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Don't talk to a man about your body count' - 20 things a lady shouldn't do when she meets a new guy

As 'relationship' blogger, Joro Olumofin shared via Instagram. See full list of the 20 things he thinks ladies shouldn't do when they meet a new guy, below.
Don't take your friends along with you when he invites you on a date

Don't go to his house unannounced

Don't ask him for money

Don't compare him to your ex or talk about your ex, only if he requests

Don't get drunk on your first outing with him

Don't wear see through or exposing outfits on your first outings

Don't bore him with all your family or personal issues ( my house caught fire, my AC is not working, my rent is due )

Don't talk about Marriage on a first date

Don't pry about the size of his pocket, his earnings or the car he drives ( Do you drive a G wagon ? Are you a millionaire ? )

Don't be too quick to post his picture on instagram, Facebook, (social media) etc

Don't go out without "vex money" or a simple transport fare "bailout" money

Don't lie you're a virgin and don't lie about your age ( Some ladies say they're 22 when they're 29)

Don't order what you don't know how to eat or you're allergic to all because you're forming sophisticated

Don't ask to meet his Mother or Father. Only if he suggests

Don't be rude or nasty to the waiter or waitress just because you want To impress or be a Diva

Don't talk to him about your body count or guys you've slept with. YOUR STANDARD / DEFAULT body count is (2) guys

Don't form British or American accent or any form of accent you can't keep up with

Don't think you're an automatic girlfriend after the first Sexual Encounter

When your friends call you on a date don't describe him in a derogatory manner eg I'm with that guy who has Bastard Money

Don't start leaving clothes and tooth brush stylishly at his place