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4 Businesses you can Start, Even if you Don’t Have Money

The first thing that runs through the minds of many people the world over when it comes to starting a business of their own is capital (money).

Undoubtedly, money plays an important role in setting up a business but, money is not the only thing you can call capital in business. That piece of land of yours, your stocks in the stock exchange, equipment, machinery, skills and houses all have economic value and thus can be converted into capital to start a business.

If you lack physical cash, you can still achieve your dreams of starting a business of your own with your other assets (capital) like your skills. You can engage your skills to start a business of rendering useful services to people and get paid handsomely.

There are seven profitable businesses you can start right here in Nigeria or where ever you are located and still be able to generate unlimited income without capital (money), these profitable businesses you will discover in this as you read further.

Don't be among those who because they can't get money to borrow from banks in Nigeria got discouraged, frustrated and then abandoned their dreams of starting their own business.

I believe you are discipline, committed and determine person and I'm also very sure you are very much ready to use your skills to setup your own business that will give you financial freedom and job security.

Below are seven profitable business opportunities you can use start a business and generate continuous income for your self in Nigeria even if you don't have to start big.

1. Article and sales copy writing business.

Articles and sales copy writing business involves you writing articles and sales copies for Blog and websites owners who are either too busy to write or can't write articles or sales letters to promote their sites and online products.

You don’t need any start up capital to go into articles and sales copy writing business, what you need is just a pen and a good writing skills. To get articles writing jobs go to websites like warrior forum, commission junction, or do online searches to find websites that require such services.

In these websites you can articles or sales copy writing jobs to do. You can earn at least $5/article and you can also get some even at $5o, but it'ss the number of articles you write per day that will determine the total amount of money made in day, if write say 10articles per day at rate of $5 that is will be $50/day so, you can make at least $1000/month.  

2. Real estate commission agency.

You can make millions from real estate business even with zero capital by becoming a freelance marketing agent to well establish real estate companies. Most of the real estate companies making millions of Naira today in Nigeria started by marketing property for other companies. If these well established companies made it in spite of the initial challenges they encountered starting from humble begging then you too can make it.

You can make money from restate business as a freelance agent, even if you don’t have any start up capital. So just approach any restate company in your area today and you will be surprise the help you will get to start the business.

3.Online Blogging.

Another type of business you can do even if you have an initial start up capital (money) is online blogging. Blogging involves the use of free blogger or WordPress blogs to promote your business ideas, hubbies and any other ideas that will be of use to people.

To make money with free blogs, you will need to first have ideas you want promote, sign up for a free blog with blogger.com or wordpress.com and then get people to visit your blog to get information. And as the number of visitors to your blog reaches significant number, you can then monetize your blog with either Google Adsense, sell products, services or you can even advertise your affiliate products there for visitors to patronize.

4.Freelance Auto dealership business.

Do you know you can make money as an automobile seller even if you don’t have cars or sales garage of your own?

It's very possible; all you need is to become a freelance auto marketer. As a freelance auto marketer your job is to find and lead customers who want to purchase vehicles to where they buy vehicles of their choice and after purchase you collect some commission from both the buyer and the dealer.

Before you start looking for buyers, first of all look for a reputable car dealer and attach your self to him as a freelance marketer.

Then take photographs of vehicles put for sale, get their engine statistics and then place some advert in online forums and free classified website to attract possible buyers through which you get some commission.


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