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6 Excuses That Women Give When They Don't Want You

Selena Gomez sang that the heart wants what it wants and we can testify to it. Ladies always know what they want in a man and they can do in all means to push you away. Men if she starts making these statements, just back off and lose hope.

‘I am in a relationship’- this is a common statement that is pulled by ladies and they are not in relationships! Most of the men fall for that but at times it could be true!

‘I want to enjoy the single life’- the single life is stress free but we all know we want that man for comfort, a shoulder to lean on , surprise gifts and all you wanted in a relationship especially if you have been single for decades!

‘Let’s just be friends’- Bruh! That is straight to the friend zone and we cannot debate more on that.

‘I am still in love with my ex-boyfriend’-beware, this could be another lie! The ex-cheated on her, she busted him grinding on another lady, she was physically abused by him and she is still in love with him. How? That’s not true.

‘I don’t date an older/younger man’- if you are younger or older than her and she says this. Just walk away and hunt for another.

‘We can’t meet today, something just came up’-this happens after you had organized for a meet-up and she bails on you last minute, something is wrong somewhere.


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