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Fan Calls RMD A 'Demon Gang Leader'. Actor Replies

Popular Nollywood actor and politician, Richard Mofe Damijo, better known as RMD gave a fan of his a subtle tongue lashing after he referred to him as the leader of a demon gang.

The ace actor who’s a sugar daddy goes had shared the above photo of his looking dapper, with a caption speaking on the Valentine’s day, he wrote:

“It’s that day of the year again when many are pressured by the need to be loved and cared for. The day where the pressure to outshine the other is on and the really single, bae-less ones feel out of sorts. Well my darling, do not let anything or anyone make you feel inadequate and/or incomplete. Don’t look for anybody to complete you today or at anytime. You are complete on your own. Nobody completes you. Nothing completes you. Stop looking for that person or thing that completes you. You won’t find it. Find the One that made you and learn how to be with Him and be at peace, that way if the chocolates, cakes, roses and ice cream don’t come to you, you’ll gracefully enjoy the day nonetheless knowing that your happiness is in your own hands.”

So this fan probably couldn’t find the words to tell this very fly 56-year-old actor how good he looked ‘ Daddy yo! Demons Gang leader’ said the fan and boom! RMD lashed in reply saying:

“I have nothing with demons so if you’re looking for your leader, he’s not here, so keep it moving‘


Awn! RMD doesn’t like to  be referred to as a ‘Demon’, not even a ‘Yoruba Demon’ and you don’t wanna know what that fan felt when he got that reply do you?



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