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My experience with the NPF

Some time around November, 2013 I had left Iorkyaa Ako Street around 11pm to opposite Police B Division to watch Baka dance. I was with a lady in the car who was protesting vehemently that she was not prepared to hang out in that place.
As a result of the protest, I stopped opposite Skye Bank to resolve the issue with her. Suddenly, police appeared behind us and ordered the lady out into their Hilux and me to the B Division.
I quietly drove to the Station. At the Station, I left my phones and laptop in the car and worked confidently into the station.
Inside the station, we were ordered behind the counter and asked to submit our belongings. I was with many ladies I presumed were ladies of easy virtue.
I approached one of the police officers and confidently introduced myself as Barr. Gbagir. The Officer landed me a dirty slap on my cheek and told me he was 'a Magistrate'. I was taken aback. I asked him why he slapped me. The question earned me another dirty slap.
I came to my senses that I was not in a position to ask questions as I always do, mostly in Court. Here, the 'Magistrate' was the one 'putting' it to me and not the other way round.
I walked quietly and sat down. After the stars had cleared from my face, I approached the Senior Officer at the counter and requested him to send someone to accompany me to the car to remove my items from the car and lock same. He obliged me.
On my way from the car, I composed an SMS "I am arrested and been beaten at police B Division' and sent to selected friends including NBA Chairman, Senior Police officers who were my friends. I was at that time the Chairman of NBA Human Rights Committee.
Shortly after I returned, these friends started trooping into the station. Amongst them was an ASP. The DPO of the Station was contacted by one of my friends who received my distress SMS.
It was at this point the police accused me in the presence of my friends that they caught me having sex with a lady in the car.
Another incidence involving another lawyer, a lady took place in Abuja. The lady drove in her car to buy Suya. She packed her car and was walking to the Maisuya spot when the Police arrested her and took her to the station alongside other ladies of easy virtue. The lawyer was accused of hustling.
In my over 15 years of legal practice, I can authoritatively say that the police are at liberty to accuse you of commiting any offence. At times compels you to sign confessional statement confessing to an offence you have not committed.
At times you are also compelled to give a statement implicating another person.
The burden of proof beyond reasonable doubt however rest on the prosecution. This also account for the reason why most of the criminal trials end with acquittals.


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