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Check out this plus sized lady's photoshoot

A certain Nigerian girl Odogwu Nwanyi has taken Ester shoots to the next level by stripping completely for the camera.

The young lady whose new year resolution was to cause chaos according to her on the internet released the photos shot in Lagos on her Facebook page reminding her friends that she had warned them in advance.

According to her, her photos were a means of reaching out to plus sized ladies and giving them confidence about their bodies.
Just look at these photos, don’t you think she took the confidence thing too far by leaving her butt flying in the air?

“I told you to expect worse this year, didn’t I!? Oh well here we are, and it’s within my jurisdiction to #CauseChaos #TensionTheInternet …. Note : if it’s against your faith or whatever you believe in, jus waka pass and don’t be unfortunate!.. 


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