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After Our Second Child, My Husband Gave Me An Ultimatum To Fix My Sagging B00bs or He Walks Away

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“How do you fix sagging boobs?” I asked him. He was blank and didn’t have any answers. The best he could come up with was “I don’t know but do something about it.” My husband was going crazy, I thought. How could he not have answers but expect me to?

I was twenty-two years when I started dating him. He was twenty-six and working with one of these financial institutions. He wanted us to marry right away but I was in school so we agreed to marry two years later after I’d completed my university education. 
He came to see me in school after work every day and I spent some weekends with him so we get to know each other very well before we finally settle. He was matured and made me feel safe around him. 

I took him home after school and introduced him to my parents. That very day, he made it known to my parents that he wanted to marry me as soon as possible. I was twenty-four. My mother thought I was too young but my dad didn’t see anything wrong with me getting married at twenty-four. 
They argued it out every day until I convinced my mom that I wasn’t too young to marry. 
We got married a year later and settled immediately. My husband was very proud of me. He liked to show me off to his friends and called me the most beautiful woman he had ever been with. It didn’t get to my head but I enjoyed it. I felt safe knowing my husband appreciated me that much. 
I got pregnant with our first child just some eight months into the marriage. We were both happy about the prospect of welcoming a piece of us into our home. 

When I was getting close to delivery, my husband started talking about things the baby can do and cannot do when it finally arrives. “You can’t breastfeed the baby for one year, it would have to learn to eat early.” He said. Mostly I would laugh it off and call him jealous. He kept making that claim and some other funny funny things that I took all to be a joke. 
Then he told me I can’t have a vaginal birth so I should start considering CS. “Why CS?” I asked him? “So you don’t destroy the thing” He answered with a smile. Another joke, I thought. 
He wasn’t joking. He meant every word and ensured I delivered through CS. 

Ordinarily, we should have been joyful when our baby came but my husband wasn’t that enthused. I thought it was just a phase. He would grow warm towards the child as time went on. He never did.
I asked him, “don’t you like children?” “I like children.” He said. “But I don’t like babies.” He didn’t like babies because he thought they were trouble.
We had our second child a year and a half later.  Both of them sucked for eighteen months and my boobs ain’t what they use to be anymore. 
After childbirth, I had lots of stretch marks on my tummy and developed a flabby stomach which is natural and normal for women after birth but my husband didn’t think that way. 
He wanted his 25-year-old wife back. He wanted me without the stretch marks and without the flabby stomach. He stopped touching me and for two years he denied sex. His answer had always been, “work on your body.” But how? 
I was denied sex for two years but he went around having indiscriminate sex with girls in their teens. He didn’t even have the shame to hide it. 
My kids were too young to not have a father figure in their lives. I decided to bear it for their sake until the last dice was cast. He told me one night, “I’ve told you what to do to save this marriage. I’m giving you a year if you don’t work on your sagging boobs and ugly body, we’ll have to call it over.”

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That very night, I packed few of my things and left the house. I’ve been embarrassed enough and wasn’t going to take it any longer. I went to stay with my parents. 
He never came looking for me or even called to say hi to his kids. I guessed he was happy without us. Three months later without a call from him or even coming around to see his own kids, I decided it was enough. 

I initiated divorce. By the time we were through with the divorce, he was already living with another lady. I wished them well and prayed her b00bs never sags.
-Story by Akello Mbiuki, Nakuru-Kenya.


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