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We need Nnamdi Kanu now – Fani-Kayode cries out

A chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party, Femi Fani-Kayode, has lamented the long absence of Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the outlawed Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, from the public scene.

He said Nigerians needed the former Radio Biafra boss more than ever..

Kanu went missing last year after the Nigerian Army launched Operation Python Dance to curtail the activities of the pro-Biafra agitators.

The former Minister of Aviation in a Facebook post, expressed hopes that Kanu, whom he described as Lion of the eastern Nigeria, will surely roar again.

He wrote, “How I miss you brother. We need you now more than ever before. Wherever you are and whatever they did to you, you shall live forever.

“Your sun shall never set but it shall rise again. Your courage and love for your people is humbling and second to none. You sacrificed everything and risked all for them.

You refused to abandon your noble cause, prostitute your principles, bow before the slavemasters or kiss the feet of the tyrant.

“You are bold. You are irrepressible. You are unbeatable. You are strong. You shall never be forgotten.

“The Lion of the East shall roar again!”

The history of Biafra: A comparative perspective of the old and contemporary struggle

The advent of colonialism in Africa gave birth to many new territories, annexation and extinction of the existing ones. For instance, the territory known as Nigeria today was invented by the colonial masters through the annexation of different existing territories. This geographical invention precipitated the historical distortion and geographical extinction of certain territories. Biafra among other territories lost their sovereignty to this colonial arrangement.

According to Prof. Chinua Achebe, Biafra territory was deduced from “the bight of Biafra, the vast expanse of water covering the Continental shelf into which the Niger empties before flowing into the gulf of Biafra.” In John Mitchell comprehensive map intrinsically made for resolving border disputes, it’s also elucidated that the pertinent estuaries from where the rivers flew into the Ocean is called “Ephraim town” located at 60miles from River Num presently in the South-South Nigeria today. The river is named after Nun, Joshua’s father, the tribe of Ephraim. In a nutshell, some researchers held the view that Biafra was 


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