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Davido Hanging Out With Fellow Blackaxe Cult MembersAt Ibadan

Nigeria's top music artiste, Davido, who have been tied to the black axe fraternity, recently confirmed the reports that he's a cultists for real, as he surfaced on a video hanging out with fellow members in Ibadan.

Rumors of Davido's affiliation with the popular cult group called the Neo Black Movement of Africa aka blackaxe came to life after he dropped his award-winning tune, AYE. Aye is the term used to call the attention of an axe man of which Davido is.
According to those who seem to be in the know, the term “AYE” is not just one of those phrases Nigerian musicians formulate to make their music relatable. It is actually a known phrase in the world of a set of people who call themselves .

During his timeout with the fraternity, Davido joined in the video that were taken. The singer didn’t share the video on social media.
However, one of the members of the cult who’s name I wouldn't mention shared the video online and got famous.

In the video/pictures that were posted on Facebook, Davido could be seen posing for photos by showing the sign of the movement (egede) as they kept hailing him and shaking each other's hands. There’ve been thousands of comments on the post and many are amazed at OBO.


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