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Avoid These Phrases When You Are Quitting Your Job

Every organisation has its challenges. Working in an office environment with people from different facets of the society entails understanding and patience. At the end of the day, to ensure productivity, career development and longevity, it is expected that there must be team work and a good working relationship between colleagues and their boss. This does not mean that these conflicts do not arise. When they do, situations tend to escalate in to situations that cannot be understood.

Still there should be a decent limit to what we ought not do in any given situation. When you are quitting your job, granted, your emotions may be all over the place . Good or bad, there are comments one should not make under any circumstance; it is advisable that you avoid these phrases when you are quitting your job.

”Go To hell with you and the job”

Apart from being a swear word, it is unethical to abuse your boss when you have been fired. Remember, there is always a relationship after the job and that same individual you swearing at can initiate your recall. Emotions can run high at the sight of a sack letter, but no matter how painful it may seem, keep your emotions in check and avoid using the wrong words that can reduce your chances of getting recalled back to work. It’s a bit tough on men than women, considering the thought of how a job loss can impact negatively on the home front. Silence and a polite word of appreciation for all the opportunity given by the company will suffice.

”I regret working in this company”

Never regret time spent working in any organization. Every second you must have spent there may prove valuable at the end of the day. Instead of regret, be motivated to explore other possibilities within the confines of your passion or dreams in life. The fact that a door of opportunity has been closed on you does not signify the end of the world. There are numerous doors waiting to be opened. Discard any word of regret and be thankful to your bosses and company.

”My Heart was already out of here”

It’s a commonly used phrase by most individuals who get fired at their place of work. The implication of this word is that you never had total commitment to the job. It’s a sign of lack of respect and disloyalty to a company that had been taking care of you on a monthly basis. Not every thought that crops up in your mind in a moment of anger needs to be uttered. Some words are better left unsaid.

”I already have a better offer elsewhere”

Absolutely unnecessary for you to tell your boss about a better job you already had. It would be better you put in your resignation letter than wait to be sacked before telling them you already had eyes elsewhere. The grass may appear green from a distance, but at closer view it may not be all that green like you assumed. Every cooperate entity requires respect, commitment and total allegiance. Uttering words that indicate otherwise may hurt your future endorsement by them.

”At last am free from all the troubles”

This is an immature way of talking to your employer after a sack. It connotes a lack of freedom and flexibility before the sack. People often feel this way because of job pressure being mounted on them daily. It’s all about achieving the company goals and target and not about personal vendetta. Never take what has happened previously to heart. That same boss of yours can link you up with something bigger and far better in the future. Be nice and courteous in your words. It’s difficult to retrieve words after they are spoken. Better not to be said than to regret saying hurtful words.

Getting fired at work or leaving under unfavorable conditions may be absolutely devastating to the average individual but the norm is to avoid these phrases that can damage rather than build a profitable relationship in the future. The Job industry worldwide is very volatile and the greater the number of positive recommendations one gets from his/her previous employer, the better the chances of getting another shot at getting back into the industry or going on to better prospects.


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