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9 Things Only Those Who Don't Stay Out Late Can Relate To.

1. Your definition of Late night is different from others. You see late night as 10pm when everyone should be sleeping, while your friends see 12midnight as when the fun begins. 

2. Your friends always complain you are not a fun person anytime you stay out late with them because you always act as the PUNCTUALITY PREFECT(Reminder) 

3.All you do throughout the night is continuously checking your watch to see if it past your bed time .

4.So your head started calculating the earliest you could be home so you won't look awful staying past your time. 

5. When you are invited to a party that will commence at 10pm, you keep giving flimsy excuses why you won't come... 

6. At a point you start preaching to your friends why staying out late is a bad habit and they nicknamed you "Grandpa/Grandma" 

7. You decided to attend the party with them to avoid tagging you "granny" but as soon as it clocks 10pm, you begin to step backward slowly until you disappear into thin air 

8.And when the next invitation pops up as text message and the time says "Starts by 10pm", you just giggle because you are not going 

9. Then you start questioning why your friends like staying out late, what is the benefit? Absolutely, nothing 

Well, I am one of the #TeamDontStayOutLate  

What kind of fun you do late night that can't be done in the day? 


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