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Hold on! Just before you quit!

several years, while some are just tired of everything and are considering quitting.

Some couldn't get something tangible doing because of their course of study , class of degree , or even their age.

Some are underemployed while the employed ones are stagnant in their career, maybe no promotion for some years, no salary increase for a while or may be you are just not enjoying what you are doing.

My message to you is never to give up, but rather assess the situation so you can move forward. Regardless of what the challenge is;Consider the following:

1. You need to understand the problem you are facing & admit it's a problem

2. Consider the options available to solve the problem.

3. Weigh the options, consider their pros and cons

4. Seek guidance from a mentor

5. Understand that nothing lasts forever, so the hardship will end soon.

6. Pray for Gods guidance to direct your path.

7. Stay healthy and happy even despite the odds, happiness from within actually brings success. Where you are not sure of what to do and you seem fed up, speak to someone around and stay safe.

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