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My Neighbour's Anaconda - Lady Narrates Her Sizzling Encounter

It was a dull Saturday afternoon. I was lying in bed, trying to decide if I should go on over and knock on the Neighbour's door.

A few days ago, Martha, my roommate, had come home to tell me how amazing Tolu, our neighbour, was in bed. She had come home thrilled after spending nearly two days being pleased by him. She talked about how great he was at eating her out and how well he used his large c0(k. 

Just hearing Martha talked about Tolu that way turned me on. I would often groan and lick my bottom lips. In fact, one time, I wanted a taste so bad that I sucked Martha's c*nt immediately after her f*(k session with him. I had to admit, he tasted really good.

Thinking about it now, I knew there was no way in hell I would wait any longer to get serviced by him. I got up to take a shower, fixed my hair and applied a little light make up. I chose a black off-the-shoulder dress which was uncomfortably tight but I figured I would not have it on for long anyway. 

I ditched the underwear for the same reason. I then chose a simple pair of flats and after applying some perfume, I stepped out. Within two minutes, I was knocking on Tolu's door.

"Hello, Lola, right?" He asked after he opened the door.

I was glad he already knew of me. Easier to get the uncomfortable intro out of the way, I thought. "Yes. Are you busy?"

"No, come on in," he responded, stepping aside for me to enter.

I took in the moderately sized living room and my eyes scanned the corridor that must lead to the bedroom.

"So, Martha has said great things about you," I said, turning around to face him and making sure my eyes conveyed my meaning.

He must have understood what I needed because his eyes scanned my body from head to toe and afterwards, he gave an approving nod. I took the opportunity to check him out too. He was only wearing a pair of jeans. 

While his torso was not the fittest, he looked in a pretty good shape. His stomach was flat and his shoulders, broad. I moved closer to him and traced her palm on his skin from his chest down to the waistband of his jeans.

He cleared his throat. "Would you like something to eat?"

I shook my head. "How about you just show me your room instead."

He flashed me a quick smile, took my hand and led me through the corridor.

As soon as we entered the bedroom, he gently peeled my dress off me until I was standing before him, completely naked. His breath caught as he checked out my nude body. It was my turn. I unbuttoned his jeans and pulled it down which immediately unleashed his big cock. 

His d*ck sprang out and pointed forward, towards me. I moved closer to him and reached my hand between us to grab his hardness, causing him to led out a groan. He took my hand off his cock and said, "Let's start with you first."

Initially, I was not sure what he meant until he led me to the bed and sat me down on it. He spread my legs and squatted, admiring the view of my open c*nt.

He pushed his head closer to my p*$"y, his tongue flicking against my slit, parting my p*$$y lips. I pushed myself gently against his mouth. Using one hand, he separated my lips and used his tongue to draw tiny circles on my c*1t. 

My hips rocked and I began to move against his expert tongue. I gasped and threw my head back as I felt familiar pleasure building within me.

Knowing he was driving me wild, he laid out his tongue, long and flat, and kept it steady for me. Placing my hands on the bed, I began to f*(k his mouth. I circled my p*$$y all over his presented tongue. I moved my c*1t up against him, up and down, up and down, up and down and circled my hips faster as I went.

He then angled his tongue up and explored my c*nt to find my entrance. I shifted my legs further apart, pushing my pelvis closer to him. I let his tongue go as deep as possible inside me and he began to slide in and out.

He pushed himself deeper inside me. His top lip pushed and pulled at my lips as he wet. I was getting closer and closer to bliss with each move. His tongue found my clit and he began to lick vigorously, shaking his head left and right and worked it expertly until my legs were shaking and I was almost yelling.

An org@$m flew through my body, from my core to my fingertips. My legs began to tighten against his mouth, causing me to clamp his head between them. My juice dribbled down my legs and some dripped from his lips. I shook, shivered and cried out as I came.

Spent, I laid, back down on the bed. He came to lay beside me, his c@ck pointing upwards. I reached one hand to grab it again, feeling the hugeness in my hand, rubbing the length up and down and feeling it throb in my hand. My ar0usal grew again and this time, I chose to take what I needed by str@**ling him.

I climbed over him, my knees on either side of his body. I used my forefingers to spread my p*ssy lips and lowered my body until my p*ssy made contact with the large object of my l*st. 

He knew what to do next and moved his cock back and forth to spread some of my juices before holding it in place I moved lower, thrilled at the feel of his head between my fingers before it wedged into my needy entrance. I sighed as the end of his big, hard c@ck burrowed its way into my p*ssy.

I stayed that way for a few seconds, letting the waves of pleasure ripple through my body then lowered myself further again, relishing the sensation of his rigid shaft stretching me, filling me wonderfully. I paused briefly again so I could revel in the wonder of f*(k**g a big man.

After his c**k was enveloped in my c*nt, I bared down, his pubic hair pressed against the very sensitive skin of my clean-shaven p*$$y. He placed his hands on my hips, pushing down on them as he thrust up. Our bodies came together with a satisfying wet sound, accompanied by mo@ns of pleasure as my juice splashed on both our bodies.

I leant over him, placing my hands on his chest and letting him enjoy the view of my b@@bs as they swayed above him. I straightened up my legs, one after the other. When I was done, my legs were stretched out on either side of him and my hands were gripping his shoulders while my rigid nipples were digging into his chest.

He caressed my back, side and ass as I slid forward on his body, scraping him with my nipples. I then glided back, impaling myself on him once more. As I pushed back, he thrust up, plunging his whole shaft in me. I moaned in delight, loving that he knew how to move. My body kept rocking him, from side to side, up and down as more of my juices were gushing from my p*$$y.

I impaled myself again and again against his rigid shaft. Over and over, I raised my hungry c*nt, rubbing my clit across his c*(k with every stroke. I was bucking and thrashing on top of him as my breasts swayed and bounced for him. I soon felt his (*0ck begin to jerk and I knew he was close. So was I.

My climax had been building slowly and steadily for a while now, giving me the delicious feeling of a volcano preparing to erupt. The erotic movement of the man under me soon set off my explosion.

A huge wave of excruciating pleasure swept over my body and I cried out in ecstasy while starting to topple forward. He spread his arms and caught my body while continuing to drive his c*(k in and out of me, finding his own climax as my org$m took over my entire body.

He soon erupted too and with a grunt, he filled me with s*m*n. I felt him jerk hard as he ej@cul@ted and saw the grimace of joy pass over his face. I continued to bounce up and down on top of him, my walls squeezing out all his juice.

I spent most of the day in his room and at midnight, I left, needing some time to recuperate from hours of f*ck1ng. Martha was in my bedroom when I entered.

"Did you see what I was trying to tell you?" She asked me knowingly.

"Oh my God! That guy is a s*x king." I said, walking over to lay beside her on my bed.

She shifted to her side and slipped her hand underneath my dress, pushing it up to expose my c*nt. "Now it's my turn to lick his c*m off you," she said, coming over me to bury her head between my still-throbbing p*$$y.


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