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Towels And 3 Room Items that Gives Body Odour Without You Knowing

You can use the most expensive designer perfume in the World, apply the sweetest scented cream and still battle body odour.

Have you ever met a sharply dressed person with bad smell before? Yes, this is exactly my point.

Don’t ever for a second feel that they leave themselves smelly to spite you. No!

More often than not, they are unaware of the situation they are in and you are not far from being a victim too.

Here are 4 things people ignore but could leave them with body odour, denting their images.

Wearing underwear several times before changing or washing can hoard all sorts of bad smell because of the bodily fluids it comes into contact with and because you are so attached with the underwear, you don’t notice that it smells. You can wear freshly washed cloths and perfume all over but smelly underwear and boxers will always give you away. To prevent this, a fresh underwear a day is advised.

Towels, left unwashed for two weeks or more can hoard dirt and elicit bad smell which can affect your overall appearance and embarrass you.

Sleeping on dirty beddings, like bed sheets, blankets and bed spread can make you smell even after bathing. Beddings is a repository of human fluids from sweat, saliva to urine and if care is not taken, scent from the beddings may be your signature smell.

Bathing sponge I can’t tell if it can make you smelly, but it can be very dirty if not often washed. Wash your sponge in warm water with soap to keep it clean.


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