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Weird Things That Girls Do In Private But No One Will Ever Talk About

Girls are just human beings. Yes. Living. Breathing. Human beings. They do all types of things in private that never end up in living room conversation. Every girl has that “thing” that she does that she wouldn’t want anyone to know. Some of these habits are hard to talk about partly because they can be embarrassing.

Here are the things that girls do in private

1. Dipping hands in the pants and playing with the pubes

Image source:sheknows

After a long day, girls let go and let loose. Yes! Some girls dip their hands and play with their pubes; just like men.

2. Recycling bras

Image source:wildeabouttan

 Every girl has that one favorite bra that makes the boobs pop in every dress. So you can understand the temptation to wash overnight and wear again the next day.

3. Sniffing pants to determine if they are fresh

Image source:madamenoire

For many busy women, finding clothes to wear is a hustle. Dirty clothes sometimes get mixed up with clean clothes. What better way to know if clothes are fresh than to give them a good old sniff?

4. Trying to fish out food in your cleavage

Image source:whisper.sh

Food has a way of falling into the wrong places at the wrong time. When food falls into the cleavage, girls fish out food from the cleavage and shove it back in their mouth like nothing happened; only to realize. “Wait a minute, that was wrong.”

5. Using the bra as a handbag

Image source: lulutrips

Some women have the habit of stashing money in the bra despite it being very unhygienic. It is advisable to carry a bag that can fit everything and thus avoid using your bra as a secret stash.

6. Shaving in some places and ignoring others

Image source:dermadvance.gr

Some girls shave the legs and armpits but forget to shave the cookie bush. It’s just like wearing nice clothes without taking a bath or going to work with torn underwear. It’s best to shave every hairy part. Remember, the lady flower deserves some fresh air too.

7. Removing the bra under the top and throwing it on the couch

Image source:hookedonhouses

Some girls have the habit of removing the bra right from under the top.  Bras are hard to stay with all day, we get it, but it’s best to ensure that one leaves them in the bedroom. It’s just the right thing to do.

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