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Lack of breastfeeding causes cancer, doctor warns

AN oncologist, Prof. Bisi Ademuyiwa, has warned that failure on the part of women to breastfeed their babies may increase their risk of cancer.

Ademuyiwa, who is ranked by Forbes as one of the top 27 breast cancer oncologists in the United States, added that herbal drugs could not be used in the treatment of the deadly disease.

She disclosed this during a seminar organised by AXA Mansard HMO in collaboration with the African Women’s Entrepreneurship Programme in Abuja.

The oncologist said, “The specific cause of breast cancer is unknown. We don’t know why one member of a family will have it, but we suspect that it is a change in the genetic material in our bodies, which can be acquired, such as change in life style, alcohol, aging, obesity and lack of breastfeeding.

“Herbal drugs are generally not helpful in patients who have cancers.”

The doctor, however, said that some supportive drugs could help with nausea, vomiting and fatigue, but there was no data to show that herbal or alternative, medicine could help in eradicating cancer.

Ademuyiwa urged women, especially those aged 40 and beyond, to go for mammogram screening every year.

She further stated that the stigma associated with cancer, particularly in developing countries like Nigeria, was preventing many from getting treatment.

The oncologist said there were more cases of cancer in the country because Nigerians were imbibing more western habits and changing diets.


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