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Hoe-losho, clients arrested in police operation

Police arrested some call girls and their clients treated to nvd3 shows being staged in notorious bars in the area.

The 23 ladies that were arrested are accused of staging nvd3 shows.
During the operation, drunk ladies and men 'high' on yet-to-be-identified substances fought policemen and hurled all sorts of insults as they struggled to free themselves.
A suspected prost1tut3 who was arrested during the operation

Visibly stunned men who were caught engaging in amorous activity with prostitutes looked like rabbits in headlights as they pleaded for forgiveness.
The bolder ones fought cops and assured them it was their right to do what they wished with prost1tut3s.

Male clients looking looked  stunned after their arrest

The 'women of the night' kept taunting policemen, asking if they owed any of them whatever they were 'selling'.
The highlight of the operation was when a prostitute who was caught having it screamed and pleaded for forgiveness, claiming she was married.
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