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He is Treating Me as His Private ATM

Please, I need your advice on this. I am a 29 years old lady and I have been dating this guy for seven months now. He lost his job before we started dating and ever since he lost his job I have been the one catering for him. From what I can remember vividly I have spent one million Naria on him I mean all my life savings. My salary is just 30k with this 30k my needs and that of my family being the firstborn are in this little income. I have placed this guy above my needs and that of my family. I have neglected my sick mother and my sibling’s education at the expense of this guy.

I bought him a smartphone of #30k he said the phone was too low for his standard that he has been using 100k/above phones that he can’t even bring out the phone in the presence of his friends. And this is someone who cannot even afford three square meals in a day.

Last month I was in a situation where suicide was the only way out for me so I summoned the courage to share the problem with him he sounded caring; later he said he had something to tell me but he didn’t know how to say it but he would send me an SMS. We ended the call and I got an SMS from him saying “I know this is not the time to say this pls give me 50k this month n 100k next month”. Davina, I almost lost my breath in shock! How deadly could a man born of a woman be?

He keeps comparing me to his ex’s and other ladies that are asking him to marry them and that they will give him their wealth.

I advised him to look for a job to manage he got angry and stopped talking to me for a week.
I have been in relationships in the past and I have never given them a darn thing and they didn’t even ask me even when things were tough with them. Yet they loved and respected me.

The phone I got him got spoilt and affected our communication even tho I was the only one doing the calling while he chose to either pick or ignore my calls. so I bought him another phone now he has stopped picking my calls nor replying my text/WhatsApp because I couldn’t raise him the money he requested for when he came to know my parents for the first time.
I thought I was building with him not knowing he was just taking advantage of my good heart.

Pls advice me.
Am so sorry for the long write up I just used this medium to pour out my heavy heart.


  1. oohh...!!! u have been used, u better wake up He is a gold digger, all what he want is your money