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For Ladies – 4 signs he has a small p3n1s

When a man gets attracted to a woman, he is very well aware of the ‘assets’ she brings to the table, since her breasts or butt size cannot really be hidden. But, for a woman, things can get pretty dicey. You can’t just approach him and say, “hey, can I see your dick size?” before taking him to bed.
Women have to be on the lookout for certain traits that could reveal her might be on the smaller size. YourTango tells us what these signs are below;
1. He has a big ego.
A small man has struggled all throughout life knowing he’s the minnow in the vast male ocean, so he’s mastered the art of creating a big ego, creating the illusion that even though he’s a half-pint he’s more valuable than gold. Their skyscraper egos are a result from excelling at the idea of “success.”
These man have extravagant lifestyles, over-the-top cars that the average man with an average size pen!s could probably not afford, and a big network of friends and connections. He’s a Chihuahua with a Rottweiler bark.
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2. He’s a master at 0ral s3x.
Some small men who know how to confront their misfortunes know how to compensate elsewhere — with their tongue. Their tongue is that appetizer trio and three big glasses of water that holds you up through a bad dinner. They’re so good that they go on an excavation quest with your vag!n@.
3. He never discusses his pen!s.
Have you ever dated a man who was overly anxious to show you the family jewels? He warms you up with the idea that he’s going pull out an elephant trunk or that he’s so brutally hung that he’s afraid you can’t handle it? Your vag!n@ might tighten up and hide in your panties, afraid of the boogie man.
But a small man will NEVER talk about his pen!s. Why? Men don’t like to talk about things (or shall I say small things) that bother them. Unlike us women who are easily ready to Power Point our flaws, men want to conceal it.
4. He tries to preach about how “size doesn’t matter.”
He will throw signs and start a fuss over the fact that “size doesn’t matter.” Yeah, right. He knows it does. When a man throws you such line, be on the look out for what’s coming out of those pants. They know they were handed a bad card and their only defense is to brainwash women who haven’t experienced a big pen!s.


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