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What If Buhari Refuse To Hand Over power In 2019?

Dear Nigerians, 2019 is staring at us like a pregnant woman waiting patiently for her time of delivery. Certainly all things been equal, President Muhammadu Buhari will definitely get APC ticket to run for re-election which will amount to TOTAL failure arising from poor leadership, OBJ's prediction, Nigerians' dissatisfaction & insecurity across the country. But my fear is, 'will Buhari peacefully handover to PDP as the Presidential winner'? Will Buhari follow the footprints of Goodluck Jonathan by congratulating PDP as the winner even when all the results have not been announced? Will Buhari honourably pack out of Aso Villa just as Goodluck Jonathan did without challenging PDP victory in court? Will Buhari accept defeat without fighting like Goodluck Jonathan? Dear Nigerians, I stand to be corrected or tongue-lashed but in every nonsense there is an iota of sense. May the blood of innocent Nigerians not be shed in 2019.

Hallen Eghwubare (Humility Personified).


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