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11 Celebrities With Over Exaggerated Good Looks By Forreelinc (Photos)

Ok so they aren't necessarily ugly, they may even be good looking but maaaaaan the way their beauty is over exaggerated ehn you begin to doubt your own eyes people like:

11. Denzel Washington

I watched one of them biographies on this dude some time ago and they said that there was this science experiment or whatever which said that denzel Washington is the definition of beauty and then I decided to see why they say so, I have seen denzel with a beard,with a moustache, with hair,without hair, young, old and what I see is a 6/10, 7 at best.

10. Brad Pitt

This one is even worse because I hardly find him good looking to begin with. I was surprised when they said he got his first gig on thelma and Louise because according to gena davis, he was so hot he distracted her and I'm like  Wonder what she would do if she saw one of the Hemsworth brothers or even tom hiddleson cause to be honest I think they look a lot better than brad pitt

9. Halle Berry

This one na female denzel Washington when it comes to HYPE Jesus I mean she is not bad looking but when put in a line up with gals like Tessa Thompson or Meagan good or tia hardrick Halle berry is barely noticed, yet they blow her beauty out of proportion and even go as far as calling her a sex symbol I mean how do they rate that these days 

8. Genevieve Nnaji

In Nigeria where we have Lilian esoro, Juliet Ibrahim, DJ cuppy, Rita Dominic and Chika Ike making us walk around with stiff pants, they still rate Genevieve as one of Nollywood's finest? Even the gal sef don dey believe the lie  she go come dey thirst trap for instagram hehehe I don die

7. Adesua etomi

Ah yes the very definition of hype from her overhyped wedding party movie to her overhyped wedding to banky w to her overhyped beauty no surprise there tho I mean we gotta complete the hype trifecta right  I mean she was so confident she even dangled her dry yansh at us on social media thinking it will break the internet or something  you owe me the lunch I barfed when I saw that pic adesua.

6. Angelina jolie

Alright now we are getting somewhere. I be dey pity angelina say how she take dey cope with e ugly face and fallen breast na so icheck sexiest women in Hollywood I see Angelina name abeg which part of her body fine? Can someone help me out please? Hehehe

5. Kirsten dunst

Can you remember the Spiderman franchise from 2001-2007? Remember how you always felt depressed watching them because of the depressing storyline and how hard peter had it in life and.........c'mon finish it......that's right the unattractive leads especially Kirsten dunst I mean lawd I'm still mad at fox for casting her as mj did she Bleep someone to get into Hollywood or something? Just feels like a joke.

4. Reese Witherspoon

Do you watch E!? Have you heard what they say about Reese Witherspoon? Sexy, beautiful,dashing,glamorous,elegant. Reese Witherspoon? I bet y'all are rolling on the floor and laffing already I mean whenever I'm feeling down, I just remember that Reese Witherspoon is ugly as f*ck and doesn't know it and I don't feel so bad anymore that's how far from beautiful Reese Witherspoon is.

3. Toolz oniru

Loool I remember when I was at beat fm a really really long time ago and I noticed this really fat lady with an over exaggerated british accent and the guy I was with said she was one oap and I shrugged like meh all oaps are ugly only for me to talk am one day where my friends dey and I chop konk for head they were like toolz oniru is sexy and cute and I was like  since when? Feel bad about her miscarriage tho I hope she gets better and all.

2. Cameron diaz

It is no news that latinas are the sexiest race on earth, altho anomalies like Cameron Diaz make you wanna change your opinion. I mean eledumare she looks like a truck ran over her bleeping face what da hell Lol with the cheek bones and the eyes man this b!tch needs to put a bag over head or just do the sighted world a favour and stay indoors like Sandra bullock

1. Daniel Craig

My favourite bond actor but the ugliest among them all the same. When they selected him as bond I thot they wanted this rugged gritty type anti hero like 007 assassin only to hear say he is fine, eh? He doesn't even qualify as ruggedly handsome even with the muscle e carry come the franchise person go still dey cringe when they see am hehehe


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