When Your Own Blood Is After You; They both wanted to sleep with me

My aunt picked me up from my parents when I completed Senior high school. She was doing better in life having married a rich man. She used to travel a lot and anytime she was coming back, she got me something valuable. Her husband also did the same. They both loved me without care.

On my twenty-first birthday, My aunt traveled with me to South Africa to have a little birthday celebration for me. Her husband was supposed to join us from the UK but due to one or two things, he couldn’t. But that didn’t stop us from having fun. She did a lot of shopping for me. Took me to amazing places and we ate and dined at some of the expensive places in Johannesburg. I felt worthy. I felt loved beyond measure. Little did I know what was to come after the joy.

On our way to our hotel, my aunt told me; “My husband isn’t joining us here again so there’s no point for us to keep two different hotel rooms. The rooms are expensive and we still have one more week to stay. It’s better for us to share a room so we can have extra money to do shopping and visit more places.” The thought of staying in the same room with my aunt felt a little bit uneasy and it wasn’t as though I had the power to object. It was a decision she had made and she was only telling me about it.

Our first night together was ok. Both of us were very careful not to get in each other’s way. The second night, we were a little bit at ease. We spoke for the whole night and slept very late. The third night was also good but the conversation got a little bit personal and meandered to areas of my life I barely discussed with people. She started probing into my personal life; “Have you ever had a boyfriend?” Did you sleep with him? How was your first experience like?” And then she dropped the question that threw me off balance; “Have you ever thought of how it would feel like to do it with another woman?”

I said “huh?” As if I didn’t hear the question the first time. She teasingly said; Don’t be silly, haven’t you heard about girl on girl?” I answered, “I have but it’s not something I’ve thought about deeply or something I will think about doing.” Then she started telling me a story about how she wasn’t having satisfaction from her husband and how she tried it with another female colleague and how she had a blast of her lifetime.

I didn’t know what to say and I didn’t know why she was telling me all that but the next night together she made it obvious that it was me she wanted. She said, “I’ve loved you from the very day I set my eyes on you. You were only eighteen and I’ve loved you from afar.” I started feeling uneasy. Scared actually. Before I could say jack, this woman was all over me trying to kiss me. I resisted. She forced it. I fought to prevent her from having her way. I told her, “You’re my aunt and it’s very hard for me not to think about the fact that we are family. How can I do this with a family?”

She lectured me on why it wasn’t that bad and all the while trying to have her way. I told her, “This is new to me. Allow me to think about it. Allow me to get used to the idea.” She obliged and let me alone. That night I couldn’t sleep. I cried. I regretted how everything had turned out, I was scared for my life and thought of how I was going to survive the remaining days.

She woke up the next morning trying to have her way with me again. I was too drained to fight her. I watched her as she tried to kiss me, play with my skin and all. I was just numb until she got tired and stop. When you are in trouble, the day looks very long and the night never ends. The next three days ahead of us until we left South Africa was very long and torturous for me. The fun was all gone and there was no flame left in me. Slowly the days went by and we finally left South Africa for Ghana.

In Ghana, there were other people in the house so I feared less. Her husband also returned from his trip a day later and restored a little bit of joy in me. I wanted to go and visit my parent but she declined. She wanted to go with me. Maybe she feared I would tell my parents about it or when I leave I wasn’t going to return.

And then one dawn, I felt a hand running around my thighs and going up my waist as I was sleeping. The whole thing felt like a dream. My face was against the wall and I could feel the person lying behind me. I slowly came to the realization that it wasn’t a dream but real. I knew who it was (so I thought) so I didn’t bother to look back or even move for her to know I was awake and aware. I thought I should let her do whatever she wants to do and leave me in peace. But as the hand got to my chest, I realized that it was heavier than a female hand. The scent of the person’s breath wasn’t feminine too So I turned suddenly and guess what. My aunt’s husband was lying behind me with only a towel around his waist.

I got up from the bed and turned on the light. I checked the time and it was 2:17am. I started ranting; “What are you doing here at this time? Why do you want to put me in trouble? Do you want my aunt to kill me?” He lied there on the bed looking at me as if nothing else mattered. He said, “Keep your voice down so you don’t wake her up. She had a little too much to drink last night so if you keep it on the low, she won’t wake up to find out.”

“What do you want from me?”

“Please just let me do it and I’ll give you whatever you want.”

“Please, leave my room before anyone finds out. You’ll put me in trouble.”

“Just this once, it won’t happen again. This once and you get whatever you want”

I took my cloth and walked out of the room. I went straight to the kitchen and locked myself in. I heard his footsteps as he climbed the stairs up to his room. I didn’t want to come out. I slept in the kitchen and cried for the rest of the night. Everything was happening too fast. It sometimes felt like a bad dream I was going to wake up from.

