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“I’m Fed Up. Why Do Only Broke Men Approach Me For Marriage? Please Help

Please i need ur help. Am having challenges in area of relationship. I have the problem of ending up with men who are nothing but gold diggers. They seem good from the start but before a few months, they will turn into pests.

I dont know what is responsible for this. I just need a man who ll love me on the basis of who i am not what i have. I am from a well to do family, I am the only daughter of my parents and my dad is late, I actually inherited quite a lot and initially it seemed like a blessing until I got older.

All the Guys i ve met so far re fake displaying fake love just to get hold of what is in my possession. I will give you a little insight so you can understand what I am going tru. Around 2013, my then fiance kidnapped himself and because i already knew he was too needy and then their was a lot of inconsistencies in the story so i ignored the kidnappers who were demanding for 700k ransom. The guys showed up 2 weeks later fuming without any injuries or even shedding any weight
He was ranting and saying all sorts like how wicked i was and how i abandoned him to die. I had to break it off immediately because he was beginning to sound like i was his mother and father joined together. The next relationship went quite the same way.

The guy sold my car and came up with stories of how he was robbed at onipanu by palm-grove. unfortunately for him, i had a tracker which had its own inbuilt battery, so when they disconnected the car battery thinking they have disabled the tracker, they gaffed. the car was subsequently tracked down to shagamu at a hotel managed by his cousin. these are just the few recent ones.
There are many more experiences that i wouldn’t bother you with but I am tired. the worst is that some will even want to move in with me because of the comfort of my place. Its really frustrating. My mum said i should stop driving but its nearly impossible for me to get around lagos without a car.
I simply stopped using the big cars and got a Toyota matrix and i even had to drive myself so it dosnt look like i am the one attracting the wrong men and scaring away the good ones yet i haven’t been lucky.

I am not looking for a millionaire, I just want a man with a little dignity and value not the ones who will start demanding for loans or come up with stories within months of how their visa was stuck or how their mother was diabetic and needed money for blood transfusion. I have heard a lot of such stories and i am tired.
I dont know if my mum is right that i am scaring away the right ones with my lifestyle. Honestly, i dont even live flamboyantly neither do I club. I am in my early 30’s and i really need to settle down.

Plz help me with ideas on how to stop attracting gold digging shameless men. As at now, 4 guys re on my neck including head of admin in my firm but they are all my subordinates and I don’t want a scandal. Thank u.
Please advice. I don’t need abuse from you guys… Thanks


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