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Another challenge trending this new year (video)

This is the new year and we are going to see loads of new things unfolding, especially from the slay queens.  They will do anything in the name of having fun. Be it grinding on each other or even pulling some dirty moves in church in the name of praising the Lord.

Young girls who are the main people behind all these will do anything for fame. 
A video of a girl shaking her big NYANCH which look like balloons or rather fake has surfaced online. In the video, the girl is busy shaking it and even goes ahead to expose her minutes.  It’s not clear why she recorded herself doing such but it seems she was either on a Skype call or was entertaining someone.

But why? In this time and age do people still do such? Do they even think of the aftermath? Will you be proud when your children find your videos and photos online? Whatever you choose, do it wisely or else one day in life, you will be left embarrassed. Just remember that the internet never forgets.

Video below 


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