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Should I tell My Fiancee About The Ab@rtion?

I had an ab0rt1on in a former relationship. Should I tell my Fiancee
I must say I enjoy reading your column and your advice are on point. I’m about getting married to someone I love so much and he loves me too. I have a guilty conscience currently, when I was in the university, I got pregnant while in a former relationship. It was an error and we both agreed that I should have an Ab0rt1on as we were not ready for a child. 
I had the ab0rt1on and since then I’ve been careful. I regret that action and it still haunts me. I feel bad even though I’ve asked God to forgive me.
One day my fiance asked me if I had a secret to share as we prepared for the wedding. He told me about how he was molested as a child which made him addicted to masturbation but he had since gotten help. Should I tell him about the Ab@rt1on? He has aired his views several times on how much he hates ab@rt1ons.


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