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What You Should Do First After Buying A Fresh Adsense Account 

Prior to the knowledge about google Adsense being the best and easiest method of website monetization, it is now considered what most bloggers if not all bloggers use to make money through their websites.

Owing to this good fact about Adsense, it is still the most difficult ads publishing network to get into as a publisher or a website owner.

As a result of this, several bloggers who find it extremely difficult to join the programme now do well by purchasing the said account from some other elite bloggers whom it seems much easier to approve an Adsense ads account with their websites.

This is a very nice idea to purchase an Adsense ads account from someone who sells at a good price as it is considered that most websites that were denied access to approve an Adsense account almost have what it takes to get approved but because of a reason or the other they get disapproved.

Notwithstanding this fact, there is a reason that called to our notice to put up this article as we already know the dangers that lie upfront.

I have worked for several of my clients whom complains that they get locked out of their Adsense account after a month of purchase through their gmail as a result of verification.

Let’s talk about the reason for this

Several time while trying to create a gmail account for google Adsense application, a “dummy” phone number is used for is so as to avoid phone number verification process.

“Dummy Number”

This is a fabricated phone number which is not always an existing number but it appears to be a new number and it is the first time it is being used for google application so they will not seek to verify it.

This always take a month or more for google to request the verification of the phone number for creating the google account.

At this point of verification, your Adsense will be locked out if you cannot verify your phone number and your Google account.

Having said this, let us now look at what you should do first when you happen to purchase an Adsense account.

The first thing you have to do when you purchase an Adsense account is…

. Login to the gmail associated to your Adsense account

. Go to my account

. Go to account security

. Go to change phone number for verification

. Change the phone number to what you can recall so as to verify the account when need calls

. Click on save

This process will help you not to get locked out of your account.

If you happen to find this process a bit difficult to do, let’s look at another way to leverage the first action you take after purchasing an Adsense account.

. Create a new gmail account which is non-associated with any Adsense account

. Go to the access and authorization of the newly purchased Adsense under settings

. From these go to the admin gmail and invite your fore created gmail account

. Now login to your fore created gmail and accept your invitation

. Go back to the admin pannel and refresh the page

. Your fore created gmail will be seen as invited into the Adsense

. Then make yourself an admin and remove the Adsense approved gmail as the admin

Making yourself an admin may take two weeks or less for the main Adsense approved gmail to be annuled so as to be removed as an admin.

This is the Adsense policy for admin transfer.

Wrap up

To the google Adsense account buyers, I presume you can find this guide real soothing for your online venture.

If you have ever been locked out of your account (google account) due to verification, this above written guide is the best option for you if you happened to buy another Adsense account from a legit seller.

Hope this was helpful?

If it was kindly leave your opinion below in the comment section.


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