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He and His Gang R*ped Me Now He Wants My Forgiveness

Ten years ago, in my third year at the university, a certain cultist kept asking me out. I knew he was a cultist so I declined. After a while, he acted like he took my refusal in good faith.
One day in my final year, on my way to class, he cornered me along with his friends forcefully put me in his car and drove off. It happened in a split second. They drove to his apartment where he raped me repeatedly. After he was spent he pushed me out and I had to find my way back to school.
The incident scarred me for life.  I became a shadow of myself. I was both scared and ashamed to speak about it to anyone. I managed to finish my final exams and kept a very low profile in school. I cursed him and his family. I cursed his future, I was so angry.

Last year, a friend of mine who was based in the UK returned. She had gotten married there and we had not been in touch for many years. We used to be childhood friends and had lost touch somewhere along the line. One day, she decided to drop by at my place with her husband. It turned out that her beloved hubby was my rapist. I managed to keep a straight face all the while they stayed. He recognized me too and felt uneasy. He got my number from my friend and called me.  He begged me and told me he had changed.

I’m still angry and I want to tell my friend about him. They have been married for five years and have no child, I’m happy about that, it shows my curses worked. What I need to know now is whether to tell my friend or not. Thank you.


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