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My Ex Wants To Mess Up My Engagement

I enjoy reading your column which has encouraged me a lot. Keep it up.

Please, I am losing my mind. I Am down and totally broken. I had a boyfriend of 8years, last year he told me that he was tired of everything and we parted. God comforted me and gave me someone new. Now as I started planning my marriage to my new man. My ex traced him and pleaded With him to leave me for him. All this happened while I was out of town. Then my fiancee called me to narrate the story and that he will meet with his pastor.

Since after he met the pastor, he stopped calling and has refused to pick my calls. Only for my ex to send me an SMS that my fiancee called him that he doesn’t want to pick my call or talk to me as his pastor had said he should leave me for my ex.

All marriage plans are cancelled, and this is a man I love dearly. They never cared to listen to my opinion, I can’t go back to my ex because I feel nothing for him anymore, I love my fiancee so much. Don’t know what to do. I Am terribly traumatised. Please, I need your advice. I Am silently dying.


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