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"I'm Naughty By Nature, lady tears instagram apart with photos

The social media came hard on a girl who thought she is the hottest thing in town by posting photos of herself showing her all online.

The lady named Monica has caused a lot of talking points and her five minutes of fame has turned people against her as they see her attention-seeking action as being quite ridiculous.
Some have even wondered if she has parents or guardians who should talk sense into her head to desist from clicking the self-destruct button.

Instead of feeling remorseful, she bounced back. 
In the new photos she posted with the caption:
"I'm Naughty By Nature"
In the photos she is seen Unclad facing a mirror and lots more.
Trust Nigerians, they came hard on her like a swam of bees. There are pictures that can't be posted here. 


Read some of the comments here:
Muraina Wakeel OlatunbosunDis is d Satan and devil plan on social media, men should be very careful on some of dis girl as they are corrupted.
Favour JasmineThis end time and the devil ud fight so hard to win but God pass am.
Mega BeatriceYoung lady please u are so beautiful; the Bible say ur body is the temple of holy Ghost, my friend.
Ifeanyi Donald OguguaMad, fool, stupid more than the list word mentioned.
Angela Uko: See animal.
Babirye LiziHow much a u selling it for short n long?
Padoski Chinemerem VictoryTHIS GIRL GO DIE IN JESUS NAME.
Fawaz Olatunji Jimoh: D gal is mad.
Favour JasmineMay God save our soul.

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