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Easter: A Supposed Time Of Spiritual Revival

Easter as a memorial of the death and ressurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ by all Christians,its not just suppose to be a time of sober reflection only,but a period of spiritual revival of the church;

The church today no longer portray its true worth as the body of Christ in terms of the life and its spirituality.
First of all;when it comes to the life of today church,you see hypocracy,immorality,wickedness, abomination,hatred,back-biting and so on,happening freely in the church,which does not reveal the Christ-like nature of the body of Christ Jesus.

And secondly,this has brought about the spiritual death of the church into sin and worldliness;

Note: We christians are the church,and if we are spiritually dead being carnal,the church as a body is dead.

Sotherefore,our today church needs Revival; to be revived into holiness,righteousness,love,purity and 


Inasmuch as Christ died and ressurrated; so would have been the church this Easter Period.



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