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HELP!! Someone Is Offering Me 2m Naira To Nack My Younger Sister – Should I Accept It?

A brother is in dilemma, but what are friends for if you can't help without attaching conditions? No wonder there is a saying that a friend in need is a friend indeed.

A young man asked this question and he needs your Advice on what to do. 
Please read his story below and drop your comments accordingly.

Read what he sent to us below:-

My name is Akinlapa ***** from Ibadan, Oyo state. Am 31 year old and a graduate of Political Science. I graduated since 2014 and I have been looking for job to no avail 😩😩

At a point, I was thinking of even committing Suicide sometimes in December 2017 because am frustrated and hopeless but something is still holding me down and it’s nothing but the love of my Family and younger ones.

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During the Festive period last year, all my friends living Abroad and also in Lagos all came home to celebrate with their Families and loved one’s and this my childhood friend came back from Malaysia also.

He came around to my place to visit us and he saw my younger sister (25 years old) and ever since then, he has been disturbing me saying he wants to date my sister.

I told him:-

“I know you have a serious relationship and you only want to have sex with her and run back to Malaysia. He admitted and came out straight.

“Bro, make I no lie oooo, Na just to Nack am before I comot Naija, I no fit lie for you na”.

I bluntly declined and stood on my feet that such Nonsense is never gonna happen as far as am alive but this my guy has been begging and even promise to Transfer 2million Naira into my Account if I can help talk to my sister.

The Truth is that, If I tell my sister and let he know what is Involved and how the 2m can actually be of good use to us, she will agree but am feeling so concerned and tempted.

Should I Allow My Sister Do It?

Please Nigerians, what should I do?


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