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Would You Work Out N@K3D? Health Coach Explains How Exercising In The Buff Leads To Better Results

More people than ever are ditching their clothes in favour of nude workouts.

Activities like naked yoga have making waves in Australia over the past few months with both men and women reporting better results, improved sleep and a boost in their body image as a result of exercising naked.

And now health coach and yoga teacher, Lee Holmes, has revealed why this is the case.

‘There are various studies that claim that baring it all in your exercise routine can help improve body image, mood, sleep and much more,’ the holistic nutritionist told FEMAIL.

Lee explained that one of the reasons we choose to exercise is to feel comfortable in our own skin.

‘As humans, we like to feel good and that’s perfectly natural. Working out in the nude can help us slowly feel more comfortable in the skin we’re in,’ she said.

‘While running on the treadmill with your parts jiggling a little may seem like a bit of a foreign concept, it can help you keep an eye on your progress.’

Unfortunately Lee said that it has become commonplace in our society for people to be unhappy with their bodies.

‘Being in the nude can help connect you to your body, reduce shame, improve self-acceptance and increase your sense of self-worth,’ Lee said.

‘The vulnerability of being naked with others can help unite people and create the realisation that we all have our own insecurities but we’re all beautifully human.’

Lee also believes that working out while naked can also help to motivate you to exercise harder and ‘push yourself a little bit further’.

This is because you are able to see how each of your muscles move and respond to the exercises you are putting them through.

‘[It also] gives you time to simultaneously check out your muscles in all of their glory,’ she said.

‘It’s been said that spending 15 minutes in the nude can help boost your confidence, so why not try an hour’s worth of exercise?’

She also explained that working out in the nude may reveal to you which parts of your body you need to work on.

‘When you’re able to see what your body needs, you can modify your routine accordingly and target whatever muscles you think are necessary,’ Lee explained.

Another point Lee shared is that sweating in your work out gear can also clog your skin.

‘Getting sweaty in your birth-suit gives your body and skin some time and space to breathe,’ she said.

‘Restrictive clothing and undergarments can often leave indentations and marks all over our bodies, leading to dry and wrinkly skin.’

‘The tighter the clothing, the harder it is for your muscles to breathe too. Without clothes on, it can be easier for your muscles to constrict and for you to get results,’ she continued.

Clothing also restricts movement, so without it as a barrier you may find yourself doing moves you weren’t capable of before.

Lee also brought up the amount of cash people fork out on their activewear.

‘If you’re sick of spending money on expensive exercise clothes, working out naked may be a good option for you. Save yourself the stress of the changing room and just bare it all,’ she said.

Lee said that exercising naked could be the perfect encouragement for those who are struggling to get off the couch.

‘If you can’t stand the idea of exercising but love the idea of getting stark naked in front of people, then this may be the perfect way to get you started on your fitness journey,’ she said.

Although there are many positives for exercising in the nude Lee explained that it isn’t perect, or ideal, for eveybody.

‘Not everybody is so comfortable being naked, let alone being naked while exercising, so it’s important to listen to your individual needs,’ she said.

‘Also for all my females, you know that rush when you’re running down the stairs without a bra on – picture that, times a million.

‘Exercising naked may not feel so comfortable because while you ditch the clothes, you also leave the support they provide behind.’Source:Pocket News


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