from multiple sponsors before committing to a program.

Step 2
Contact a designated sponsor directly to take part in one of its exchange programs. The sponsor will provide the participant
with specific program and application requirements. Search designated sponsors: https://j1visa.state.gov/sponsor-search
Find sponsors that operate in your home country: https://j1visa.state.gov/sponsor-by-country

Marriott has J-1 Visa Programs for students or interns to gain experience working in Marriott hotels within the United States.

J-1 Visa Training Program
If you’re currently working or studying in the hospitality field outside the United States, the J-1 Exchange Visitor Training Program offers you the opportunity to gain experience working in Marriott hotels within the U.S.
Program guidelines

The J-1 visa can provide an opportunity for practical “on-the job” training in the U.S. for foreign nationals who are either interns or trainees. Here are some things to keep in mind if you are considering a career-enhancing J-1 opportunity with Marriott in the U.S.:

To qualify as a J-1 intern, an individual must be either currently enrolled in and pursuing studies at a degree or certificate-granting post-secondary academic institution outside the U.S. OR have graduated from such an institution no more than 12 months prior to his/her exchange program start date.
To qualify as a J-1 trainee, an individual must have either a degree or professional certificate from a foreign postsecondary academic institution and at least one year of prior work-related experience acquired outside the U.S.; or, five years work experience outside the U.S. without the benefit a degree.
J-1 programs in the “Hospitality and Tourism” category are limited to 12 months for both interns and trainees. Trainees may be approved for a J-1 program that is up to 18 months in length if the subject area for training is not hospitality and tourism
As a J-1 intern or trainee, you may be placed in training programs in the Rooms Division, Front Office, Food & Beverage, Culinary or other programs as determined by the hotel.
Once an employment offer has been accepted by an international trainee candidate, the individual must contact one of the below J-1 sponsorship organizations, authorized by the U.S. Department of State, to assist with the Form DS-2019, Certificate of Eligibility, and the J-1 visa application.

Sponsorship Organization
Below is a list of Sponsorship Organizations that are authorized to assist with placing J-1 visa holders in internship and training programs with Marriott. Please contact the organizations listed for information about qualifications and application procedures.
Alliance Abroad Group
American Hospitality Academy
Council for International Educational Exchange (CIEE)
Cultural Homestay International
Cultural Vistas (previously Association for International Practical Training (AIPT))
Global Education Concepts
InterExchange (Marriott managed properties only use this sponsor for the Work & Travel program, not the Intern/Trainee program)
International Educational Exchange, Inc.
Pan Atlantic International (PAIT)
Worldwide International Student Exchange (WISE)

Recent Aro mate Songs Audio download Free (Gyration)

As you know, Fraternities release new official editions of their gyration songs every year; so as to prove a point in the battle of supremacy.

Its not important that everyone needs to yoo ,this sally no get high spirit,but the capping was rugged, I ekco ruggedity to all nursemen onboard this cyber deck beast ur spirits.

 kings ARE born kings are not made. if you are not a Vikings don't listen to this song or comment.
This the 2020 version of the Supreme Vikings Confratanity ( S.v.c) Aro-mate(Gyration).



Dear Joro, conceal my identity please* Please how do I stop squirting. I feel embarrassed and uncomfortable after squirting because of how my boyfriend reacts 5..

After the whole sex which he would literary want me to squirt he will say stuffs like make sure u wash the blanket, wash pillows cases , wash Bedsheets and all I obviously don't have a problem with that.

My problem is when he makes it mandatory that I don't give to a dry cleaner I should wash them myself and am tired of washing coz those bedsheets are f***king heavy. Please give me advise on how to stop squirting.

I can't go through around of sex without squirting 3 to 4 times U have no idea what it means to spill squirt and start thinking oh Lord another heap of bedsheets, he makes me feel very bad when I squirt it even in the middle of sex he will just stop and get angry that I mess up the entire bed OP .

I'll immediately get dried even with how slippery I feel. OP IP).- The last arguments we had he drop me off at my place and decided to kiss me, one thing lead to the other he touched me down there and me na I can't even hold it that's how everywhere burst with squirt.

I just started begging, he told me to go down of the car IP I felt so bad.And he has refuse to pick my calls .

How can i stop this sweetest taboo

Good evening joro, i how can i stop sleeping with my girlfriend's friend, she is hot and always available. Her office is close to my place. Im an architect and works from home.

She comes to my house to use my toilet claiming that so many ppl uses their office toilet. And anytime she come we must make love.. joro "make love" is an understatement.

She fVcks the hell out of me and tells me to take it easy with my girlfriend when she comes over.. she is from owerri and very brilliant, uses classes as if she no dey sin.

Joro if u see her hips and waist, lord have mercy. Joro, becos of this mad sex i cant summon courage to propose to my girl.. joro my girl is beautiful, rich but is very shy. Whenever i want to go down on her she would lift my head and that is that.

But this her friend seats on my face and and rolls around. (I don die.) I love my chic. My birthday is around the conner and i want to marry my woman, i dont think it would stop her friend from wanting to break my p3nis. And i dont know if i want her to stop.

Help me joro. Make i no go call my girl by her friend's name

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Olamide Finally Clears Doubts; He's A Buccaneer Cultist?

A social media commentator once said Nigerian and artiste and cultism are like bread and butter, and they look for one way or the other to display their affiliation to whatever fraternity they belong to just as Olamide happened to have done on this video.

In a previous article of mine, I uploaded photos of Olamide with members of the Buccaneers fraternity hanging out together, but someone said; because Olamide was seen smiling comfortably in the midst of these youngmen on yellow beret with ease, does it mean he is alora? The answer is No!

However, I beg to differ this time, because this is becoming a reoccurring decimal. You either find Olamide wearing Yellow berret, handing out with members of BAN or wearing souvenirs with the Buccaneers insignia.
Image result for buccaneers confraternity
Now, back to my question; Is Olamide a Buccaneer member?

I will leave you to Juxtapose, but before then look at the inscription on Olamide's face cap. It reads Ahoy!

AHOY: This is an orientation or capping or communication code used by the first two confraternities in Nigeria who pride themselves as Sailors. These are the Pyrates confraternity and the Buccaneers fraternity.

Ahoy is popularly used by members of the Buccaneers fraternity to call on its members. It is
a call used to greet members or call attention of BAN members from a distance

Black-axe Fraternity SUG President Caught During Initiation (Video)

The SUG President of Federal Poly Ilaro, Adegboye Olatunji who happens to be the Temple Chairman of the Black Axe fraternity in his institution of learning has been arrested by men of the Nigerian Police Force, on Sunday during the group's initiation ceremony called "Jolly"

Adegboye Olatunji and his fellow member wearing red regalia (Temple head's regalia) were caught in the bush in full regalia of the dreaded black axe cult group.

“The two arrested cultists who are in full regalia of the dreaded black axe cult group have been taken to custody at the Ilaro Divisional Headquarters, where they are being currently interrogated.”

The PPRO said the Ogun state Commissioner of Police, Kenneth Ebrimson, has ordered the immediate transfer of the suspects to the anti-cultists section of the state Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department for a discreet investigation.