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My Cousin-Sister Is Tripping Badly For Me - Man Opens Up

A young man who is concerned about committing incest with his cousin sister has shared his story on a popular online forum in Nigeria for advice. 

Read the viral story of an imminent incest below:

What do you take of your cousin sister showing advances and professing deep love and care?

It started when we were young, about 15 years ago. I had finished my SSCE when we had a get together at the remembrance of my grandfather, all the grandchildren showed up, and it was the first time we had met (grown up).

I was almost 2 years older, we got talking and chatting and trying to know each other. While at it, I was in charge telling her about myself, the school I attended and all. All I could observe is staring and gazing straight into my eye balls. 

After the remembrance, I got to understand her looks translated into feelings where she had to ask her mum can one marry her cousin? To me I only can feel she was just a kid being childish about it. Since then we kept our cool and we're just the normal cousin brother and sister. 

Fast forward till now, I'm married while she's married too. We've lost contacts for years cos of struggles and all and we only got back online talking lately, we got talking about life and delved into relationships.

It was then she told me what she had for me years back. Her husband is a weekend husband because of the nature of his work, but she wants some sort of very close friendship with me. It's really funny and confusing what string she's trying to pull.

You guys should advice me or I will do o!! 


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