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6-Year-Old Boy Cries As His Mother Weds (Photos)

A photographer captured the heartwarming moment a 6-year-old boy burst into tears as he watched his mother walk down the aisle to meet his father.

Bryson Suber, from Columbus, Ohio, could not control his emotion at his parents' wedding and onlookers thought it was really cute.

Dressed in a bright red suit as he stood at the top of the aisle in front of the groomsmen, he began bawling when he saw his mother, Tearra, walk down the aisle toward her soon-to-be husband, his dad. He is seen leaning forward to get a really good look at his mother as she walked to meet his father.

Photographer Paul Woo, who captured the heartwarming moment, said: "As everyone stood up and waited for the bride to come down the aisle, he started expressing so much emotion.

"I was solo shooting this wedding, and this moment was difficult because I was secretly bawling behind the camera and had to prioritize this moment over the bride coming down the aisle."

Woo said he was able to get photos of Bryson and the bride.

"I got both photos," he said, "but I knew this moment was THE moment."

Culled from; https://www.torimill.com/2018/03/6-year-old-boy-cries-as-his-mother-walks-down-the-aisle-on-her-wedding-day.html

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