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South African Principal Who Had it With 34 Students & 5 Teachers Exposed

It seem this is a season of scandals between school principal and their student. First stop, just few weeks a video of a principal recorded by the principal himself humping one of his pupils on a wooden stool emerged from Ghana.

It had led to a #stool challenge by most Ghanaian which they shared on social media. The principal is said to be on the run now
Now a South African principal has tendered his recognition letter after multiple videos of him humping several of his female pupils hit the internet. According to reports, The Gauteng Department of Education has confirmed that the principal of Reiger Park high school in Boksburg has handed in his resignation after videos and pictures of him having s e x with pupils in his office emerged on social media. Such a shame

The Gauteng Department of Education released a statement saying: “Our inquiry revealed that the said principal resigned in October 2017; and as such his last day was 15 January 2018. It must be noted that he is no longer in the employment of the department; however, we will report him to the South African Council of Educators (SACE) to be struck off the roll with immediate effect”. They have also offered counselling to all students involved, helping parents to communicate with the police as necessary for a thorough investigation.
The department made clear that they would not tolerate any accusations or acts of sexual misconduct at schools and aims to educate students as to their rights, encouraging them to speak up if they find themselves in a similar situation. They promised to act immediately to protect any person at schools if any accusation was made. Parents have also been asked to keep an eye out for any changes in behaviour in their child or any suspicious signs. They are urging parents to make it clear to their children that they and their friends are each others keepers.
The DA has ordered the commission of inquiry to investigate the extent of sexual abuse in Gauteng after 87 pupils were sexually abused by patrollers on Soweto schools. The education department is urging students who have been affected by any inappropriate sexual misconduct at school.


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