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“I get wet whever I see a handsome and strong man” – Lady confesses

It is so shocking how some married women comfortably cheat on their husband.
The married woman made the confession together with other Ghanaian married women who disclosed their s**ual escapades with other men outside their matrimonial home on Facebook in private inbox of David Papa Bondze-Mbir to share on his wall to the public on condition of anonymity when he asked for true confessions on why some married women cheated on their partners.
Below is one of various confessions of married women on why they cheated on their spouse.
“I am addicted to fine, strong, men. If I see a man and he is fine, and looks strong, I begin to lust after him. I am blessed with a good paying job, so I very often pay less attention to that individual’s financial status. My educational background and working experiences have opened more opportunities to me, created more hunger to want and have everything, and has also made me less fearful, less careful. You just have to look fine and strong, and I will figure out a way to employ you for something worth paying for – for a brief moment. My husband travels a lot to do businesses, so I am always all by myself. We’ve been married for Seven (7) years.”
Hang around for more confessions of married women. We promise to report more of their confessions.


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