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Because of circumcision I don't feel anything during $3x

Please read as shared:
I haven’t been so bold to share my story, but I have to share this at this point. My name is Yemisi, a banker by profession. I hail from Osun state. I was circumcised at 13years and it’s the worse experience that anyone can go through. My mum watched me as they tied me up and my cl1t0r!s was removed.

I cried and bled the whole night and no one slept that day in the house. I asked my mum, why she allowed them to do that to me, she said it’s the culture and tradition.

I have been having so many failed relationship as a result of being circumcised because I don’t know what it feels like to have feelings during $3x. This has greatly affected me both emotionally and psychologically. I am looking at getting married soon but how do I deal with this issue.

My ex left me cos he said that he feels as if he is with a man whenever we make love. I need help cos I’m looking at getting married soon. Kindly advise.

My take..

it is still surprising how many of these archaic traditions are still being practised today. I asked a lady in her fifties the other day why she had circumcised her daughter and she said that it was first a tradition and above all, it was to prevent the girl from being promiscuous.

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