The next dawn, his wife too came. I was wide awake as if I was expecting her. She called my name. I didn’t respond. I didn’t move. She lied behind me, trying to do everything to get me aroused. I lied there motionless as she went on and on and on. She didn’t mind that I was crying. She didn’t mind that I was shaking. All she wanted was to play with my body. The next two dawns, her husband came again. I’d locked my door. He called my name. He knocked on the door faintly and then started calling my phone. I didn’t move. All I did was cry and thought about all the things I could do to get myself out of this mess.

I thought of running away but to where? My parents wouldn’t understand why. They would ask me why and I wouldn’t be able to answer. I thought of going to stay with a friend but for how long could she keep me with her. I thought of suicide. The peace and finality that came with suicide looked to me as the best option.

The following night, I slept with a knife next to me and my light on. I was expecting any one of them but none came around. For the next three or four days, they left me alone. When she came around the next time and saw the knife, she didn’t come close. She stood by the door and asked; “What’s the knife for?” I didn’t answer. She saw that I’d been crying. She kept asking about the knife. I told her, “You should ask about me not the knife. I’m the one suffering in this house. Look at me very well, don’t you see all is not well with me?” After you leave this room, I’ll stab myself and bleed to death. I hope that makes you happy.”

She stood there not knowing what to do or say. I kept crying. She said nothing for a while and then opened the door and walked away. That dawn, I gave myself the chance to think about my priorities in life and how my sanity is slowly waning. I made a decision to leave immediately before something worse happens.

The next early morning, I picked up a few things and left the house while they both were in their room sleeping. about an hour or two later, I saw her call on my phone. I didn’t pick. Her husband also called immediately afterward, I didn’t pick. I turned off my phone and kept going.

I got to the house of my parents in the evening. Immediately my mom saw me, she ran towards me and hugged me so tight as if I was a lost child returning home for the first time. She said, “We have been worried. We thought you were missing or something wrong had happened to you. Your aunt called to tell us you were missing from the house.”

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I told her, “I didn’t get missing. I left and I’m not going to go back to that house again.” As I expected, she asked why. I don’t know what entered me that evening, I started ranting about the whole ordeal my aunt and the husband had taken me through. I thought my mom wouldn’t believe me but I didn’t mind. I went on and on and on. After I’d finished talking she said, “They both wanted to sleep with you? What kind of devil is living in that house? That’s an abomination!”

My dad cried when he later learned of my story. He wanted to go all the way to have them arrested but my mom couldn’t bring herself to think about arresting her own sister. The sister that had been providing for the rest of the family. Her own family will forever hate her if that happened. So she talked my father out of it. She said, “You don’t have money, they have money and they won’t go to jail.”

In the end, it became an issue no one wanted to speak about until today that I’m sharing it here. But it’s not over. Someday, when the time is right, I will make sure both of them pay heavily for their sins. They will never get away with it.

—Takyiwa, Tarkwa

I have never been so dickmatized in my life

Tired of big d1ck. Help!!
Dear Joro pls post an hide my ID pls sir. God bless you as you do. I am 27 I dumped my bf of five years for an Edo guy with a long, thick, p3nis.

I have never been so dickmatized in my life, this Edo guy proposed last month, but he like s3x pass food, we can go 4 rounds a night an he has thick d1ck, am getting tired uncle Joro.

I regret leaving my man, I regret saying yes to him this Edo guy, but I ve aborted twice for this man, he has collected list already, our intro is next month but am tired of him, am tired of his love, am tired of big dick.

Pls help where do I go from here, I miss my ex an his average dick. Pls advice me like a sister Sir.


Don't wish anyone bad. Am a guy but men are scum

"My Dear Joro. Evening. This married man who took my virginity and refuse to pick my calls. His friend with celebrities in Naija.all over.

He thinks he can use me. I will expose him to his wife that he is gay. Married man with wife coming for me. Not want a relationship from him.

I Am gay yes. He is married and all. Have never received in my anals before. I do give. I trusted him. Not even explanation or nothing.

 He just blank me off like am no one. Now he has living life normal. Am in pains emotionally. Am on the wife page. Just observing.
God see my heart. Don't wish anyone bad. Am a guy but men are scum."

He wont have s..x with me again because I didn't cum.

Please keep me anonymous. Hi Joro, more shoes to your closet. So I met this guy Joro, through a friend. At firs we were just talking online and it was great, then I visited him. The connection was mad Joro we hung out and we had great s3x.

So Joro we hung out and we had great s3x. So much that I was in his house the next weekend. I don't even know why we were talking about cuming and next thing this guy was on the quest to make me cum.

