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I am married but pregnant for my boyfriend

Read Anette’s shocking story and judge for yourself. I’m in a dilemma as my marriage of 3years is about to come to an end because of one silly mistake I made.My name is Anette. I met my husband in my final year in the University. We dated for about 3 months before he popped the magic question. Knowing fully well that I wasn’t in love with him, despite that I was in a relationship which I hid from him and I just wanted to change my status from ‘Miss’ to ‘Mrs’.

At the time, my boyfriend at that time wasn’t ready to settle down after 4 years of being in a relationship with him.

Nonetheless, I accepted his marriage proposal and went ahead with the marriage. When Chris, my boyfriend found out about my marriage plans, he was devastated and threatened to expose us to my Mike, my soon to be husband. In order for me to convince him to let me go, I paid him a visit to plead with him and that I wouldn’t mind continuing the relationship but in a more discreet manner if only he could allow me get married to Mike.

After much persuasion, he agreed and pleaded with me to make love to him once more before saying ‘I do’ to Mike which I obliged.
We made love endlessly that night as if our lives depended on it. I almost called off the wedding at the thought of how passionate Chris made love to me but I rebuffed the thoughts and carried on with the wedding.
After our wedding, I moved in with my husband to begin my duties as a wife.
I found out that no matter how I pretend to be happy with my husband, the thoughts of my passionate moments with my boyfriend never left my subconscious. I wasn’t happy in that marriage but I couldn’t leave because of family pressures.
husband loves me so much that he hardly noticed any strange attitude in me. I was able to convince him that we shouldn’t have kids till after two years of marriage in order for us to build our career before children starts coming.
He agreed so each time, I have intercourse with my husband, I use contraceptives to prevent myself from getting pregnant.
At first he seemed alright with the decision but as time went on, he started demanding for a baby. I was angry at his sudden change of mind and his demands. As we argued one day, I stormed out of the house furious and headed straight to my boyfriend’s place.


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