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Christian Men Are Unromantic And Boring’ – Ghanaian Pastor

A Ghanaian pastor with the name, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams who is also the Presiding Archbishop and General Overseer of Action Chapel International (ACI), says Christian men are unromantic and boring.

Speaking at his church’s second service Palm Sunday, 25 March 2018, Duncan-Williams further stated that Christian men ought to learn to be romantic in relating to their wives and desist from their “boring” attitude, which is the foundation of marital issues in most Christian marriages.

In his words;

Some of the problems in the church with Christian women and their husbands is the fact that a lot of Christian men are not romantic. A lot of Christian men, you are very boring”.

He was concerned that the husbands stick to particular ways of doing things and not explore in order to spice up their love lives and their marriages.

“One way all the time; same place all the time, always bedroom, always you turn the light off,” he lamented.

He also told Christian men, to treat their wives to lunch and dinner dates from time to time and not being focused on bedroom matters all the time. The Ghanaian Pastor concluded by saying ‘marriage is not Bible study, marriage is not spirituality, marriage is not prayer meeting, marriage requires some things, you have to do some things, Christian brothers wake up’.


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