Me that no man alive has ever made me cum. Anyway, I regret not faking it now Joro because he really went the extra mile (lubes and Co) I think he even took something Joro, so he could last longer and I still no cum, I was going to cum joro.

Since then he said he's not having s3x with me again oh. Joro he didn't have sex with me again o. Joro I really like him.

She will go to her mother's room. When she comes back her mouth smells of ..

I feel the poster's pains but I'm an Edo girl and I can categorically tell you that we don't French kiss our mothers if there's even a kiss at all.

There's nothing you can do except to confront her and talk about it. It's not something that started today, that I can assure you. I have a feeling the mother introduced her into the whole thingy. God help you!

"Good morning Joro. Hope ur enjoying Europe? Sent mails but no sure you saw it I have an issue. I think my wife is sleeping with her mother in a lesbians affair.

They shower together naked last year. Last month I saw her kiss her mother on the tongue with tongue kiss. When her mother is around I will wakeup and she is not by my bed again.

She will go to her mother's room. When she comes back her mouth smells of va.g!na. My issue is that I don't want to get children involved.

Since she is not pregnant yet. Is this normal edo behavior between mother and daughter?
wants to send you a message."

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It’s a Big World But Cheaters Don’t Have Any Place To Hide

I’m a maker of wedding dresses. I own a studio in a very busy place in Accra. I wouldn’t call myself the best but those who have worked with me have had little to complain about. And from the little research I’ve done about my customers, most of them got to know me through a referral from someone who had worked with me before.

So, I wasn’t surprised when one night I received a call from Canada, from a lady who wanted me to make her wedding dress. She said, “I’ve heard about your good works and I trust you could do the same for me.”

She sent a lot of styles to me through Whatsapp. She wanted a wedding gown and also wanted me to do something for her six maids of honors. “The wedding is just six weeks away,” she said. “So I want you to give me your best shot.”

A week later, she was in Ghana. She came to my studio with one of the ladies who was going to be the maid of honor. We spoke a lot about what she wanted and I made a lot of sketches just to be sure I’m getting the right concept. When we started discussing the dresses for the maid of honors, the lady she came with suggested a different style.

So the bride-to-be took her phone and started showing us different styles she had saved in her phone’s gallery. She kept scrolling through the photos until something caught my attention. I told her; “Wait…wait…wait, go back a little let me see something.” She went a few scrolls back and I said, “Yes, that’s it!” She said, “Oh that’s one of the pre-wedding shots we had yesterday.” I asked with obvious anxiety in my voice; “Is he the man you’re getting married to?” She responded, “Yeah, that’s the one. You know him?”

It took me several seconds before I could answer that. She looked at my face and kept repeating; “Do you know him?” “Of course I know him!” I said in my head. But I looked into her eyes and said, “Oh nah, he looks like a guy I know.”

Actually, the guy I saw in the pre-wedding shoot was my boyfriend. Just a day before that day, I was with him in the evening and the morning before that lady came to my studio, I was with him on the phone talking about his sick mother. Now he was in a photo with another woman as a soon-to-be groom.

I couldn’t concentrate. My mind was spinning. All of a sudden it felt like I was experiencing vertigo. I couldn’t sit and I couldn’t stand. If those two ladies had any care, they would have realized something was wrong with me somewhere but they didn’t because all they cared about was their dresses.

As soon as they left, I called him; “Hello Nelson, can I see you this evening?”

“Errm, you know I told you about my mother’s health. After work today I would go and see her”

“I want to see you so we can go and see her together”

“Hmmm, that wouldn’t be necessary. It’s going to be a mini family thing and you’ll be left out.”

I got the drift. The girl was in town so he was finding any other means possible to avoid me. I wasn’t going to allow that. So that night I went to his house thinking I was going to meet them there but they weren’t there. I called his phone. He never picked. He didn’t respond to my messages too. I sat in front of his door till daybreak. He didn’t come home that night.

I kept calling and he kept avoiding my calls so I sent him a text message; “I saw your wedding photoshoots yesterday. I know the woman you are getting married to just returned from Canada. I know too much for you to play this game with me. Ask her where she’s sewing her wedding dress and then call me.”

Less than five minutes later my phone rang. Nelson.

He was panting as if someone was after him; “Grace, please listen to me. I’m begging you in the name of the lord. I’m on my knees, please don’t say anything to her. I would see you this evening so we talk about it.” I asked him, “You’re getting married in the next six weeks. When did you intend to inform me?” He was stuttering. He wasn’t even making sense.

In the evening we met. I sat there watching his stupid face and thought of all the lies he was planning to tell me. He started; “I was dating her before she traveled. We lost contact and I thought it was over. That was when I met you. A year ago we got connected and she said we should marry. I didn’t want to but she knew my parents so she discussed with them and they started putting pressure on me to marry her.”

