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Why I cheated on my husband: one woman’s confession

I cheated on my husband so I’m burning inside, and by the way, I need reasonable comments. I am 39 and married with 3 kids. I was a virgin before I got married to my husband and the only one I’d $3x with. 

I met a man on social media, Facebook to be precise, and we became friends and got very close.


Mr. J wanted to meet me face to face and we made arrangements to meet. The day he saw me, he couldn’t resist me. First of all, he told me the story of how he lost his wife. I felt sorry for him and we had $3x which I didn’t plan for.

I never believed it could happen because I had promised myself never to cheat on my loving and caring husband. But one thing I realised is that my hubby misses it with me when we have $3x. He doesn’t know how to do foreplay. He only focuses on getting to the goal which I don’t really like, but I just try to please him and be a good wife to him.

Since I had $3x with Mr. J, I’ve found it difficult to cope at home because I can now see that my hubby doesn’t really understand my body. I have complained and asked him to work on his foreplay but still he won’t listen or adjust. I don’t want to cheat on my hubby anymore. I have unfriended Mr. J and I’ve even blocked him simply because I don’t want to cheat.

Recently, Mr. J has been calling me and sending a message to my phone. I told my hubby that I wish to change my line but hubby said no because it will affect my business. Last week, I called Mr. J myself and asked him why he’s been calling me. He said that we need to see and wants to talk about something and promised that he won’t touch me.

I need your advice on these things bothering me: (1) Should I go and hear what Mr. J has to say? and (2) how can I get hubby to work on his foreplay because that is what I miss about Mr. J. My hubby doesn’t even like kissing which is what I like best and so many other things that I cannot mention here.

Please help me out. I cheated because without thinking I could ever be a cheat. I have vowed to be on my guard and never let it happen again.


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