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Shame! Blind boy râpèd by 40-year-old woman in Kiandulu slums!

The life of people living with disabilities can be tough. Those of us who are lucky that we have all our facilities working well may take for granted how hard it is to live in this world especially if you are deaf, blind or mute.

The next story shows that some people are animals who don’t have sympathy. A 40-year-old woman suspected to have defiled a 17-year-old blind boy in Kiandutu slums was arrested this past week.

The suspect, a mother of four children, was picked up yesterday in the sprawling slums following an outcry from people living with disabilities. By last evening, she was being held at Thika Police Station.

According to the boy, the suspect, who is his neighbour, sneaked into his room in the dark like a thief to rape him. He said:

“It was around 1 am. She hurriedly started to undress me. She forced me to have sex with her and later threatened to harm me if I dared raise the alarm.”

How was she able to do it without much fuss? The boy lives alone in the shanty which his aunt rented for him two years ago.

He kept quiet because of the threat of being victimized until two days ago when he started having lower abdominal pain and itching when he passed urine. STD PAP!


The boy confided to another neighbour what had taken place. Not only that, she had also been demanding that he start begging.

A group of people living with disabilities stormed the Thika Police Station, demanding that action is taken against the suspect. The woman denied the allegations, terming them baseless and malicious.

Persons with disabilities in the slum pitched camp at the police station, claiming that this had happened to other colleagues in the past.


Community health workers based in the slums also accused area administrators of not taking reports of assault on disabled persons seriously. One community worker, Eunice Mwangi said:

“Whenever they complain against some injustices committed against them, they are mostly looked down upon. Nobody seems to believe and take them seriously.”

Thika OCPD Willy Simba called for calm, saying the suspect would be arraigned in court once investigations are complete. Let us hope the boy can recover from this tragic event.


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