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LADY tags her BF'S WIFE in PHOTO on facebook

A married lady has ranted on Kilimani Mums and blasted a lady who has been sleeping with her husband and bragging about it on facebook.

She even tags her in photos getting mushy with her husband on facebook.
In one of the photos, the mpango wa kando lady is seen relaxing with her husband in her house and from the look of things, they were about to have $3x.
She tagged her mpango wa kando’s wife the photo when they were stimulating $3x  to mock her.

This kalady has the guts to call the father of my child in the middle of the night anaamsha mtoto,shamelessly ananitag na this photo, I don't care what you two do at your own time kindly don't involve me fanyieni uko mbali Dada .’ The wife ranted.

Some ladies are just merciless.
Look at these photos and posts in the next page, Oh God!           

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