He couldn’t even tell a better lie. I was dying on the inside but I managed to smile. I gave him the opportunity to tell the girl about us. That was the only way I was going to forgive him. I told him, “If you don’t tell her, I’m going to her myself and you wouldn’t like the story I will tell her.”

We parted. I came home and cried my heart out. I spoke to a few people I trusted and they all said I should confront the girl with the truth and also stop making her dress if it hurts me so much. I listened to them but I had another plan.

Nelson called several times each day, pleading that I should not let his wife-to-be know. He kept talking about how I’ll jeopardize their future and how it wouldn’t solve the pain that had already been caused. He was talking about his future. How about mine?

Three days to the wedding, the lady came to the studio with three of her maid of honor to try out their dresses. They were all cheers and joy till I hit them with the news; “I haven’t done any of the dresses.” She looked at me as though she didn’t hear what I said the first time. I repeated, “I haven’t done it. Sorry I didn’t tell you earlier. I thought Nelson will tell you.”

“Who? Nelson? You know Nelson? And he knew this all this while and he didn’t tell me about it?” She asked. I didn’t answer those questions. Seconds later she was on the phone with him. It got heated. Obviously the lady was lost and trying to find answers. She gave me the phone that I should talk to him. I respectfully declined. She screamed, “What the hell is going on here?”

Nelson told her he was on his way coming. That was all I wanted. As they all waited for the arrival of Nelson, I took my time and explained the whole story to them. The maid of honors couldn’t close their mouths. They kept asking me if I was serious or I was sent. The lady couldn’t sit or stand just like what happened to me the day I found out.

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Soon Nelson was there. I told him; “You couldn’t tell her so I did it myself. I told her about us.” That was when the three other girls started filing out. The girl couldn’t believe it. They argued. The girl kept insulting him and calling him all manner of names. Nelson couldn’t say a word. He stood there shaking and worn this angry look as if he was going to fight with someone. The girl left and he followed her.

Three days later, they got married. The lady left for Canada shortly afterward. Over a year later, they were divorced. I learned it wasn’t because of me but due to irreparable differences. Whatever that means, I’m glad I said my truth and the truth set me free.

—Grace, Accra

I thought being with someone with the same age as my father will give me peace but it is looking like an entrance to hell

Hello joro, more shoes pls hide my identity. I met this man 8months ago, he's been in the UK of 30yrs married to a south American woman and divorced after two kids. He's been divorced for 14yrs.

He moved to Nigeria and when I met him he's always listening to me like a father and along the line I fell in love with him. He's 56 while I'm 27.

 He told me he decided to come back and start a new life and business and also have a child here cos his children over there are already married and he can't force them to come to Nigeria. He said any woman he wants to marry will have to live with him so as to know her character because he really didn't get to live with his ex wife before they got married.

After one month I decided to move in with him and we started his business together and I'm always there to help him. I quit my job for him cos he said he can't allow me to be working that guys will be disturbing me but he will always give me whatever I want.

I have been with him for 7months now and first when I moved in our sex life was great. We do have sex like 4 times in a day but he's always saying all the Nigerian women he has met are always lazy in bed and I will have to get an assistance if I'm getting tired so easily.

At first I thought it was a joke but he kept on talking about me getting someone he can pay off for sex and I shouldn't worry he won't talk to them after. The pressure was much that one night we ended up coming back home with a hooker from club. He slept with her right beside me and pay her off the next morning.

When he was going to visit his children in UK, he came with another girl a night before he's traveling, paid her and when he was leaving the money he gave me was not even up to what he paid the girl and I am to monitor his business for two weeks while he's gone. He told me to take money from any sales I make so I didn't say anything else to him.

I went through his phone when he came back because I was suspecting him and I couldn't hold back my tears. I found out he's been dating a French woman who also lives in UK for 5yrs and she came to visit him in Nigeria just before I met him.

He didn't tell me any of this and for two weeks that he was over there if I call him on video call to even talk to him about his business he's always giving one excuse or the other or sometimes he will beg me and say his phone has been having issues not knowing that he was with the French woman who he has already introduced to his children.

I confront him about it and he got angry and was telling me he was waiting for the right time to know me better before telling me but he's not going to marry her and why did I check his phone. Now he now nag about everything, he want to change my sim card and stop me talking to my friends but he's still keeping that woman and still wanting to bring girls home to fuck and pay.

I have put too much energy in his business than what I have put in my own life and if I leave him now I will be the one to lose because all this time with him I was so plain to him so much that I give him every penny i make from his business and I wasn't even saving. Av met with his family here same way as the white woman.

He's always quarrelling with me each and every time I post pictures on Facebook and always saying there's someone somewhere crying because he's with me. He's always hiding his phone, so right now I don't even know what he is up to.

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